Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good News In Europe

Merkel gets a majority. Now she can actually do something. Perhaps Europe is finally waking up.
"Sunday's election results follow a trend in which Socialist parties across Europe have seen sharp declines in their popularity."

"Moreover, and in stark contrast to Spain in March 2004, German voters were not intimidated by Islamist terrorists. Just one week before the election, al-Qaeda threatened the German electorate by demanding an end to Germany’s military mission in Afghanistan."

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Oh Yes!!

The Hitler of This Time.

And the Chamberlain.

And Noam Chompsky. A dictators best friend.

It's an excellent book, you know.

The United Nations? Don't move it. Kill it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old News Flash!!

Ahmadinejad gets shoes hurled at him, way back in March. Old media still hasn't reported it.

Once Again, Hooray Canada!!

UPDATE: Ten other countries follow suit!!
Canada boycotts Ahmadinejad speech over 'absolutely repugnant' declarations

Diplomats walk out as Iran slams Israel at UN

US, France walk out during Ahmadinejad's UN speech

British delegates walk out on Ahmadinejad's speech

Lest we forget, Canada, under Harper's leadership, boycotted the sham UN Anti-Racism conference earlier this year, as well. In fact, Canada was the first to announce its intentions to do so. You go Harper!!

Lest You Wonder...

...whether or not we should stay the course in Afghanistan.

Sometimes I should just read the whole thing before lifting and pasting juicy passages from it. A case in point is the passage from Michael Ledeen's article I published as an update in the entry just below this one. Ledeen's article in and of itself is so profound it deserves top billing on its own and I would strongly urge you to read it in its entirety. For one thing, there is this little nugget (emphasis mine):
"So we have a regime of zombies in Tehran, but they can still do a lot of damage, to Iranians and to us. Early last week Khamenei summoned Afghan terrorist chieftain Gulbadin Hekhmatiar to Tehran, and told him to step up attacks against American and other Allied forces. Other Iranian-supported terrorist groups have received similar instructions."
So here we have one of the most despicable regimes on the face of the earth rallying their terrorist allies to kill more Canadians in Afghanistan so as to encourage us to pull out, just as many in Canada are now doing. I ask you, if we do pull out, or if Obama fails to heed Gen. Stanley McChrystal's advise in one way or another, history will show that we betrayed not just the Afghans, but the Iranian people, too, simply by turning tail and running when the going got tough. Our soldiers can do better than that. Would that their masters, the Canadian people recognize what is at stake and act accordingly.

If you want to hear a impassioned defense of the case for staying the course, listen to the barn-burner statement made by Terry Glavin at the Q & A session following Bruce Bawer's speech in Ottawa, beginning at about 47:14 with a knockout punch delivered at 51:00 where he starts with the words "There will be a reckoning...".

In the meantime, yeah Canada!!!!

Canada to walk out on Ahmadinejad's speech

The Harper government's record on dealing with international pariahs is, despite all the other unfinished and not even started business they should be addressing, enough to guarantee my vote the next time around. At least that's where things stands today.

Very Tantalizing !

UPDATE: Just to add salt to the old fart's wounds, I'll post this tidbit from Michael Ledeen's latest:

"When a tyrannical regime dies, you can see the symptoms in the little things. Late Friday afternoon, after millions (yes, millions–this according to Le Monde, France 2, and L’Express, with the BBC saying that the demonstrations were bigger than those at the time of the Revolution) of Greens mobbed the streets and squares of more than thirty towns and cities to call for the end of the regime, there was a soccer game in Azadi Stadium in Tehran. It holds about a hundred thousand fans, and it was full of men wearing green and carrying green balloons. When state-run tv saw what was happening, the color was drained from the broadcast, and viewers saw the game in black and white. And when the fans began to chant “Death to the Dictator,” “Death to Russia,” and “Death to Putin, Chavez and Nasrallah, enemies of Iran,” the sound was shut off. So the game turned into a silent movie.

But the censors forgot about the radio, and the microphones stayed open, so that millions of listeners could hear the sounds of the revolution. And in Azadi Stadium, as in most parts of the country, the security officers either walked away or joined the party."
Iran loses its only AWACS as Ahmadinejad threatens the world
"Up above a big military parade in Tehran on Tuesday, Sept. 22, as Iranian president declared Iran's armed forces would "chop off the hands" of any power daring to attack his country, two air force jets collided in mid-air. One was Iran's only airborne warning and control system (AWACS) for coordinating long-distance aerial operations, DEBKAfile's military and Iranian sources disclose.

The proud military parade, which included a march-past, a line of Shehab-3 missiles and an air force fly-past, was planned to give Ahmadinejad a dazzling send-off for New York and add steel to his UN Assembly speech Wednesday.

Dubbed "Simorgh" (a flying creature of Iranian fable which performs wonders in mid-flight), the AWACS' appearance, escorted by fighter jets, was to have been the climax for the Iranian Air force's fly-past over the parade. Instead, it collided with one of escorting planes, a US-made F-5E, and both crashed to the ground in flames. All seven crewmen were killed.

Eye witnesses reported that the flaming planes landed on the mausoleum burial site of the Islamic revolution's founder Ruhollah Khomeini, a national shrine. According to Western observers, no distress signals came from either cockpit indicating that the collision and explosions were sudden and fast."
"The loss of this airborne control system has left Iran's air force and air and missile defenses without "electronic eyes" for surveillance of the skies around its borders."
You never know whether or not to believe stuff coming from Debka but if all of this is true, it is very, very intriguing. It embarrasses Iran all to hell and it makes an Israeli airstrike easier to pull off. That bit about landing on old Khomeini's gravesite is a bit hard to believe, though. That's gotta be too good to be true.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Great Panel Discussion

Link: Bruce B Q&A4

More Troops to Afghanistan?

U.K. Planning for More Forces in Afghanistan, Army Chief Says
"The U.K. is drawing up plans to send additional forces to Afghanistan in the event the U.S., which leads the military effort, decides to proceed with a stepped-up campaign..."
Okay, Obama. Make your decision. And it better be the right one.
"The Wall Street Journal quotes defense officials Tuesday saying the Obama administration asked for the delay so it can be sure the U.S. is "using the right strategy" before looking into additional troop requests.

The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan has warned that the mission "will likely result in failure" if more troops are not sent within the next year."
"Afghan President Hamid Karzai told CNN Monday he supports McChrystal's recommendation for more U.S. troops. But he also emphasized the need for greater protection of Afghan communities and civilians."
"Afghanistan's ambassador to the U.N., Zahir Tanin, told VOA that Afghan citizens' key concern is whether the troops can deliver security and defeat insurgents. He said they are not focused on the number of foreign troops in the country or which strategy is implemented, as long as those goals are accomplished."
I wonder if this is part of the "strategy"?

Winston's Gold Mine

Azarmehr Rips Galloway a New One

The Start of the Sacred Defence Week

As he points out, Galloway supports brutal regimes wherever they are. Kind of like Chompsky.

Remind You of Anyone?

Getting Rich Off Racism

Canada's Human Rights Commissions? The Indian Industry, perhaps?

France Takes on the Human Trafficking Racket

And good for them. And besides that, why the hell can't their own countries provide a decent standard of living and respect for human rights. It's not up to France or Britain to create responsible governments in the hell holes they came from, otherwise known as Arab and Islamic countries. You hear that Gaddafi?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good News on the Arab Fascism Front

From Iraq the Model

"Unknown gunmen assassinated 30 Mahdi Army commanders in the Syrian capital Damascus. The killings, made in the past few weeks, were all made "quietly, inside the victims apartments", said an unnamed source in the Sadr movement. The source added that among those assassinated was Laith al-Ka'bi, who commanded the Mahdi Army in the Palestine Street neighborhood in eastern Baghdad. The report adds that large numbers of Mahdi Army operatives left to Iran out of fear the assassinations wave could expand to target them."
For any leftards that may be reading this, Syria is a puppet of the Mullahocracy in Iran. Again, Iamadinnerjacket must be shitting his drawers.

More on University PC Indoctrination

Note: The audio is very out of sync with the video.

Link: Horowitz tears Duke U a new oneHorowitz tears Duke U a new one

Link: Horowitz Q and AHorowitz Q & A

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update to "I'm Begging"

Down here I talked about Egypt's decision to wipe out the hog population in that country as a misguided measure to combat swine flu.

Well look at what's happened: Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaws in Wiping Out Pigs

h/t Iraq The Model

Our Next Churchill?

I think so. First we gotta convince the Brits to put him into #10 Downing Street.

Belgium: The Death of a Nation

Link: Belgium the death of a nation

More on Afghanistan

In recent days, I've been writing a bit about the conflict there, or more precisely, the debate at home involving the cut-and-run crown. In the course of doing some background reading on the subject I discovered a new (to me) blog:

The Canada-Afghanistan Blog

It's a great resource. I highly recommend it.

Through the comments there I also rediscovered this marvelous entry by Mark at the Torch.

Mark also provides some URLs to good sites covering the history of that region of the world.

The Best Laid Plans..

...of mice and terrorists seem to be laying in pieces on the floor these days. Here's yet another bust, this time in New York. I can't help wondering whether all these recent busts are related. I suspect they are the result of an international intelligence operation that has yielded some big prizes (ie) fraidy-cat terrorist wannabes who have snitched on their brothers. This last couple of weeks it's been bang, bang, bang, bang in quick succession for the good guys. Keep on truckin' fellas.

Another Old Troubador

preparing to bite the dust?

Leonard Cohen Collapses on Stage in Spain

Just days before his 75th birthday.

I'm Begging..

..Ah Puch, Brahma, the Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, Mercury, Ngai, Odin, Osiris, Zeus, Zoroaster and any others who might be inclined to forgive me. When I read this, I had an maniacal thought which made me laugh, blush and cringe at the same time. I'll leave it up to the readers to figure out what it might have been.

Does anyone remember earlier this year the Egyptian authorities ordering the slaughter of all pigs in Egypt? Of course the only people who raise swine in Egypt are the already oppressed Coptic Christians, since Islam forbids the consumption of pork and considers pigs to be unclean (just like Jews do, btw). They mistakenly believed that swine flu is passed on by swine.

Anyway, it seems the various governments in the Arab world have since become better informed.

Meanwhile, Iamadinnerjacket feels no compulsion.
"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad raised the stakes against Israel on Friday and called the Holocaust a lie, just as world powers try to decide how to deal with the nuclear ambitions of an Iran in political turmoil.

“The pretext (Holocaust) for the creation of the Zionist regime (Israel) is false … It is a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim,” he told worshippers at Tehran University at the end of an annual anti-Israel “Qods (Jerusalem) Day” rally.

“Confronting the Zionist regime is a national and religious duty.”

"Ahmadinejad’s anti-Western comments on the Holocaust have caused international outcry and isolated Iran, which is at loggerheads with the West over its nuclear programme.

The hardline president warned leaders of Western-allied Arab and Muslim countries about dealing with Israel.

“This regime (Israel) will not last long. Do not tie your fate to it … This regime has no future. Its life has come to an end,” he said in a speech broadcast live on state radio."

Yawn. This was followed, of course, by the usual "strong" statements from the civilized world:

"Britain was swift in condemning Ahmadinejad’s remarks, calling them “abhorrent as well as ignorant”."
"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said it was time Iran showed it is serious about addressing international concern. “There will be accompanying costs for Iran’s continued defiance: more isolation and economic pressure,” she said."
You bet, Shillary.

And I'm dang sure I'm not the only one who is getting sick of this. This is the looking like the decade between 1991 and 2003 in the neighbouring country of Iraq.

On Al Quds Day

While young Iranians were out on Iran's city streets protesting against their dictatorship, shouting "Not for Gaza. Not for Lebanon (Hezbollah). I will die only for Iran." and tearing down Hezbollah banners, on the other side of the world in sunny Toronto, Ontario, the goons assembled to support Gaza and Hezbollah. Apparently there was a standoff between Jesus and Mohammed and Jesus won. Yay!!! Onward Christian Soldiers!! Onward Zoroastrian Soldiers!!

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

And hello Lumpy, Grump and Frumpy. I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Housing Projects: The Solution to Poverty

Just ask this baby.

PS: The article provides an update on the other baby who was beaten on the street not far away and rescued by a by-passer. Other that bruises and cuts, she's okay, thank goodness.

Anyway, thank God for the kindness of strangers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Media Bias Again

Yawn. When a dead soldier's family says their son called the Afghanistan mission useless, we get 46 news stories about it.

Fallen soldier considered efforts in Afghanistan 'useless,' family ...

Globe and Mail - ‎16 hours ago‎
The brother of Private Jonathan Couturier has told a Quebec City newspaper the young soldier questioned whether anything was being accomplished in Afghanistan.
580 CFRA Radio - Pictou Country Nova Scotia News - Times and Transcript
What sort of headlines does a dead soldier who didn't feel that way get? Has anyone ever read an article that spins equally in the opposite direction?

If I were to answer my own question, I would simply say that the MSM is the same everywhere. The Globe and Mail, like almost all of them, is looking for a Canadian Cindy Sheehan and they think they might have found one. Whoopie!

Just So Y'all Know...

Unravelling the Beast!!

In what is probably the biggest, most powerful image to come out of Iran since the tragic last few minutes of Neda's life, someone has captured on video a group of protesters tearing down a Hezbollah flag. Take a look:

h/t Gateway Pundit

Right On...Iranian Freedom Protesters Rip Down Hezbollah Sign As Crowd Cheers



I'm pretty sure I'm going to live to see it. Iraq and Iran free and democratic!!

And what if in those two countries, and Afghanistan, Islam was beaten back and Zoroastrian philosophy was re-awakened.
"There are, in fact, two Irans, and the lesser known one to most Americans is undergoing a renaissance that the ruling Iranian mullahs fear the most. If the Persians are awakened to their identity as children of Cyrus the Great, who wrote mankind's first charter of human rights, these oppressive regimes will topple domino-style. Besides Iran, the Persian heritage is embedded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and were it to be rekindled, a revolution unheard of in scope could occur."
Imagine the possibilities.

A Pox On Everyone Cont'd

UPDATE: Yes. Shawn Alteo gets it. This is how you do it, Manitoba chiefs. You sit down and talk:
"Like so many of our communities there are excellent efforts happening on the ground, hard-working frontline health workers, and this effort is about listening to each other and to work closely with one another. Our people deserve this."
Learn from your wiser brother.
Body bag backlash continues: Sep 17

Except Shawn Alteo (@ 1:17 in the video clip at the link above). He seems to be the only leader who actually gets it. I'm liking this man more and more. But, what he's suggesting is not just contrary to the treaties, of course (isn't everything?). After all health care is supposedly a treaty right and it's the feds who are supposed to deliver it, but it wouldn't serve the Indian Industry. As the Manitoba chief's bullshit so clearly illustrates, they need it that way so they can take innocent matters, inject their preconceived, prejudiced distortions into them, go ballistic and get all kinds of people up in arms like a bunch of automatons.

And on cue, as you can see by the words of nearly everyone in the clip, MPs, federal government officials and even, surprise, surprise, news anchors, is knuckling under like good little PC trained puppets. Indian chiefs whine. Everyone drops to their knees and says: "Aye, aye captain. All of us are at fault but you." Yet none of them, not a single one has taken the time to investigate the issue. Asking questions to get at the actual facts of the matter is out of the question. Had the chief or anyone else done that, it wouldn't be nearly as easy to treat this as an callous act of racism, and we can't have that, can we. Not only that, but some of those chiefs and community members may actually learn a thing or two about public health practices and procedures which would inch them closer to being independent and self-governing, as Shawn Alteo so astutely observed.


CTV News At Its Best

Don't know any of the facts? Well then just go on and on and on speculating and fantasizing for almost three minutes and pretend that you're delivering the news. It's the MSM way.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"Not for Gaza. Not for Lebanon. We will die for Iran."

There were massive rallies in Iran predicted, but with an interesting twist.

The Lede has updates.

The Spirit of Man has lots of links as does Azarmehr and updates here, here and here.

This IS going to work. It's only a matter of time. Still no news - yet - of the predicted strike by Israel, but the protesters' chant was "Not for Gaza. Not for Lebanon. We will die only for Iran." The annual rally normally held on this day was supposed to be the usual "Death to Israel" mob frenzy, so I'm guessing Iamadinnerjacket won't be too pleased with that.

The Very First Album

...I ever bought:

And my favourite song from it? Well, there were too many.

Good-bye Mary Travers. How did we get so old?

Link: Peter, Paul & Mary - 500 Miles

Old Media: Born 1946, Died 2009

Upperdate On the Body Bag Conspiracy

Of course the apology (see Shoot First, Ask Questions Later) was not accepted.

"Horrified chiefs returned many of the bags to Health Canada on Wednesday, calling them an affront toward aboriginal values that say preparing for death is akin to tempting fate.

"It was insulting," said David Harper, Grand Chief of the Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, which represents 30 northern aboriginal communities. "Body bags may be part of flu preparations, but so is medications. Why do we get body bags before we get medication?"" (emphasis mine)

Look, folks, you want to talk about "affronts"? All this stupid conspiracy theorizing is an "affront" to ordinary intelligence. What does it matter the order in which they arrive as long as they get there in time? You're doing yourselves more harm than good by turning this into a media circus.
"Mr. Wolfe explained that the shipment was part of a "routine" but "excessive" restocking of nursing stations. "In this case, we overestimated," he said. "It's unfortunate that this has been linked exclusively with H1N1. Whether it's a nursing station in a remote first nations community in northern Manitoba, or a hospital in downtown Vancouver, supplies are constantly being restocked to prepare for unknown and unforeseen events, whether it be a plane crash, environmental disaster or pandemic.""
And what the hell's wrong with being "overestimated"? Would it be better to have been "underestimated"? What's your answer to that, oh great chiefs?
"The mild flu outbreak in spring erupted into a full-blown disaster on many aboriginal reserves in the country. At one point, two-thirds of all Manitoba flu patients on respirators were aboriginal, and aboriginal leaders were clamouring for supplies to fight the virus. With many experts forecasting a fall resurgence of the illness, some chiefs expect the worst is yet to come.

"To send 30 bags to one community is enough to frighten us all," Mr. Evans said. "Not just first nations.""
Hmmm. Let me see. Thirty bags to a community with three, four or five thousand members, when an epidemic is threatening and when past epidemics have proven to be particularly hard on First Nations communities. Doesn't seem excessive to me. You would expect some people to die over the next few months in any case, with or without an influenza outbreak. Just as a measure to contain the spread of the disease, it makes sense to have extra stock. I call it good planning.

No, instead of an apology, what they should have received is a good tongue lashing for all these demands that we prostrate ourselves before them. Playing political games with an issue that is life threatening is disgusting. Enough of the kow-towing! It's time to tell them so.

Ever Wonder What the World Would Look Like

...without the United States. Here's one very likely scenario, which also shows the terrible conundrum the USA, and the rest of us, are in. It's a long one, so maybe wait until you have an hour and a half to spare.

Link: The World Without US

Two Things

First, the Toronto Star surprises me by publishing a letter about the shoe thrower which completely conforms to my take on it:

This guy really caught a break

But as this article illustrates, there is at least a free press in Iraq now and journalists debate amongst themselves how their reaction to the shoe throwing event has caused concern over professional ethics. Wish some of that would rub off on North American journalists.

Second is this address by Bruce Bawer, which was broadcast over the net via Dr. Roy's blog, among others. Bawer is the author of two important books, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West From Within and Surrender: Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom. I haven't read either of them, but I intend to. The introduction lasts about 10 minutes, but it in itself is pretty instructive about how terrified the West is of criticizing Islam:

Link: Bruce Bawer Speech part one

Don't miss this op ed piece by Barbara Kay on the topic, either.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Terror mastermind Noordin Top killed in Indonesia

This is the guy who orchestrated the Bali nightclub bombings that brought Australia into the war on terror. Documents showing him to be Indonesia's al Qaeda leader were also found.

No wonder Osama baby is shitting bricks. I guess he's the "weak horse" after all. His self esteem must be suffering today.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

UPDATE: So far, most of the commenters agree.

Yesterday, smelling an opportunity to strike one for the Indian Industry, Manitoba's chiefs were all over this one like a dirty shirt. Even our idiotic leader of the Liberal Party and other politicos capitalized on it. Indeed, it made headlines in the international press.

Turns out, of course, that there was nothing to it other than, oh the horrors, "insensitivity". I mean how could we be so callous as to restock supplies and prepare for a flu epidemic at the very same time. What's wrong with us??!!!

And so of course, expect the machinery of perpetual grievance to extract copious apologies from compliant minions in government offices who will in turn go looking for someone to take the fall.

Look folks, and this includes not just the chiefs but most especially you members of the main stream media who lapped up the chief's version lock, stock and barrel. I have something to say to you. Not only would a few phone calls to the Department of Health have given you all the answers you needed so you could have put the whole phony scandal into the proper perspective but THAT sort of thorough investigation should have been done before going rushing to the the airwaves and the press room with what you thought could be the juiciest scandal of the week?

Shame on the chiefs for race huckstering yet again. Shame on the media for not bothering to question the oh-so-predictable assumptions made by the chiefs. And shame on the opportunistic Liberal Party for using it as election fodder and vote buying.

And pardon me for the "insensitive" pun, but - a pox on all your houses.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh Rahim, Rahim, Rahim

You were such a bright and promising young man (and so good looking, too). What have you done to yourself?

When I lived in Alberta I was close to Edmonton and once a month or so I would travel to the big city on what came to be known as Gateway Boulevard, the north bound lane of highway 2 coming up from Calgary. Rahim Jaffer's constituency office was on that road, not far from the river in a really trendy area known as Strathcona. He was a successful small business owner and probably the sexiest and most eligible bachelor in the province, if not the country. I was shocked when he lost the last election. Now it seems he's gotten himself into a very bad place. I wish him good luck in dealing with the problem. I'm sure he has so much left to live for.

Thank You Paul and Terry

I know Canadians are tiring of the Afghan war and some simply want to cut and run. Others are frustrated that the reasons and necessity for the war are not being articulated by the government.

Well, earlier today blogger Paul at Celestial Junk wrote one of the best pieces I have ever read on his blog. He quoted Terry Glavin. Terry Glavin showed up in the comments and quoted David Aaronovitch, linking to Aaronovitch's article in the Timesonline. Together all three articles and statements do a powerful job of articulating why we (meaning the West) need to win in Afghanistan. Please, if you are tiring of the war and wondering why we are still in it, GO AND READ THOSE PIECES!!!

Paul, Mark at The Torch and, indeed, Terry Glavin, frequently address Afghanistan on their blogs. Before you advocate making a terrible mistake - essentially allowing Afghanistan to revert to the Taliban, or a Taliban like government - make yourself better informed. If neither our government or our main stream media will make that case, we owe it to ourselves and the future of Western society to win this one and every other one that comes along until we have this vile ideology defeated.

Osama Baby Issues a Feeble Announcement

Bin Laden prods US to end "hopeless" Afghan war
"Osama bin Laden said in a new audiotape that President Barack Obama's strategy in Afghanistan is "hopeless" and called on Americans to resolve the conflict with al-Qaida by ending the war there and breaking the U.S. alliance with Israel.

In the message marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the al-Qaida leader avoided his usual rhetoric of jihad and instead took a more analytical tone, claiming its differences with the U.S. stemmed from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
"But analysts said Monday that the message's tone and its unusually short length — only 11 minutes, far shorter than others released by al-Qaida to mark the anniversary — was an indication that al-Qaida was struggling to maintain interest eight years after its most shattering terror attacks.

"You might interpret this as a sign of weakness, the suggestion being that they don't really want to fight the U.S.," Jeremy Binnie, an analyst with Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Center, said of bin Laden's tone."
"In the audiotape, posted late Thursday on Islamic militant Web sites, bin Laden sought to depict Obama as merely continuing the policies of Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney."
Take that, Obama!
"He argued that Washington — even under Obama — was under the thrall of "neoconservatives and the Israeli lobby." He said Obama and White House officials "act like Cheney and Bush and promote the previous policies of fear to market the interests of big companies" and pull Americans into wars that he said have bankrupted the United States."
Must have been reading Chomsky's works.

Anywho, sounds like a man who knows he's nearly beat. No time to stop now. Let's finish it.

Take That, Jimmy Carter

Beautiful Song

Dedicated to freedom for the Iranian people:

A wee bit idealistic perhaps, but these are the lyrics in English:

lt's a silence the lonely know
in the fire the rainbows grows
you can push it down my friend
it will come up ten fold again

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

how much blood must be shed
on the streets of unrest
we will bleed as long need be
that river will remove you from history

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

you have robbed us for many years
but we have saved every last tear
we have suffered all of your hate
and now we march down to your gates

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint
Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name
Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name

you think your power is secure
when you startle us with the threat of war
but fear has its limits too
we are no longer scared of you

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

we will burn your temple to the ground
we will tear all your prisons down
your gallows will be set for burning
just before one last hanging

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name
Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name

now we give you one last chance
to do what's right and to let us dance
or the hand of fate will become a fist
a force your thugs can not resist

The fields where soldiers practice their killing
can be a spread of green grass
where the boisterous rainbow children may dance
while the one who beams with
ultimate command
will merely be a smile

Kind of reminds of this old ballad, also a bit naive, but still a goodie:

News On the Islamofacist Front

The first one is a bit dated (June of this year) but the second and third were just this month.

Regime change in Iran: Movement seeks to eliminate 'Supreme Leader' position

Islamic summer camp in Saudi targets extremism

Saudi Cleric To Al-Zawahiri: Renounce Extremist Ideology

I won't be holding my breath on the second one, but I'm betting the farm on the success on the first one. And as far as the third one goes, good luck!

Israel to the Rescue - Maybe

Iran attack: Israel ex-min sees yr-end deadline

Also listen to Steve Scheppert's interview with Iranian-Canadian who goes by the pseudonym Winston, who blogs at The Spirit of Man.

For Saskboy's Edification

A lesson on the many accomplishments of arch anarchist apologist Noam Chomsky by way of some choice passages from relevant sources:

Noam Chomsky's Jihad against America
"Chomsky seems to believe that America and Europe are still living in the age of colonial expansion -- a rhetorical assumption that allows him to ignore the fact that America and its allies do not want to acquire Afghanistan or another Third World country, and are even reluctant to be involved to the extent that they should be. (Their benign neglect of Afghanistan after the collapse of the Soviet invasion is often pointed to as a factor in the creation of the Taliban and the Al Qaeda network). Chomsky also ignores the mass slaughter and savage tribal wars conducted by indigenous peoples in today’s post-colonial world. In Chomsky’s calculus America and Europe will always come up negative values. Thus, Chomsky even denounced the recent efforts of the NATO allies to rescue impoverished Muslims facing systematic extermination and expulsion by Serbian ethnic cleansers as an example of "NATO imperialism." So much for Chomsky’s concern for the oppressed."
Happy Anniversary Noam Chomsky
(T)hroughout the years of Cambodia's "killing fields," throughout the communist genocide committed against Cambodia's people, Noam Chomsky was the unofficial apologist and academic spokesman for the Khmer Rouge regime.
"Chomsky is for the Khmer Rouge what David Irving is for the Jewish victims of World War II."
The hypocrisy of Noam Chomsky
"For all his in-principle disdain of communism, however, when it came to the real world of international politics Chomsky turned out to endorse a fairly orthodox band of socialist revolutionaries. They included the architects of communism in Cuba, Fidel Castro and Che Guevera, as well as Mao Tse-tung and the founders of the Chinese communist state. Chomsky told a forum in New York in December, 1967 that in China “one finds many things that are really quite admirable.” He believed the Chinese had gone some way to empowering the masses along lines endorsed by his own libertarian socialist principles."
"When he provided this endorsement of what he called Mao Tse-tung’s “relatively livable” and “just society,” Chomsky was probably unaware he was speaking only five years after the end of the great Chinese famine of 1958–1962, the worst in human history. He did not know, because the full story did not come out for another two decades, that the very collectivization he endorsed was the principal cause of this famine, one of the greatest human catastrophes ever, with a total death toll of thirty million people.

Nonetheless, if he was as genuinely aloof from totalitarianism as his political principles proclaimed, the track record of communism in the USSR—which was by then widely known to have faked its statistics of agricultural and industrial output in the 1930s when its own population was also suffering crop failures and famine—should have left this anarchist a little more skeptical about the claims of the Russians’ counterparts in China.

In fact, Chomsky was well aware of the degree of violence that communist regimes had routinely directed at the people of their own countries. At the 1967 New York forum he acknowledged both “the mass slaughter of landlords in China” and “the slaughter of landlords in North Vietnam” that had taken place once the communists came to power. His main objective, however, was to provide a rationalization for this violence, especially that of the National Liberation Front then trying to take control of South Vietnam. Chomsky revealed he was no pacifist."

"The long political history of this aging activist demonstrates that double standards of the same kind have characterized his entire career.

Chomsky has declared himself a libertarian and anarchist but has defended some of the most authoritarian and murderous regimes in human history. His political philosophy is purportedly based on empowering the oppressed and toiling masses but he has contempt for ordinary people who he regards as ignorant dupes of the privileged and the powerful. He has defined the responsibility of the intellectual as the pursuit of truth and the exposure of lies, but has supported the regimes he admires by suppressing the truth and perpetrating falsehoods. He has endorsed universal moral principles but has only applied them to Western liberal democracies, while continuing to rationalize the crimes of his own political favorites. He is a mandarin who denounces mandarins. When caught out making culpably irresponsible misjudgments, as he was over Cambodia and Sudan, he has never admitted he was wrong.

Today, Chomsky’s hypocrisy stands as the most revealing measure of the sorry depths to which the left-wing political activism he has done so much to propagate has now sunk."
May I suggest, Saskboy, that you purchase this book and study it carefully: The Anti-Chomsky Reader

The Falling Man

In honour of all those killed on 9/11 as well as those killed the world over almost every day since by political Islam, you cannot but be disturbed by this video. If you aren't then may you burn in hell for eternity.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Case in Point

Further to my blog entry on the idiocy of Ann Clwyd's efforts to indict Saddam Hussain as a war criminal, I give you this case as an example of the ineffectiveness of such schemes:

Sudan president won't attend UNGA

You gotta catch 'em if you're gonna try them.

PC Run Amok on University Campuses

Showdown at the Tehran Corral

Further to yesterday's news from Iran, Michael Ledeen parses the latest news:
"Friday is always an important day for public political rhetoric, and yesterday Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei gave a very tough sermon at Friday Prayers in Tehran. It was the mirror image of Mousavi’s warning of increased violence on the part of the regime. Khamenei warned that the only legitimate topic for demonstrations on that date will be Palestine. So if anybody shows signs of caring about Iran, the regime thugs will crack down on them.

Last night the chants from the rooftops of Tehran were louder than ever."
"Supreme Leader Khamenei’s birthday is this week, and he has long said that he would like to have one or two atomic bombs as his present."
"From the Corridors of Appeasement in the West, there are only whistles as the darkness intensifies. Yes, we will be happy to negotiate with the Tehran butchers, even though they tell us in every possible way that our one topic of “dialogue”–the Iranian bomb–is off the table. And there is even a story in the Iranian press today claiming that the United States has offered to swap more than a dozen Airbuses in exchange for the frozen Iranian assets that have been gathering interest in American banks ever since the Revolution.

All of which convinces the mullahs that they can do anything they wish to their people, and anything they wish on the nuclear front. Hell, nobody in this administration seems to want to talk about the cache of weapons and explosives of Iranian manufacture found in Herat Province (just across the border from the Islamic Republic), quite obviously placed there for the purpose of killing Americans and American allies."
For Saskbaby's benefit, I should point out that Harat Province is in Afghanistan and those allies include Canadians.
"This of course has been the real issue all along, the issue nobody wants to talk about: they’re killing us. They’ve been doing it for more than thirty years (emphasis mine). And still we only want to talk.

This is the mental gyration that makes us accomplices to evil."
Oh, and there's some very interesting speculation in the comments. Don't miss it, Saskbaby. You probably weren't even born when this started nearly thirty years ago, but in your childish ignorance you're nothing but, as one of the commenters describes, a "leftest enabling gander". Take your whining to Winston's or Azarmehr's blogs. Be sure to wear your armor.

Holy Crapolla!

Talk about a sweep!

Wave of arrests follow plot to blow up Dubai tower

Just a week ago these three goons were arrested. You can bet your bottom loonie that intelligence agencies throughout the world are sharing information. Islamofacists are taking big hits everywhere. And our poor naive Saskbaby thinks we should give up and go home, when every day there are more reports of Islamist casualties in the hot zones of the world. In the immortal words of General George S. Patton "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

Three cheers for the United Arab Emirates - for once.

Too Funny

Frustration and Tears

Why do I get tears in my eyes and growing sense of frustration when I read stories like this?

Engaging with Iran is like having sex with someone who hates you

This man is playing cat and mouse games just like Saddam Hussein did and Hamas's Ismail Haniyeh and Hezbollah's Nasrallah do.

I love you Hitch. I hope the right people read this and are moved to act accordingly. And is there anyone out there who thinks there is nothing significant about the date this overture from Iamadinnerjacket came out?


Neville er Barack Chamberlain and Fuhrer - I mean Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (From the comments at The Spirit of Man)

Saskatchewan: Send Us Your Huddled ...

...troglodytes. Apparently we want to return to the stone age.

No to nuclear power.

No to tar sands development.

No to hydroelectric dams on our wild and mighty northern rivers.

Yup. We knuckle-dragging hayseed bastard rubes want to freeze in the dark and you can too. We've got plenty of wide open spaces. Come ooon over.

Addendum: Average January temperatures in Sunny Saskatchewan = -19C/-2F

Coldest temperature ever recorded = -57° C/-70.6 °F at Prince Albert, 1 February 1893

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stunning MEMRI Report From Iran

On the Eve of Iran's Qods Day, Leading Iranian Cleric and Dissident Ayatollah Montazeri Calls On Clerics Countrywide to Come Out Openly Against the Regime
"On the eve of Iran's annual Qods (Jerusalem) Day, September 18, 2009, which traditionally features mass demonstrations held by the regime, senior Iranian dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Hossein Montazeri called on all senior clerics in Iran's major cities - Qom, Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, and others (and also in Iraq's holy Shi'ite cities Najaf and Karbala), to come out openly against the regime and to use their influence to restore the power to the people.

In a letter sent to all clerics in Iran, Montazeri underlined that in order to exist, the regime required the legitimacy granted to it by the country's senior clerics. He said that the clerics' silence in light of the events of recent months were being interpreted by the public as consent to the injustice of the regime - which he called a "military rule," not the "rule of the jurisprudent."

It is safe to assume that Montazeri's call will have a significant impact on the upcoming Qods Day events."
"The regime, Montazeri told the clerics, is exploiting you, and your silence makes you its collaborators."
Godspeed Iran!

h/t American Thinker

And Now, For Your

viewing pleasure. Gather some popcorn and/or beer or whatever you pleasure is.

Nothing to worry about here or here. Everything is just fine.

David Warren Nails It

h/t Hot Air

The Gathering Storm

"And when we turn to the United States itself, we have the spectacle of the Obama administration, now seeking to prosecute the very people -- very decent people so far as I have met them myself -- who had the unwelcome job of protecting Americans from fresh domestic terror strikes. We have innumerable signals of apology and weakness from the same administration on almost every international front. And this further compounded by many naïve acts of economic self-immolation, from the extravagant bailout schemes to massively bureaucratic "health-care reform."

The U.S. is once again shrinking its military, and piling up debt -- the latter on an unprecedented scale. America's allies have meanwhile shirked their own responsibilities, leaving the U.S. to carry all bags, first in Iraq and soon in Afghanistan.

We are courting catastrophe on a scale vastly larger than 9/11."

For many years I have felt uneasy about the Western world's policy of allowing the US to do all our fighting for us. Canada, perhaps, more than any other nation, has been the wimpiest. So what will happen if the picture painted by David Warren bears its bitter fruit? With the US gone all wimpy, and Great Britain no longer deserving the modifier, who will stand ready to beat back the barbarians at the gates? Thank God the Americans are gathering in huge crowds to put a halt to the deliberate destruction of their country and their economy by their apologist president and thank God they will have a chance to change the political profile of their congress in about a year's time. I only hope it's not too late by then.

PS: Will the only leader on this planet right now with real balls please start dropping a few bombs on Tehran, its maniacal leadership and its nuclear facility. Please. Please. Please. Please. You are the only David who seems willing and ready to move against this grotesque Goliath looming ever closer while the West blissfully stands around singing Kumbaya.

More Idiocy Exposed

Don't be surprised if I expend more than a few pixels deflating the idiocy of the pseudo-left's continuous droning on and on about that war criminal, George Bush. I expect the crescendo of idiotic blather will rise ever higher until Dubya leaves town on October 22, or so. So here's one.

Over at Celestial Junk I responded to a comment posted by a Bush-Hitler-bot by referring, among other things, to UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Max van der Stoel's reference to Saddam Hussein's regime and how Chretien's decision to force Canada to sit on our collective asses during the war to oust that monster cost us a lot of respect and stature on the international stage. As an aside, the Liberal Party's decades long policy of forced chronic starvation with respect to funding our armed forces had something to do with it as well.

Prior to posting the comment at C-Junk's blog, I did a quick Google search on Max van der Stoel and the movement started by Ann Clwyd in Britain to indict Saddam Hussein and bring him before an international court for crimes against humanity. Anyway, one of the hits retrieved in that search was this site:

Why hasn't Saddam Hussein been indicted?

This article draws upon Ms Clwyd's knowledge of human rights abuses and lays out a lot of information revealing the true nature of the Ba'athist regime. For example:
"Twenty-five years ago, while living in Cardiff, she befriended Iraqi and Kurdish students, and found it hard to believe their grim reports of life under Saddam Hussein. Evidence was plentiful for those who wished to find it however, and once elected MP for Cynon Valley (in Wales) in 1984, she also became chair of the Campaign Against Repression and for Democratic Rights in Iraq (CARDRI): ‘Even then, in the mid-1980s, I only knew the first name of CARDRI’s secretary, because people were living in such fear…. Isn’t it amazing that they were so afraid of people knowing their whereabouts and their surnames – people like us who were there to highlight the human rights abuses in their country?’"
and this:
"‘A lot of guff is talked about the effect of sanctions. There is a great deal of inaccurate information about it. We took our evidence from a wide range of people, and the conclusion we came to was that Saddam Hussein was primarily responsible for the suffering of his own people. You only have to look at what happened in the north of Iraq, in Kurdistan, where they suffer a double set of sanctions, but with far less disastrous results: the same sanctions apply, and Saddam Hussein’s sanctions apply there as well….’"
But then we learn this:
"Clwyd views the branding of Hussein and his regime as international war criminals as a third way between appeasement and military action. ‘If you want regime change, then do it through using international law, rather than by war,’ she says. ‘(Slobodan) Milosevic was indicted while he was head of state, and nobody thought that two years later, he’d be sitting before the Hague tribunal. It discredited him, and once you discredit their power base, things happen.’

At the time, a lot of people thought that indicting Milosevic was just a sideshow. ‘When Americans talk about regime change – as they do all the time now – they mean post-war. But I’m talking about regime change pre-war. On the evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, which we have got against leading members of Hussein’s regime, it is possible to indict them as Milosevic was indicted, which led directly to the crumbling of that regime.’"
I beg your pardon, Ms Clwyd???!! If it were not for the war in the former Yugoslavia, do you really think that Milosevic would have been captured and brought to justice? That war set up the structure of conditions that enabled his arrest. And anyone with even an inkling of knowledge about Saddam Hussein's multi-layered security apparatus would just laugh at you for thinking that someone could just walk up to him, handcuff him and send him off to Europe or somewhere to be tried. Anyone who even talked about attempting such action would have been immediately arrested and treated to one or more of the vast array of human rights violation techniques for which Hussein's layers of security apparatus goons were infamous.

The article also draws parallels between the potential prosecution of Saddam Hussein and that of ex-Chilean dictator, Augusto Pinochet. Well, I beg your pardon, again (eyes rolling). Pinochet was indeed a monster but nowhere close to the degree that Saddam Hussein was. He was also the "ex-president", ie. no longer in control of the machinery of oppression in his native country, nor, consequently, capable of horrific reprisals against anyone who might have tried to arrest him. What a pathetic joke!!

No, the evidence collected via Ms Clwyd's initiative was useful in as much as it better made the case for war which was already very, very strong, but there is no way on God's green earth that Saddam Hussein would have been brought to justice without a war, the goal of which was to topple him and end the misery of the long suffering Iraqi people. If it hadn't been for the US led war and the courage of one George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein would still be in power, his people would still be piling up in mass graves with bullets in the backs of their heads and their families forced to pay for the bullets, among a full panoply of other atrocities. George Bush is no war criminal. He is a liberator and when the leftist idiocy is finally exposed under the lens of history, we will all know this.

Franco-Canadian Lays It On the Line

Insanity Reigns in Quebec
"My threshold for dealing with the stupid has been reached."
"Specifically, I am talking about the home of my ancestors -- the beautiful but Twilight Zone-esque province of Quebec. The insanity coming out of this province has reached the point where I am considering anglicizing my name to "Arrow" to cut the ties forever.

Back in March, I wrote about the ridiculous protests over a planned anniversary reenactment of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. The British defeat of French forces 250 years ago is a pivotal moment in our history. Without it, there is no Canada. Now, some in Quebec are so offended by the fact the French lost the battle they threatened to kill the organizers of the reenactment and, in an staggering display of cowardice, the event was cancelled.

I should point out those offended by the French defeat, well, need a reality check. True, French military prestige crashed and burned like Stephane Dion's political career, but the real humiliation came after the battle was over. The Brits gave France the choice of hanging onto New France (now Quebec for the historically challenged) or their Caribbean island colony Guadeloupe. And guess what France decided?

That's right Quebec nationalists, ya'll were basically abandoned by the old country for a steady supply of bananas."
Hilarious. RTWT.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Politicking in Iraq

Nibras Kazimi at Talisman Gate has some interesting analysis covering the political wheeling and dealing taking place in Iraq as a prelude to the upcoming elections. I particularly like this line:
"The Islamic Party folks, even after the change of leadership, are being treated like lepers. No one wants to play with them."
This one ain't bad, either:
"Maliki will not join the new UIA. He’s taken to calling the UIA the “al-khatt al-irani” (‘The Iranian Line [Faction]’) in recent weeks."
Good!! Oh what a wonderful day it would be if Iranian people manage to topple its Islamist regime and both Iraq and Iran emerge as wholly secular democracies. That would be a tidal wave felt round the world.

Hitch's Theory

With the news that George W. Bush will be speaking in Saskatoon later this year, it might be good to dust off Christopher Hitchens' expose of Iraq's quest for uranium from Niger.

Wowie Zahawie: Sorry everyone, but Iraq did go uranium shopping in Niger
"In the late 1980s, the Iraqi representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency—Iraq's senior public envoy for nuclear matters, in effect—was a man named Wissam al-Zahawie. After the Kuwait war in 1991, when Rolf Ekeus arrived in Baghdad to begin the inspection and disarmament work of UNSCOM, he was greeted by Zahawie, who told him in a bitter manner that "now that you have come to take away our assets," the two men could no longer be friends. (They had known each other in earlier incarnations at the United Nations in New York.)

At a later 1995 U.N. special session on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Zahawie was the Iraqi delegate and spoke heatedly about the urgent need to counterbalance Israel's nuclear capacity. At the time, most democratic countries did not have full diplomatic relations with Saddam's regime, and there were few fully accredited Iraqi ambassadors overseas, Iraq's interests often being represented by the genocidal Islamist government of Sudan (incidentally, yet another example of collusion between "secular" Baathists and the fundamentalists who were sheltering Osama Bin Laden). There was one exception—an Iraqi "window" into the world of open diplomacy—namely the mutual recognition between the Baathist regime and the Vatican. To this very important and sensitive post in Rome, Zahawie was appointed in 1997, holding the job of Saddam's ambassador to the Holy See until 2000."
"In February 1999, Zahawie left his Vatican office for a few days and paid an official visit to Niger, a country known for absolutely nothing except its vast deposits of uranium ore. It was from Niger that Iraq had originally acquired uranium in 1981, as confirmed in the Duelfer Report. In order to take the Joseph Wilson view of this Baathist ambassadorial initiative, you have to be able to believe that Saddam Hussein's long-term main man on nuclear issues was in Niger to talk about something other than the obvious."
"If the above was all that was known, it would surely be universally agreed that no responsible American administration could have overlooked such an amazingly sinister pattern. Given the past Iraqi record of surreptitious dealing, cheating of inspectors, concealment of sites and caches, and declared ambition to equip the technicians referred to openly in the Baathist press as "nuclear mujahideen," one could scarcely operate on the presumption of innocence."

For the record, the whole WMD thing, whether he had them or not, whether or not he was rebuilding his program, was a bit player in my books. I would have supported this war and the removal of the Butcher of Baghdad regardless, purely on humanitarian grounds.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

9/11 Remembered

...the way it should be, as the Second Day of Infamy.

Meanwhile, Geert Wilders will go to trial on January 20 on charges of "racism" and "hatemongering". Europe, you are dead. My father's sacrifice in The Netherlands was for naught.

And while I'm at it, watch the film, The Third Jihad.

So True

Friday, September 11, 2009

Al Qaeda Failed, But It's Not Over Yet

Eight years after 9/11: Why Osama bin Laden failed
"Today, however, al-Qaeda is believed to comprise a couple of hundred desperate men, their core leaders hiding out in Pakistan's tribal wilds and under constant threat of attack by ever present U.S. drone aircraft, their place in Western nightmares and security determinations long since eclipsed by such longtime rivals as Iran, Hizballah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood."
The war against Islamofacism is far from over. Perhaps bin Laden was regarded as a hero in Islamist circles but al Qaeda was only one branch of a movement that spans the globe and foments even in our back yards, as the recent arrests in Great Britain attest.

As I've said all along, the War on Terror is akin to the Cold War and it may take as long, maybe longer. The next theatre ought to be Iran and that sooner rather than later. The Iranian people are ready to shake off the beast that has been stirring up Islamist shit since 1979 and Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas will likely collapse shortly after. Is the meeting between the big six and Iran at the Monkey-Go-Round the last chance? Will Obama do what's necessary, or will it be up to Israel? Is it any wonder that the left is turning up the anti-Israel/anti-Semitism rhetoric to nauseating decibels?


Been there, done that. Yawn.

Top of the agenda will be the imminent return of the Hidden Imam. Next will be the removal of the Zionist Entity.

About the only thing good that could come of this is that should be the last chance for the West to get its shit together.

Israel, start your engines.

What Saskboy Wants

Papa Saddam back in power, where even his generals hated him:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where Is That War Criminal When You Need Him?

One man's war criminal is another man's saviour.

While the entire entry from Winston's blog (at the second link) is worth a read, there are some cogent statements in the comments, namely:

"Also the moment there's a whiff of an attack you can guarantee that the sleeper cell of the mullahs, namely the anti-war coalition comprised of Islamist cut-throats and their mercenaries like that fat charlatan Galloway, hairy lesbians and tree-hugging layabouts, and farty liberal peaceniks, spring into action and organise 'peace' rallies all over the place, and present Iran as this plucky independent little country being attacked by blood-sucking and baby-killing Zionists and Big Oil. It works every time. A truly ghastly state of affairs all round.

My only hope is that Israel can and will do something, irrespective of what the mob and the disdainful liberal commentariat will say."
"I agree Winston, my cousin, a very intelligent and highly educated student born after 1979, called me after Saddam was invaded and told me people were dreaming of the day that the mullahs would see the same fate. Now it is written in stone that the Ayatollahs will use any sort of barbaric tool to insure their own survival. The only way is for a moral foreign entity to aid the people's aspirations of total removal of the religious establishment. But Obama will not see the light, he is just another Jimmy Carter."
"sag, I was there. I know it all well. I do remember one day in summer of 2004 when I was in front of Red Crescent drug store (daroo khaneye helal ahmar - that is in charge of selling government subsidized/expensive medicinee), one of the people, frustrated with the system was begging and yelling and shouting about why Pres Bush did not do to Mullahs what he had done to Saddam. I know full well that the Iranian people want mullahs punished and they know they can't do it themselves."
I agree that Bush made one big mistake, and that was that he should have turned East and taken out the Mad Mullahs while he was at it. It would have shortened the war in Iraq and brought about a much safer world. But, taking out one genocidal maniac bent on re-tooling his WDM program was pretty good in and of itself. Kind of like what my father was fighting for back in the 1940s.

Shakes Head disbelief.

The CBC thinks this is a story!?!

More like a cry of panic from Mother Corpse herself.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sask-leftards Spew Nonsense On Cue

Predictably, news that George W. Bush will be speaking in Saskatoon has caused all the insects to come scurrying out from under their rocks.

Yep. It's just like the good old days:

"Bush lied! People died!"

"There was no WMD."

"Millions died!"

and of course "Oil!!"

And did you know Bush summoned up the Hurricane known as Katrina! I did not know that. You learn something new every day.

Anyway, being a university town, Saskatoon has shown its leftard tendencies loud and clear. Makes me ashamed I once lived in and loved that city.

Gates of Vienna is My Favourite

It's listed under American Blogs on the sidebar, but in reality it is a group blog including several European contributors. They document the growing Islamization of Europe and the few countries where the natives are fighting back.

In this one, they talk about the overplay of leftard-inspired calls for apologies over historical wrongs and how those calls are so one-sided (incumbent only upon Europeans). There's a list of things for which Islam needs to apologize. It might be a good idea to expand this idea and come up with a list going all the way back in recorded time to see who needs to apologize to whom for the affronts of various conquerors, oppressors, fanatics and so on. Man, that would be a loooonnnng list.

A few weeks ago, I started a list of all the empires that have risen and fallen in the world since the beginning of recorded history. I might dust that off, finish it and publish it sometime in the next few days. We, the sons and daughters of evil Western imperialists are in good company. It's hard to find a place on the planet that hasn't produced an empire builder on one scale or another, unless of course we're talking about those people who hadn't yet developed beyond the basic technologies and social organization characteristic of hunter-gathers or others with simple social organizations, but even they were quite adept at warring with the neighbours in order to maintain access to coveted territory.

Like, maybe the Plains Cree should apologize to those who they pushed further south and west when they emerged from the forest with guns. There are plenty of other North American Indian groups who should be apologizing to others who were pushed aside, too. But, alas, we all know it's only those folks with white skin that have to apologize for history.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

How to Get Away With Murder

"White, 20, had originally been charged with first-degree murder, but pleaded guilty Tuesday to the lesser charge."
"In seeking a six-year term for his client, defence lawyer Morris Bodnar said White was intoxicated at the time of the incident and has no memory of what happened.

But Crown prosecutor Melodi Kujawa argued the killing was a gang-related, and a sentence of 10 to 12 years was needed to send a strong message denouncing such behaviour.

Some of the issues that will be considered at sentencing include White's age, his aboriginal heritage and his level of intoxication, court heard."

Well, it certainly seems his lawyer thinks this excuse will fly, and if past performance of our courts means anything, he probably has a good chance. And what the heck does his aboriginal heritage have to do with it???!!! Does it give him a license to commit murder without consequences? Does his victim's family not have any right see justice done? Is there not a little girl growing up without her father? You also have to wonder how the intoxication thing plays into this case. Did the client suggest to his lawyer (or the other way around, for that matter) that this line of argument might work 'cause it's worked for others?

Yup. Once again, the Indian Industry works its double standard magic. As if our criminal justice system isn't bad already!

Ever Wondered

...what my blog looks like in Sanskrit?

Weapon of Ass Destruction

This is a bit old, but it's never too late to comment on one of the most bizzaro cases of the Islamist desire to blow things up.

Bomber had half kilo of explosives inside his body

Up his ass, that is. A whole new version of the shit hitting the fan.

Dear Yanks

I'd be the last to say that here in Canuckistan our health care system is perfect, but please, lets put some myths to rest, shall we?

I have lived in four Canadian provinces and I have never been told which doctor I must visit. I have switched doctors twice due to my dissatisfaction with the one I had. I have never had trouble finding a doctor, although it's true some doctors refuse to take new patients because they already have a full load.

Although there are some horror stories out there which are undoubtedly true, and it's true that many Canadians go south to avoid long wait times, with the exception of the two doctors who I dumped, my experience with the care I have received has never been anything but exemplary.

I know that your system has many redeeming qualities, but I'd like to know why American doctors have to spend so much money on malpractice insurance. Doesn't that imply that doctors and hospitals can also screw up on your side of the 49th too? Up here in the attic we have a tendency focus on the worst parts of your system, or at least what we are led to believe are the worst. We never seem to think about all the great medical advancements that you Yanks have given to the world. But couldn't we we just stop believing the worst of each others systems and start dealing with ALL the facts, not just the ones that happen reinforce our prejudices?

It Has Been Written..

Lest We Forget

UPDATE: Oh. I take it all back. It's Mossad after all.
Saddam Hussein's Iraq was not the only Ba'athist regime in the region. Syria was and is the other, and it seems that conflict between Assad's Ba'athist paradise and Iraq's new democracy is heating up. Iraq the Model has the details here, here, here, here and here. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei will be pissed off.

Note: You might have to scroll way down to get to the latest entries.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Iran's People Continue the Fight

Both at home and abroad.

I want Saskboy to read this entry especially, since he's a fan of the fascist George Galloway, but I know he won't. He's in permanent "ears plugged, eyes shut, nanananananana" mode.

Laura Bush: As Classy as Ever

Laura Bush praises Obama, bemoans excessive partisanship

The political climate in our fair neighbour's country is getting positively ugly. Snap out of it will ya'. Your country and its constitution is stronger than any individual president or congress. It guarantees self-correction.

Baghdad Dawg-Doodoo

Is it just me, or is the Dawg sounding more and more like this guy:

You decide.

Best Blog Entry Ever!!!


And a shitload of related videos from pitythefool.

Not to Worry..

...Somewhere down the line, they will release these guys and send them home to a jubilant family.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beslan Remembered

And to think that idiot puke Putin is cosy with the biggest Islamist terror regime on the planet.

It's Been a Bad Day...

..for political correctness. Two - count 'em - two victories for common sense:

The Begining of the end for political correctness: The counter-revolution has begun in Doncaster
and Free speech at long last!

I guess that vile American concept ain't so exclusive after all.

I Take It Back

The dead cyclist ain't so innocent after all. However, CTV is still a bottom feeder.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Ambassador Dore Gold, Part 1: Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions and the World’s Response


UPPERDATE AND BUMPED: Yup. More from the "Free speech is just an American concept - spit" department: Gates of Vienna makes note of it, too.

UPDATE: From the "Free speech is just an American concept - spit" department: Free speech wins in Canada
Far more knowledgeable and better informed bloggers than moi have been following this Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Code thingie. This morning several of them have reported on what appears to be a landmark decision in the Marc Lemire case. I would just point you in the direction of Blazing Cat Fur for good a roundup of links. (Scroll down for links.)

Death Penalty Reviewed

Does the death penalty discourage crime?

Turns out it does. I think it's time to re-examine this myth.


Very Interesting News From Iraq

Iraq the Model is reporting Iraq is seeking an international tribunal to investigate foreign interference

(Note, you have to scroll way down as their blog for some reason has a glitch that makes the posts land at the bottom end of all the ads on the left side.)
Iraq continues to insist on internationalizing the crisis with Syria, which began after Iraq demanded that Syria hands over senior Ba’ath Party members. Iraq now plans to persuade the international community to form an international criminal court, similar to the one investigating the assassination of the late Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stressed at a meeting with the Turkish FM that Iraq “will move forward to demand that the UN forms an international tribunal to prosecute those who committed ugly crimes that target Iraq’s stability and people and killed many innocent lives”.
Regrettably, Mohammed doesn't sound too optimistic about it, though.