Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Don't Know Whether...

...this story is more about the AGW scam or about the failure of the MSM.  It's probably both,  because without the blind obedience and willingness of the media to promote the hysteria and deep six anything that contradicts,  the AGW scam would not exist.

Anyway, here's a two-fer (thank God for journalists like Lawrence Soloman):

 Censored science
"True to form, the overwhelming majority of press outlets failed to report the juiciest global-warming gossip of the week — a change of heart on the issue by one of the world’s most celebrated environmentalists. Also true to form, the press failed to report the most profound science story of the week — a startling theory that not only absolves humans of blame in global warming but sheds light on another taboo subject: shortcomings in Darwin’s theory of evolution."
"Several years ago, environmentalist James Lovelock made headlines when he announced that global warming would end the world as we know it — he predicted that “billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.” Google searches associating his name with global warming and climate change now exceed one million hits, and understandably so, given his reputation. Lovelock has infused environmental thought for decades through best-selling books describing Earth as a living organism — Lovelock is the one who coined the Gaia concept. Among many other honours heaped on Lovelock, Time magazine featured him in a series on Heroes of the Environment. So, why, when Lovelock this week recanted his past views on global warming as being “alarmist,” did virtually every major news outlet on the planet ignore his change of heart? It wasn’t because he minced his words. “The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago,” he admitted, adding that temperatures haven’t increased as expected over the last 12 years. “There’s nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now.” What else has the press, in its wisdom, decided to keep from the public in recent days? One eye-opener is the advance of ice in both the Arctic and the Antarctic — both are now at or above average levels. Another is an announcement by researchers at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the Riken research foundation that the world may be heading into a prolonged period of global cooling — the Japanese study compared sunspot activity today with sunspots that preceded the Little Ice Age in the 17th century to find close similarities."
He's not quite as bang on about the theory of evolution, though. Years ago, science has shown that the process of natural selection was not necessarily a series of long, slow, minute changes, but often occurred in sudden bursts, "sudden" being a relative term, that is "sudden" in terms of geologic time. But, I think this is the first time these bursts have been linked to cosmic events elsewhere in the universe - and to the resulting climate change:
"To the contrary, the planet owes its diversity to intense periods of productivity interspersed with immense periods of stagnancy. The mechanism for this evolving theory? Climate change on Earth, driven by galactic cosmic rays originating from exploding supernovas — the final act of stars. This study, Evidence (sic) of nearby supernovae affecting life on Earth, does have a problem, although it convincingly correlates the development of life on Earth with the explosion of nearby stars over the past 510 million years. The problem is its author, Henrik Svensmark, a professor of physics at the Center for Sun-Climate Research at the Danish Space Research Institute, who is reviled in the global warming science establishment for studies showing that the Sun and cosmic rays, not man, drives the current climate on Earth. Reporters on the global-warming beat and their editors have long ignored if not disparaged Svensmark. His latest study, which shows cosmic rays to have also driven the ancient climate, provides most journalists with reason enough to continue to ignore him, even though his study has been published by the world’s oldest and one of its most illustrious astronomical societies."
No. Sorry folks. The general theory of evolution remains intact. It has already weathered, and survived, the "punctuated equilibria" adjustment.

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Aye, aye, aye!

 Woman injured during sex on company time gets workers’ comp
"A woman who was injured while having sex in her hotel room during a business trip is entitled to workers' compensation, Australian media report."
"In his statement, the man said the two were "going hard" when a glass light fixture above the bed came away from the wall and fell on the woman's face." "I think she was on her back when it happened," the man added,"but I was not paying attention because we are rolling around."

The federal government employee, who the BBC reports, is in her late 30s, said she suffered injuries to her nose, mouth and a tooth as a result of the glass light fitting hitting her face. She reportedly also suffered from depression and anxiety.

When she applied for Workers' Compensation, it was denied. She didn't stop there. She went on to sue, ComCare,— the government agency in charge of monitoring occupational health and safety — after it rejected her compensation claim. The agency said the woman had to prove her injury had been caused by an activity that had been "implied" or "encouraged" by her employer. But the federal court Thursday saw it differently."
Nice work, if you can get it.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gotta Phone My Kid...

...tomorrow. My daughter and her little ones were heading from Fort Mac to Edmonton along Highway 63. I'm sure I would have heard something by now if they were involved in that deadly accident, but still....

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The Heartland Institute

First, I've added their website to my blogroll. Look for it under the AGW Scam Busters heading. Secondly, listen to this Heartlander lambast the MSM:

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Too Bad, So Sad...

I Readily Admit...

...I know nothing about physics. I flunked high school physics way back in the 1960s and have gotten along just fine without it. But this just blows my mind and makes me even more convinced that Atheists are wrong and there must be a Intelligent Creator, call him/her/it God, a Cosmic Force or whatever you like. The more science uncovers the more unanswered questions there are to ask.

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Did Ancient Drifters 'Discover' British Columbia? That would be 'drifters' of the Chinese variety. The Indian Industry isn't gonna like this.

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Sign It!

George Carlin Teaches...

...environuts something: Ya, I know. It's a old one, but it's still a goody.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Funny Thing...

...about this news is everyone was willing to believe it, and some, like Huff and Puff, simply published the disclaimer...
"Several Egyptian sources are claiming via Twitter that the story below is false. It has been suggested by some that a rumour may have been placed by sources loyal to former dictator Hosni Mubarak. More to follow."
...but kept the story up on their website. I know what I think. The old bearded ones are obsessed with sex and completely two-faced about it. In any case, it seems the Islamists are vulnerable to such attacks and accusations and are reeling and backtracking from it, which is a good thing. You'll notice they blamed the former regime and not Israel, but maybe it's too soon. I'll wait 24 hours.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Only a Green Environut...

..could find something wrong with this story:

Arctic marine mammals and fish populations on the rise:
"Arctic marine mammals and fish populations are on the rise, according to a report released on Monday by the the Arctic Council's biodiversity working group at a Montreal conference.

In fact fish populations have risen dramatically, according to the findings of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program, the Zoological Society of London, and the World Wildlife Fund."
In the comments we find this gem:
"Deb (Kolkata)
24 Apr, 2012 01:57 PM
I hope this is not the effect of global warming. Maybe rising temperatures have made the otherwise hostile arctic waters more pleasant and hospitable now. While increase in bio-diversity is certainly welcome, there is certainly a most pressing need for addressing global warming."
My God!! Her religious beliefs are being challenged!! Warmer Arctic temperatures could be good for arctic species??!! Say it ain't so!!

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Today's News...

...from the Religion of Peace:

150 Afghan school girls poisoned

Pianist to turn back on Turkey; disillusioned by rise of conservative Islam, live in exile in Japan

Free Speech Found Guilty By Europe
"The ruling showed that while Judaism and Christianity can be disparaged with impunity, speaking the truth about Islam is subject to swift and hefty legal penalties. The Supreme Court stressed that the substance of the charges -- public criticism of Islam – is still a crime punishable by imprisonment. Under Danish law, it is immaterial whether a statement is true or false. All that is needed for a conviction is for someone to feel offended."
Thank God we are pulling away from that.

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Awesome Pics...

...from Hubble:

Hubble's Best Photos

All you atheists have some 'splaining to do.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iggy and Quebec

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Man Looks...

...amazingly alert and rested. I'll betcha there's no sleeping in that household though.

Three little babies.

Chances are at least one of them is awake and crying at any given moment of the night or day. My experience with babies is that, unlike their parents, they can sleep through anything and they have no idea there is this thing called day and another thing called night.

They sure are cute, though.

Diaper bills must be horrendous, too.

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What Does a Cow Order... the drive through window?

I'll bet you it wasn't two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions - all on a sesame seed bun. A milkshake, maybe.

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Keep going, Saskatchewan!!

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Breivik Trial

UPDATED AND BUMPED: Notice the PS at the bottom.  I think my prediction may come true. This is what the elites and their shoving political correctness down our throats have wrought.  Breivik will become a cult hero.

=========Original Post Starts Here========
I've been passing by the copious number of articles about this madman's trial. The MSM has been providing him with everything he ever hoped for. Fame, even though it's of the "infamy" kind, exposure and a platform from which to spew his ideology. But I have to agree with him on his one:

Norway killer says no one would call him insane if he were 'bearded jihadist'

Mr. Breivik, his action on that fatal day and his trial, may go down in history as a pivotal point. Europe appears to be turning. We'll have to wait and see what happens in France on the second round of voting scheduled for May 6th.
"As for the incumbent president, he has no choice but to try and conquer back those voters who had voted for him five years ago and now opted for the extreme right."
Yup. Deja vu. European nationalism is rising as it beats back multiculturalism. Where will it go from here? And how many harbour in their hearts a secret admiration for Breivik? A riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Such is history. If only we could predict the future as easily as we unearth the past.

PS: Interesting. Someone from the UK landed on this blog entry by doing a keyword search using the terms "admiration for Breivik".  And the really interesting part is the searcher's  domain name:

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An old adversary of mine, Sean Shaw, has got himself into a bit of trouble.
"Ward 4 candidate Sean Shaw has apologized for buying the domain names associated with Troy Davies, his electoral opponent.

Shaw bought the domain names that could be associated with Davies, who announced he was running in Ward4 Thursday morning. Both and were redirecting to Shaw’s campaign site Thursday afternoon."
Sean used to have a blog on which he and I occasionally argued over just about everything. He's a Dipper and a graduate of an Environmental Science program from some university in Ontario.

He's completely bonkers. He knows nothing about the history of his own party. In one of our disputes, he revealed that he was unaware of the fact that during Trudeau's second term, in which the Liberals achieved minority status, the Trudeau Liberals were able to govern only because they invited the Federal NDP to climb into bed with them. Shaw was adamant that the NDP had never been and could never be cozy with the Liberals.

He's as hardcore leftie as they can get. The really sad thing is he's the chair of the City of Saskatoon's Environment Committee. The fact that he is running in the civic election there suggests to me that he has some grand designs about building a portfolio and might someday take a stab at running for office with the big guys in Regina or even Ottawa.

If there's one place in Saskatchewan where Dippers reign supreme it is Saskatoon. Poor city hasn't yet seen the light and being a university town, I doubt it ever will. That university has been churning out indoctrinated fools for generations. I credit it with instilling my own misguided ideology all those years ago. The journey back to sanity took me a long time and a lot of pain, but I made it.

I doubt Sean Shaw will ever make that journey. Perhaps he will one day teach environut orthodoxy at the U of S. Maybe he already is. (He was a graduate student at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon when we used to spar.) I'm pretty sure this lowball tactic of purchasing a domain name to prevent his opponent from claiming it will not work against him either. It's just that kind of town.

PS: If you read his apology (also at the link) you'll see he's blaming his campaign staff. Real classy.

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Further Thougths About...

living in Yahooville:

It's front step sitting season again, which is also proof that I'm closing in on another year older (and deeper in debt):

Now that the snow and rain are gone, I've taken to sitting outside early in the morning as well as other times throughout the day. Mornings are lovely. There are birds. And birds. And more birds. The neighbour next door has a clump of really large fir trees at the edge of his property. In the morning, they are full of birds making a joyful racket. There are plenty of swallows or maybe they are sparrows. Some can be seen walking up the trunk of trees and poles on the front of my property. They just walk right up. It's gravity defying cuteness. I've seen a robin. There's even a mourning dove crying it's plaintive, mournful sound in the morning that occasionally sits in full sight on a wire or one of the trees while it mourns. These little creatures certainly are awe-inspiring and listening to them is a pleasant way to start the day.

I've talked about the school yard that is kitty-corner to my property. The school serves children up to grade six and they come rushing out of the school at recess to play on the playground apparatus which is in full view of my front steps. Even in the evening and weekends, there are normally a few kids playing around.

The other day, a group of teenage boys arrived to play on the schoolyard apparatus. They were probably junior high school age not quite ready to grow up. Of course, being boys, one of them tried to jump over the chain-link fence that surrounds the school yard. His companions took the easy route, which was right beside where he was attempting to scale the fence.

Anyway, he couldn't do it and eventually gave up and took the normal route to get into the school yard. He had a really deep voice. I sort of snickered to myself that it was a good thing he couldn't jump over or he might have been spending the rest of his days singing with the castrati.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Compare and Contrast...

...these quotations from the journal kept by Samuel Hearne, early Canadian explorer and Hudson's Bay Company man. This journal was created in the late 1700s and contains references to a retreating treeline in what is now Northern Canada.

Fast forward to today, when we are treated this this bit of climate change hysteria:

Native prairie key to Sask.'s future Province vulnerable to climate change
""A NASA study came out while we were working on it to show which parts of the world are particularly sensitive to climate change, and of course the Prairies came out as a big red spot," he said.

As the province becomes drier, he said this will likely push the treeline north since there will no longer be enough water to sustain the forest.

"We have this boundary line between forest in the north and grassland in the south," Thorpe said. "South of that boundary line, it just gets too dry for forests to be sustained."

This means some of the province's prized lakelands, such as the area around Waskesui, could conceivably be nearly devoid of trees within this century, he said."
It's deja vu all over again. Except Saskatchewan's treeline is waaaaaaaay south of Ellesmere Island, where trees apparently once grew.

Things change, folks. Tree lines advance and retreat. Nothing is certain in this world but death, taxes and change. Oh. And a large number of "scientists" who don't know a thing about change, a distressing number of whom work for NASA.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Great job with no strings attached: Puppetry of the Penis returns to Sydney
"Puppetry of the Penis began in Australia in 1998 and since then it has toured across the globe.

Creator Simon Morley said finding the right men with the right equipment was essential for putting on a successful show, and in this particular case, size definitely mattered."
No comment.

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Child Prodigy

Meet Anthony Popa Urria: Two years and nine months old with an IQ of 154
"By 10 months, he was sounding out the alphabet phonetically.

At first, mother Laura said she was skeptical. She wondered if her son was simply memorizing the letters without comprehending them.

But then, one day, she saw him manipulating wooden blocks with painted letters, turning a ‘W’ upside down to resemble an M, or inverting the number 7 to look like an L"
Good luck to you, little fellow. Exceptionally bright children often have a hard time of it in school. Hope there's a program for gifted kids where you go to school.

Mind you, in Calgary, that shouldn't be a problem.

Which reminds me. Hem. Hem. My son was exceptional, too. He learned the alphabet while we were on a holiday in Cuba and was carving the letters in the sand on the beach. One evening he noticed a flame in a lantern shaped like a W and pointed to it and said: "Hot blubbleyou." Everyone within earshot, including Mom and Dad, thought that was so cute. He was not quite two years old then - about 20 months.

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Who the Hell Cares??

Filmmakers collect names for tax-credit petition

Why should we be paying one thin dime for the production of films that nobody will watch?

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Take That!!!

Gaia Saves Her... Goddesses (who live in a big city) from a terrible fate - by one day.

Meanwhile, out here in yahooville, it's bloody hot!! And it's gonna get worse.

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...French voters turn on Sarkozy; record support to extreme right

20% for Marine le Pen. Times, they are a changin'.

Question: Where will those votes go in round two?

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So...They Wouldn't Take Your Car...

...on a trade-in?

Car crashes into Regina auto dealership

I really don't think that made it any better.

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Anxiety Disorder

A few years back, my daughter had a boyfriend who suffered from Anxiety or Panic Disorder. I'm glad they broke up, but I still think about him once in a while. I hope he got the treatment he needed. He was a decent guy struggling with something that was more powerful than he could cope with:

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A Very Nice Recap...

...of an important episode in Canadian history. I remember being glued to the TV watching this. It was a real nailbiter:

And another:You'll notice these guys got older, too. Funny how that happens.

And one more.

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Good Morning Starshine Sunshine

Gorgeous morning in this here town. Yard work awaits. No more excuses.

PS: Listening to that old song, I think it's the first time I actually concentrated my mind on the words. Are they ever dumb!!! Ah. The Hippy Dippy days.

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Now There's an Award...

...that could inspire some stiff competition:

US eatery known for ‘rudest waiter’ may escape closure
"The restaurant was famous for the late Edsel Ford Fung, dubbed 'the world's rudest waiter'. Fung was known for insulting customers and slamming dishes on tables. Fung died in 1984 at age 57, but for a long time a sign listing house rules maintained his gruff demeanor . Among its warnings : "No Booze ... No Jive, No Coffee, Milk, Soft Drinks, Fortune Cookies.""

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Climate Change On Its Way

Well Yanks... know what to do. Eat that, Obama!

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Things Are Heating Up...

Well, You Win Some... lose some. This will be bad news for this here town.

 Great program lopped
"The announcement of the closure of the PFRA Shelterbelt Program at Indian Head in 2013 as a result of cuts in the federal Agriculture Department is incredibly shortsighted and a very significant loss for prairie municipalities, farmers, and conservationists. The program is also a significant cultural and historical loss for Saskatchewan, with an enduring legacy of over 650 million trees planted and more than a century of land stewardship in partnership with citizens and communities. The program should be strongly supported as a part of Canada's broader agricultural, research, environmental and adaptation initiatives. The program plays a critical role in prairie soil and water conservation, supporting wildlife and biodiversity, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions."
Meh! Some people just can't seem to accept change. 40 jobs going down the drain or transferred to Manitoba.

The man interviewed in this CBC piece graduated from High School the same year I did and has been working for the "Tree Farm", as it's known here, ever since then: Future uncertain for shelterbelt trees

Shit happens. Hopefully, these people will be given retraining opportunities, 'cause lord knows, Saskatchewan is booming and in desperate need of skilled tradesmen. And no, Mr. Johnson, just because a service has been around for more than a century doesn't mean it should last forever:
"In fact, when the tree nursery at Indian Head was started in 1901, there wasn’t a tree or shrub to be found on the bald prairie. In the more than 110 years since, the tree nursery has produced more than 650 million seedlings to provide shelter from the elements for tens of thousands of Prairie farmsteads. But it was during the height of the Great Depression in 1935, when the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration was created, that the federal tree nursery became the PFRA’s shelterbelt centre, producing trees and shrubs for use in shelterbelts that conserve moisture and reduce the soil erosion that had turned Canada’s breadbasket into a desert. True, farming methods have changed over the years and the zero-till cropping techniques and use of air seeders and other large agricultural equipment have resulted in the large-scale removal of shelterbelts. But there’s ample evidence to suggest that prolonged use of zero till has compacted and hardened the Prairie soil, which will result in increased tillage, leading to more soil erosion and loss of soil moisture.Moreover, despite the wet springs we’ve had recently, all indications are that with climate change, the Prairies will become hotter and drier in the decades ahead. The destruction of shelterbelts and closure of the Agroforestry Development Centre in Indian Head are exactly the wrong things to be doing in light of global warming."
Sorry, but those who have swallowed the global warming guff have proven they can't be taken seriously.

Unions are lining up, eager to protect their turf, fangs showing, likely because Ritz is looking for private sector partnerships. Can't have that, now, can we.

Still, the PFRA has been part of this town's character for many, many decades. I have many fond memories of church picnics and family reunions held on the grounds of the Forestry Farm and the Agricultural research station. Won't be good for my sister, though. She and her husband are in Real Estate. There will be a glut of houses put up for sale.

I was out and about earlier today and noticed a petition on the counter of a local store. The petitioners were citing the PFRA as a CO2 sink. Bad choice as far as arguments go. At least Ritz hasn't fallen for such silly arguments.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Way, Jose!!

Canada considers Guantanamo detainee transfer request
"A Canadian government source told AFP that Ottawa was considering the transfer only as a "diplomatic favor" to Washington.

"The US needs to get rid of this guy for their own reasons and they are bending over backwards to make that happen," the source said, adding that Washington offered to pay to fly him here and "bend a number of their own rules to make that happen."

Ottawa could impose conditions on Khadr's eventual release if he serves out the remainder of his sentence in Canada.

Otherwise, "in eight years he would be able to walk onto Canadian streets a free man, able to continue to associate with radicals and terrorists," the source said, outlining the stakes.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said that the United States hoped that Khadr would be able to move to Canada to advance President Barack Obama's elusive goal of closing the Guantanamo military camp."
Screw you, Obama.

Emails can/should be sent to the PM and to Vic Toews:

Full list of MPs. Click on their names for email addresses.

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At First, I Thought They Were Talking About... They were talking about an old prehistoric bird being discovered.

But then I realized I live in southeast Saskatchewan.

New species of 'loon-like' prehistoric birds found in southwest Saskatchewan

But I do have a cousin down in that neck of the woods.

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Further Proof...

...that I live in Yahooville:

Cruising up and down the streets are young guys in their souped up old beaters with boom-boxes on as loud as they can be.

I remember in the old days, when I was a kid, they used to cruise up and down the main drag on a Saturday night, looking for girls to pick up, I would imagine.

Ah, yes. Yahooville!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sometimes CBC...

...asks its readers to voice their opinions for them and sometimes they are afraid of our opinions.

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And All Along... thought it was your superior performance in bed, didn't you fellas?

Fracking for oil triggers manmade earthquakes

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Don't Ya Just Love...

...the Federal system of government? Passing the buck is a time honoured tradition.

Conservatives to consolidate, speed environmental reviews
"The Conservative government's overhaul of environmental assessments will consolidate federal reviews into three departments, focus resources on major projects and hand significant ecological oversight to the provinces.

The Harper government's legislative plan for "responsible resource development," announced Tuesday by Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver, will — as mentioned in the federal budget — also impose fixed timelines of up to 24 months for environmental reviews of major oil and gas and mining projects."
That howling sound you hear is David Suzuki and fellow leftards. It's a beautiful sound, wouldn't you say?

Meanwhile, Harper is in South America shaking things up. Or maybe it was Shillary or Dr. Fruitfly shaking in rage at the bullies. Or fracking.

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Sitting Outside...

...this morning for about three minutes, enjoying the snow as it falls (grrrrrrr), I have further proof that I live in yahooville.

Seven pickup trucks drove by and a goodly number of SUVs. I suppose we are doing our best to warm this place up as well. We could do without the snow, though. But it will delay the day that I have to get out there and prepare the yard and flower beds for the warmer weather that is sure to come, I hope.

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Keeping Track...

...of the progress of Bill C-304, the amendment to Canada's Human Rights Law which will remove the nefarious clause that suppresses free speech?

Brian Storseth, the MP who is spearheading this, has a running list of the major steps already taken along the way, as well as links to numerous articles about it. The last entry was two months ago. I have no idea where it is at the moment. Hopefully, it will soon be law.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Global Warming Hits...

...Saskatchewan. I just stepped out for a few moments. Skies are clear. Stars are shining. Planes, satellites or UFOs are passing overhead and one can see ones breath. BRRRRRRRR! Tomorrow we have been promised snow. It's April, fer chris-sake!!!

Oh well, I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of yard work. I live on a corner lot. Twice the yard work!

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Being a Lover History... it really was, here's multi-part series on the history of Christianity. Set aside several hours to view it.

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Apparently, the Iroquois...

...called lacross the little brother of war. I wonder what this should be called?
"Goals, fights, raised emotions, more than three dozen penalties, and 20,000 orange-clad fans chanting highlighted a wild Sunday afternoon at Wells Fargo Center. The Battle of Pennsylvania has never been like this; never this fierce, never this intense.

The latest installment might also be over Wednesday.

Philadelphia is one game away from a sweep following its 8-4 victory over Pittsburgh in Game 3, one that included 158 penalty minutes on 38 penalties. There was a match penalty assessed to Arron Asham, game misconducts given to Kris Letang, Kimmo Timonen and Craig Adams, and four players received 10-minute misconducts in the last five minutes of the third period.

There were also three fights that highlighted a pair of melees, one in the first and another late in the third."
Meh!! That's why this Canuck doesn't much like hockey. I'd much prefer watching real skill on the ice. Bring back Gordie Howe:

PS: I didn't even know the Stanley Cup playoffs were on. I liked it better when there were only six teams and the games were played in cold weather Northern Cities. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

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Speaking of Mad Mullahs

Egypt's variety suffers a setback.

Egypt's Islamists set back in presidential race
"The elimination of three of the main contenders from Egypt's presidential race has eroded the chances of an Islamist candidate to seize the country's top job.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the most powerful political group to emerge from last year's uprising, finds itself increasingly in a bind. It is unable to exercise the power of its electoral wins so far and is jostling with the ruling generals and liberal and secular groups that drove the uprising but now fear religious domination of politics."
I'm of two minds about this. First I'm glad to see the Islamists being shut out of power, but, on the other hand, in a true democracy, no one should be shut out other than via the voting booth in a free, universal and secret ballot. On the other hand...

Oh well. The road to democracy and the elimination of clerical domination of political power in the West took a very long time and a whole lot of violence. We shouldn't be surprised that similar processes are at play throughout the Muslim world. We can only hope it doesn't take as long. The trail has been blazed.

Indeed, with modern technologies with global reach now available, it should take much less time. After all, the journey from John Wycliff (early 14th century) to the Gutenberg Press (1436) to Martin Luther (1517) and the protestant reformation many years after took hundreds of years.

We now have the Internet and a universal language - English. Information and ideas whiz around the world in mere minutes. Throughout history, great social upheaval has often been spurred by technological innovation. It can't be stopped.

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Wounded Warriors

I heard about this this morning, on the radio. Great idea.

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Oh. How Sad!

Wait Five Minutes..

...the Mad Mullahs will blow it up:

Iraq Emerges From Isolation as Telecommunications Hub
"Iraq, cut off from decades of technological progress because of dictatorship, sanctions and wars, recently took a big step out of isolation and into the digital world when its telecommunications system was linked to a vast new undersea cable system serving the Gulf countries.

The engineers who designed and installed the cable that made shore in Al-Faw, near Basra, had to deal with an unusual number of challenges. There were more than 100 oil and natural gas pipelines to cross; stretches of shallow water where the cable had to be buried; and unexploded ordnance from the Iraq war that had to be avoided.

“It was not easy,” said Ahmed Mekky, chief executive of Gulf Bridge International, the company that built the system. “But this could be a significant foundation stone for the country’s recovery.”"
"Much of the world takes lightning-fast broadband service for granted, but any kind of Internet access remains a rarity in Iraq, where fewer than 3 percent of households are online. The new capacity could help bring Internet connections to 50 percent within two years, said Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, the Iraqi communications minister."
In the meantime, the boys will have fun watching porn at internet cafes.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oooooo! Another Sex Scandal!!

And they say women are the weaker sex:

Must be Democrats. ;P

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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Don't Fly Air Canada!!!

Notwithstanding the fact that their service has been lousy for years, we need to put these pilots out of work as soon as possible. And their names should be plastered all over the internet so they never work in the airline industry again.

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Friday, April 13, 2012


...needs to take this boy and apply the rusty tin can lid treatment to his nether regions.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh My!!!

Read this one, will you!

NASA Scientists Rebel Against Global Warming Hysteria
"Hansen, traveling in China, denounced the United States and hailed China as the world’s “best hope” to stave off global warming. Hansen described Americans as “barbarians” with a fake democracy, and urged China’s rulers to lead a boycott of the United States in the hope that it would bring our economy to its knees."
"One...wonders how NASA, which is supposed to be responsible for space travel, got into the business of trying to subvert our economy through unscientific hysteria."
"Hansen’s unscientific yammering about global warming has ruined the reputation of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies and gravely damaged the image of NASA. Most recently, he has compared global warming to slavery..."
Unfreakin' believable. Not. This man is the quintessential watermelon template. No wonder leftards, the world over, are clinging so bitterly to the discredited mantra of alarmists.

And by the way, isn't China the biggest producer of CO2?

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This is Why...

...elected governments wait until the last few months of their term before implementing certain campaign promises:

Conservative popularity sinks but Stephen Harper approval holds steady:poll

Count on it.

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Oh Gawd!

Here we go again.  Now every earthquake all over the world will be linked to fracking.

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Your Daily Chuckle

We all know that the European invasion of the Americas and devastation of indigenous cultures was the greatest evil ever perpetrated by man against man, right. We also know that the potential dark side of the invasion of the West by Islamists is greatly overblown. Our betters tell us so.

Here's a cute little video meant to hammer home that truth:

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Har, har!!

We're winning.

(Reproduced from the Wall Street Journal)

Canada Beats America
"Not too many years ago, Americans could get away with cracking jokes about spendthrift Canada, its weak dollar and the long wait for MRIs. These days, the joke is on Americans, as Canada's government has cleaned up its fiscal mess and focused on private economic growth.

The governing Conservative Party took another step forward last week with a pledge to balance the budget by 2015 without raising taxes. That's a year later than Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged on the stump in 2011, but it sure beats America's four consecutive years of deficits of $1.3 trillion. Canada's federal debt as a share of GDP is forecast to fall to 28.5% in 2016–17 from 33.8%. Add in state debt and that number is closer to 66%, but the trend is in the right direction, while America's is heading toward 70% and rising."

Also in the news, Canada is laying off 1000 border guards, (who of course are whining and complaining and projecting all sorts of grave consequences) paving the way for disgruntled Americans to flock north to America's hat, where the brains are. Sorry, though, Canada seems determined to remain cold.  Learn to dress warm and learn to skate, ski and snowmobile, especially the last.  It could raise the temperature.

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What I Don't Understand...

...about all efforts to ameliorate the drug abuse problem, is the clientele is already addicted. It seems to me these efforts are being made at the wrong end.

Efforts to prevent the illicit drug trade to begin with - you know - that thing called prevention, should be where we put our resources.

Toward that end pushers should be hung at dawn. Users should be locked up together in a big room and carefully guarded 24/7. No visitors allowed, other than in a family counseling context.

Afghanistan's poppy fields and farmers should be bombed into oblivion. Etc. Etc.

Case closed.

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Conservative Politics, 'Low-Effort' Thinking Linked In New Study

Yeah, right. All you gotta do is make a list of what YOU think conservatives think and then define it as "Low-Effort Thinking". No effort needed.

Is this what passes for "science" today? Guess so. These are the same folks who are convinced that correlation equals cause and effect in the global warming scam.

Here's how it works, leftards. Many of us conservatives started out believing the leftard mantras, but slowly came to our senses and are now conservative. We observe. We learn. We adapt. We don't end up killing millions of people because of it, unlike some notable leftists.

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I Feel Old

Fifty-one years ago. The sad thing is that I remember this, very clearly.

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Pissing Off David Suzuki

Anything that disturbs Dr. Fruit Fly is fine with me.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And Speaking of...

...coinage.  This is super cool:

Canada's newest coin glows in the dark

That should come in real handy when we're looking underneath the cushions hoping to find a handful of change.

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Poor, Poor Polar Bears

Who’s in trouble, polar bears or people?
"“Each year, the ice melts earlier,” Mr. Suzuki tells us. “Today’s bears have less time on the ice than their parents and grandparents … When the ice finally vanishes, the long, hot summer begins.” This population, we are told, has dwindled by 22 per cent in less than two decades.

Or has it? Last week, the government of Nunavut released a population survey of those very same bears. It was considerably more optimistic. It estimates the bear population on the western shore of Hudson Bay at 1,013, which is a lot higher than some thought. “The bear population is not in crisis as people believed,” said Drikus Gissing, Nunavut’s director of wildlife management.

This is awful news for the David Suzuki Foundation and other environmental groups that depend on the plight of the polar bear to raise money. After all, polar bears are even more photogenic than baby seals. The stakes are so high that polar-bear statistics are bitterly disputed. Whenever someone says the bears are okay, a dozen researchers rise up to protest that they’re not – as in this case, where researchers who object to the government’s finding say their methodology is more accurate. The scientists simply don’t believe the local Inuit, who say they’re seeing as many bears as ever. They believe the Inuit are biased because the bear hunt, which is tightly regulated, brings in lots of money.

My own opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the polar bears have managed to survive at least 100,000 years of freezing and melting, so they will probably survive us. The most endangered species in the North isn’t polar bears. It’s people – especially young people. Unfortunately, they’re not as cute as polar bears, so they don’t get much attention."
Don't let the facts get in the way.
"The social indicators of Nunavut’s population, who are overwhelmingly Inuit and young, are the worst in Canada. Nunavut has the highest rate of lone-parent families and the lowest education levels in the country. Most kids don’t finish high school. The rate of teenaged pregnancy is five times greater than the national average, and the rate of child sex abuse is 10 times the national average. The rates of suicide and murder are also more than 10 times higher than in the south. Thirty per cent of people over 12 are heavy drinkers. Among Inuit families with children aged 3 to 5, household food insecurity is 70 per cent.

There are about 15,000 polar bears across Canada’s Arctic, according to Mr. Gissing. There are about 33,000 people in Nunavut, who are overwhelmingly dependent for their survival on the state. Social conditions haven’t improved much in the 13 years since Nunavut became a territory. Fortunately, the tourism business is reasonably good. People from the South are happy to pay thousands of dollars for the chance to spot a musk ox or a polar bear. At the moment, they don’t seem to be having any problem."
Are we surprised? Of course not.

Ian Plimer on this hoax:

tenets of a climate change sceptic
""Carbon dioxide has an effect on the atmosphere and it has an effect for the first 50 parts per million and once it's done its job then it's finished and you can double it and quadruple it and it has no effect because we've seen that in the geological past, and we've seen it in times gone by when the carbon dioxide content was 100 times the current content. We didn't have runaway global warming, we actually had glaciation.""
"When the Earth's climate has been cooler – such as during the most recent Ice Age – he argues that populations have fallen, there were terrible droughts and social disruption.

Many historians and anthropologists would agree with the premise that global cooling has caused massive problems in the past – and that a cooler world is also a drier world, leading to droughts."
"Prof Plimer said of scientists such as those that contribute to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): "They are taking advantage of the current situation. That is understandable. In previous times people got wonderful research grants in a war against cancer and they achieved a lot of money for that.

"Now we have a war on climate change and we have a huge number of people out there who have their career staked on it and are beneficiaries of this process.""
The cause of truth and reason in today's global warming debate has received a major boost with the launch of Professor Ian Plimer's book, Heaven and Earth - Global Warming: The Missing Science
"Some might think Plimer's geology expertise irrelevant to any discussion of climate change, since everything weather-wise supposedly occurs in the atmosphere where man's "polluting" carbon dioxide emissions are forcing up the world's temperatures at an alarming rate.

In fact, the most reliable information on long-term climate change is to be found in ice cores, peat bogs, ocean sediments and tree rings. These tell us the story of climate change over millions of years, and set the context for today's ever-changing weather and climate.

Plimer, on the other hand, citing vast numbers of scientific findings from around the world, examines in detail the roles played by the sun, the earth, ice, ocean currents, water and air in causing climate changes over millions of years. Next to these vast forces, increasing human emissions of carbon dioxide are puny in the wider scheme of things."
...throughout his book Plimer relieves his lengthy technical explanations with morsels of humour and satire. For example, regarding the "endangered" polar bears, so dear to Al Gore and his acolytes, he writes:

"Even if polar bears first appeared in the creationist world at 9am on 26 October 4004 BC, they still had to survive at least five periods of global warming before they entered the Late 20th Century Warming."
If you haven't read Plimer's book, I would highly recommend you do. It's a massive tome, containing thousands of citations from scientific literature. I've written extensively about it on my blog, quoting passages from it rather copiously. Click on the "Plimer's da Man" label below and read. Evidently, "the sky is falling" global warming fanatics are adverse to reading such stuff. Perhaps scientific illiteracy isn't their only problem.

Related discussion at Hot Air.

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Got my income tax done by a local agency. I'm getting a refund of $260, of which the agency is taking 68% in fees.

Easy come. Easy go.



I've seen shows featuring this Majid el-Shafie before. I'm grateful Canada gave him shelter and I admire the work that he does:

Watch live streaming video from visionzoomertv at

One can hardly imagine what it must be like to face this sort of persecution. We who live in North America should thank God every day that we live in free countries where freedoms and rights are upheld.

If I lived in a bigger city, I'd be volunteering to assist people like these.

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Pedophile jailed indefinitely
"Of the 546 dangerous offender declarations imposed in the courts since 1977, 75% of those were for sex offenders. Of those 546, only 41 with indeterminate sentences have been granted either day or full parole. Only 15 dangerous offenders in Canada with indeterminate sentences are now living in the community in this country."
Only 15. I feel so much safer. They better not be anywhere close to my grand children!! This old biddy is not above murdering any of those perps. What have I got to lose? I could spend my last few days on the planet living on tax payers expense and I know I will have a fairly large group of admirers. I wonder how Greg Gilhooley and Theo Fleury feel about this sentence, compared to the one given to that perp, Graham James.

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On "Skeptics" and "Believers"

Going ape over climate
"This week the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, had to decide whether to veto a bill that would have promoted the questioning of “conventional” science in classrooms. The science establishment was in a tizzy not just because the bill was seen as an attempt to get anti-Darwinian “intelligent design” back on the curriculum, but because it was linked to another religious/scientific issue: catastrophic man-made climate change.
Darwin’s theory of natural selection didn’t “kill God,” but it severely undermined literal readings of the Bible. Theories of catastrophic man-made climate change are ideologically crucial for the liberal left because they justify their core demonization of capitalism; implying massive “market failure,” and confirming that industrial society, and corporations in particular, are “externalizing machines” that fecklessly dump their garbage into the atmosphere. This “settled” science requires vast schemes of “global governance,” à la Kyoto, plus policy guidance toward energy technologies “of the future,” plus further major redistribution of cash to poor climate “victims.” This will all be masterminded by the United Nations, which just happens to be the guardian of the official science.
It’s worth noting that left liberals hold such arrangements desirable even without catastrophic climate change, which may explain why Al Gore treats skepticism as just so much pickiness. In line with religious demonization, they condemn skeptics as “deniers” motivated either by mental derangement, “fundamentalist” religious/ideological beliefs, or wicked self-interest.
Skeptics by contrast note — whatever their religious convictions — that claims of “settled” science are themselves unscientific. They do not “deny” climate change, or an impact on climate by humans. Their questions are ones of degree, and of the appropriate policy response. They note that the policy prescriptions of catastrophists would be — on the basis of voluminous historical evidence — unworkable, counterproductive and dangerous. The Kyoto process has fallen apart, but even if all its signatories had met their obligations — which in Canada would have involved a slashing of industrial activity and a massive loss of jobs — the impact on the climate would have been minuscule. Meanwhile, “industrial strategy” has always and everywhere failed, just as the “green” variety is collapsing worldwide."
Funny. I haven't noticed much of a collapse. Au contraire. They've simply removed certain key elements from their statements - such as the word "catastrophic" and "anthropogenic".
"Many skeptics may indeed be morally or religiously motivated by the belief that the route to improving the lives of the poor lies through economic development, which must, for the moment at least, be based on use of fossil fuels. They note that the top-down aid model has been an abysmal failure. The left, meanwhile, has a slight problem when it suggests that skepticism might be based on religious conviction rather than objective science. They are supported by the World Council of Churches, which believes that “a specific composition of the atmosphere” is a gift of God. It is also intriguing that left-liberal catastrophists, while angrily dismissing intelligent design in biology, adhere to it when it comes to economics, which represents what Friedrich Hayek called the “fatal conceit” behind the failures of socialism.
Ironically, Darwinism helps explain why religion has been an integral part of man’s moral and intellectual development, and why belief remains important to a sense of community. In its moderate forms, such as those that tend to prevail in the U.S. and Canada, it is a powerful and cohesive force. In its more radical forms, it remains dangerous, but belief in God would appear to be far less problematic than men who believe that they can intelligently design both the global economy and the weather. Fortunately, however, the general public seems to be losing its faith in the church of climate. This fact was admitted this week by one of its leading cardinals, James Hansen, who attributed it to the “tremendous resources” employed by those devilish skeptics. They must be powerful indeed if they can overcome what has become, effectively, a state religion."
In the meantime, spring has sprung here in knuckledraggerland, and the grass is...still under four inches of snow. And that's after several days of above zero temperatures.

Oh well. I wasn't particularly looking forward to yard work. Silver linings and all that...

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Heavy Sigh

Oh, but I'm raaaaaacist.

"A new federal government audit says the chief and council of Manitoba's Peguis First Nation paid themselves thousands of dollars in money earmarked for flood compensation, diverted thousands more to private consultants and hired unqualified staff as a make-work project for flood emergency operations."
Is it any wonder the industry thrives while the grass roots goes without? The Peguis Band has been like this for years and years.
"The Peguis review is the first indication Ottawa is scrutinizing the finances of individual First Nations and may go further than just recoup funds. Bands could also find themselves the focus of criminal investigations."
Long, long overdue.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pretty Soon They'll Need...

Well, Girls...

...the real football league in Canada has had to play in blizzard conditions. I hope you'll be prepared for that.

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Europe is Fighting Back.. long last:

Sharia Defeat in Holland: Handshake Muslim loses court case Hopefully, my Dad can stop rolling in his grave. Geert Wilders, Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali have been exonerated. Leftard heads are exploding. There's still more to do.

And Britain, too!!

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No Title Needed


-------Original Starts Here-------

I don't know anyone who was in this war. My Dad was only eight years old when it began. My Mom was born after it started. But I still have tears in my eyes. Reading about it. Watching videos about it. How could I not have?

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As If...

...Canadians open to tax hikes to create more equal society, poll finds

It's been tried before, folks. Can we learn anything from history? All you gotta do is consider the source. As if the Ed Broadbent Institute would publish their findings if they didn't conform with Dipper ideology. I'd love to see how the questions were phrased.  I'd love to see a journalist asking to see the questions. Cold day in hell, and all that.

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Canadian Coinage Evolves

And you don't believe in evolution? First there was the "loonie", then there was the "toonee", now there will be the "dino". And along the way, the penny became extinct.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Living in the Back Woods, Hinterlands... tends to miss a lot of the good stuff: Commodore fired for partying, nudity in Bahrain Sounds like it might have been one helluva party:
"The party — while not an official command function — included enlisted, junior officers, and even the commanding officer of her 100-member logistics task force based in Bahrain. The sight of her topless changed the party’s dynamic. Men drew closer to leer. Another woman removed her top. And a man took off his pants, exposing himself. While guests stared, all three went skinny-dipping. That’s when the commodore jumped in."
Study Debunks Common Myth That Urine Is Sterile I've heard of men standing around putting out camp fires, but washing the dishes?? Oh well. Too late now.

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Oh, Castro... if we care: Castro praises Trudeau, slams Canada on environment
"According to an English translation of his piece "Reflections by Comrade Fidel: Stephen Harper's Illusions," Castro accuses Canadian mining companies of pillaging land in Latin America. He also criticizes oilsands development for "causing an irreparable damage to the environment of that beautiful and extensive country," and alleges that U.S. officials forced Canada to "look for oil.""
If you're worried about your island sinking below sea level because of our oil, I believe it started sinking on January 1, 1959.

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Sidebar Update

At the bottom of the "Video" list, under the heading "Who Needs the Canadian Broadcorping Castration (CBC) When You've Got This?", I've added Vision TV. This network broadcasts all sorts of interesting documentaries. I just finished watching one on Crop Circles from a series called The Conspiracy Show. Very interesting stuff. (Gives me something to do while the laundry is on the go just across the hall.)

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For Some Strange Reason...

...I've been getting hits from all over the world (from as far away as India) on this entry. Are these people just curious about the Anonymous movement or are they hard-core committed members. Anyway, if it's the later, now they know what I think of them.

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Boys Will Be Boys...

...but this one takes the cake!

Firefighters rescue Calgarian teen stuck in washing machine
"The machine still works and the boy was not injured. “He was quite emphatic that he didn’t want his mother to find out,” said Molineaux."
I'll bet. The rest of Canada, does though. Hehehehehehe! And now, thanks to your friendly neighbourhood stubble jumping redneck, this incident will go down in history, so there will be a record of his prank for years to come.

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And Speaking of ...


Ecosystems dependent on snow and ice 'most threatened' This will not be welcomed news in all quarters:
"“The vulnerability of cool, wet areas to climate change is striking,” said Julia Jones, a lead author of the study. In semi-arid regions like the southwestern United States, mountain snowpacks are the dominant source of water for human consumption and irrigation. Research by Jones and her colleagues showed that as average temperatures increase in these snowy ecosystems, a significant amount of stream water is lost to the atmosphere. The study involves more than thirty years of data from 19 forested watersheds across the country. All of the study sites provide water to major agricultural areas and to medium and large cities. But, like many long-term studies, this one revealed a surprise. Water flow only decreased in the research sites with winter snow and ice. “Streams in dry forested ecosystems seem more resilient to warming. These ecosystems conserve more water as the climate warms, keeping streamflow within expected bounds,” Jones explained. "
"According to Andrew Fountain, lead author of another LTER study, “The cryosphere, or the part of the earth affected by snow and ice, has been shrinking. The populations of microbes, plants, and animals that depend on the snow and ice will decrease if they are unable to migrate to new areas with ice. But life that previously found the cryosphere too hostile should expand.” In shallower snow, he explained, animals such as white-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, and caribou expend less energy and can more easily escape predators. “One species’ loss can be another species’ gain,” said Fountain."
However, over at CBC, they are gloating uncontrollably, even if some of the commenters are poking fun. And at the Financial Post (ooooh, big oil, etc., etc., etc.) we are being told that knowledgeable conservatives no longer have much respect for scientists:
"Gauchat in his study strives mightily to disentangle his subsets of data and explain the mysteries of conservative thinking. Yet had he not been obsessively preoccupied with conservatives in what advertises itself as a study of the broad public’s trust in science, he could have stepped back from his data and seen it for what it actually shows. The conservatives aren’t the oddity; the true-believing liberals are."
PS: Gotta love the sole comment at the bottom of this scaremongery. Good to see somebody out there still understands basic science.

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The Bishops Get Political

Anglican bishops call for fairness in Northern Gateway pipeline hearings

"Six Anglican bishops from across British Columbia and the Yukon came together on Good Friday calling for the environmental review hearings on Enbridge Inc.'s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to remain fair and free from political pressure.

"There's some concern that the decision's already been made and that the review process is just a rubber stamp," said Bishop Michael Ingham, of the Diocese of New Westminster. "I think what we're trying to do is call upon the panel itself to resist pressure - political pressure, industry pressure - and to come to a fair, balanced and thorough set of recommendations.""
"The statement asks the National Energy Board review to hear the views of all people who live along the intended route of the pipeline, and pay close attention to the concerns of First Nations communities.

"In a project of this magnitude, it is imperative that the final NEB report on Northern Gateway be thorough and credible and command wide public support."

Ingham said he was worried about pressure from the oil industry and the federal government."
Sounds like they've already made up their minds that there are culprits at large and those culprits are the oil industry and the federal government. Nothing to say about the environmental lobby and other assorted politically inspired nut cases. No politics here./sarc

Gotta wonder what my God-fearing arch-Anglican mother would have thought about this or any of a whole range of assorted whacko positions taken by the Anglican church hierarchy in recent years.

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Friday, April 06, 2012

More About...

...the Spiceman:

Next time I'm in Toronto (last time was at least 30 years ago, so don't hold your breath, Torontonians), I want to eat a meal in his restaurant.

(PS: Make that 40 years ago. It was definitely BC - Before Children.)

And BTW, I'm glad to hear there is a bill that addresses this issue working its way through the parliamentary process. And speaking of that, I wonder where the bill to amend the Human Rights Act is in the process.

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Stuff You'd Never See...

...on CBC:

My uncle was one of those. He was shot down over France and spent the rest of the war in a German prisoner of war camp.

There's a bit about this in this video, too.

More truth about the CBC:

Sun TV tells it like it is:

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Thursday, April 05, 2012


...Round Up, Part 111.

Okay. How did those MFers ever get off the ground?
"The feathered meat-eating dinosaur lived about 125 million years ago and is estimated to have weighed a whopping 1,400kg as an adult."
"The scientists think the long, filament-like feathers would have acted as insulation, but they cannot rule out the possibility that they were also used for display in mating or fighting rituals."
I don't know. Do you think the lady dinosaurs would have been impressed? Looks kind of wimpy to me.

They say women's work is never done, but holy smokes!! (Pardon the pun.)

Human ancestors used fire earlier than thought, study says
"An analysis of charred bones and plant ash in sediment from a South African cave suggests that Homo erectus was wielding fire a million years ago — and perhaps even cooking with it, according to a study released Monday by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."
Moving on. There are so many songs linking moonlight with romance, but I'll bet you there's none about these baby moons.

Finally, although there is a lot of skirting around it, these two articles do seem to suggest discoveries that clinch the CAGW argument:

CO2 'drove end to last ice age'

New comparison of ocean temperatures reveals rise over the last century

But there's nothing in them that is new. And they don't clinch the argument. In fact, they come close to poking holes in it.

All of this was addressed in Ian Plimer's book Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, The Missing Science in any case.

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