Monday, May 31, 2010

The Gig is Up

"A survey in February by the BBC found that only 26 percent of Britons believed that “climate change is happening and is now established as largely manmade,” down from 41 percent in November 2009. A poll conducted for the German magazine Der Spiegel found that 42 percent of Germans feared global warming, down from 62 percent four years earlier."
"Perhaps sensing that climate is now a political nonstarter, David Cameron, Britain’s new Conservative prime minister, was “strangely muted” on the issue in a recent pre-election debate, as The Daily Telegraph put it, though it had previously been one of his passions.

And a poll in January of the personal priorities of 141 Conservative Party candidates deemed capable of victory in the recent election found that “reducing Britain’s carbon footprint” was the least important of the 19 issues presented to them."

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Another Propaganda Stunt Ends as Intended

Haniyeh: Gaza flotilla a triumph
"If ships reach Gaza - victory, if terrorized by Zionists - victory."

Last time, it was the Rachel Corrie pancake fiesta.

Now it's flotsam, and of course the requisite emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, protest rallies and official Euroweinie indignation.

On cue now, everyone. All together: "Ooooh. Israel is so bad!"

Question: If Turkey was a port of call for the flotilla, why did they attempt to pick up passengers on the (southern) Greek side of Cyprus? Ehud Barak has it right:
"The entire flotilla is a political and media provocation by anti-Israeli activists. They have absolutely nothing to do with humanitarian aid."
Go here for information on the background and the legalities.

UPDATE: Gates of Vienna explores Turkey's role and Gateway Pundit looks at the links to terrorist networksStratfor has a good one. In fact, take a cruise through my American Blogs blogroll for a lot of other tid-bits and links.  Blogs rule!!!!

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Multi-Culti Religion Discussed

Note the old tired blind obedience from the Dipper and even from the host. Jamie Glazov shines, though.

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Random House

The publisher that has an author installed in the house beside the Palin residence in Alaska with the intention of stalking her and her family so he can write an tell-all book is the same publisher that produced Marci McDonald's irrational screed about the so-called Christian right taking over Canada's Conservative Party. Time for a boycott, folks.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Canada: The Obama Antidote

Cannon puts nuclear onus on Iran
"Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon says there should be no conference on a nuclear-free Middle East until Iran has fully complied with its obligations to the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The comments, made Sunday, appear to be a show of support for Israel following a resolution Friday from members of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The resolution, which emerged from a United Nations conference, singled out Israel and called for a 2012 conference on establishing a Middle East zone free of nuclear weapons. The document called on Israel to join the non-proliferation treaty and urged the country to open its facilities to inspection, but made no mention of Iran’s controversial nuclear program."
And then there's Obama.

Betcha Harper and Netanyahu will have a few words about The One at their meeting on Monday. Too bad we don't have America's muscle. Too bad Obama won't flex his.

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The Prince of Pot...

...will not be happy. While he's away the cops will play.

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Heavenly virgins don't piss, poop or fart says Muslim 'expert' on matters celestial
"I like the idea of a wife that doesn’t rip a fart as much as the next Mullah but your disgust of earthly women is an indictment against you as a human being..."

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Can You Believe it?!?!?!?!

The giant mosque slated for construction at Ground Zero is to be called the Cordoba Institute. The intent is not exactly opaque, is it? Cordoba was the capital of the Islamic Caliphate in Moorish Spain.

h/t Atlas Shrugs

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The Red Star's Just Gotta Get That Dig In

Islamic fundamentalists 'seem to be haunted by the female body'
"Nor has the suffocating presence of fear silenced Hirsi Ali. It has made her almost recklessly determined to speak out in ways that outrage Muslims and make progressive Westerners squirm.

It has also added a layer of contradictions to her already complex life, making her a poster girl for Western conservatives who praise her censure of Islam, but embrace reactionary views of women that are the opposite of hers."
"Her brother, she says, was recruited by their mother as the enforcer of family morals, and she and her fragile older sister were regularly beaten."
Since when do conservatives embrace regular beating of women?
"But on fleeing to the West, she was angered by the tolerance she found for “cultural practices” that harm women."
Or tolerance of "cultural practices" such as female genital mutilation? That, my friends, is the mindset of "progressives", the most perverse misuse of language in the dictionary of political terminology!
"...her contention that the source of their pain is in the doctrines of Islam makes Western liberals, including some feminists, queasy, and dismays moderate Muslims who are battling fundamentalist stereotypes."
"Ironically, she is undiscouraged by the growth of an intolerant fundamentalist Christianity, which takes the Bible as literally as devoted Muslims do the Koran, and has made gains at the expense of the traditional churches."
Emphasis in the original!!!!

If the theory that says sexual repression in males produces violence is true, this surely explains a lot about the 60,000  to 70,000 murders of innocent people committed the world over by Islamic fundamentalists since 9/11. A pox on the Toronto Star and on all "progressives" who make excuses for this.

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Globe & Mail Defines the "Culture Wars"

This is what it's all about, apparently.
"Like the U.S., we can almost divide Canada into two clear-cut political-cultural camps, whose issues include abortion, the CBC, capital punishment, big government, the Middle East, women, guns, gays, welfare, religion, the environment, race, law ’n’ order, evolution, big cities and lots of others. By and large, as everyone knows, there's a conservative take on these issues and a non-conservative, sometimes progressive, take. All we really need is a single word – abortion! Israel! – and most of us know the issue and who's on which side."

Oh ya. It's written by an old NDP hack, Gerald Caplan. Quelle surprise!!!

I'm gonna fix it for him using my own personal "culture" map.
"Like the U.S., we can almost divide Canada into two clear-cut political-cultural camps, whose issues include abortion, the CBC, capital punishment, big government, the Middle East, women, guns, gays, welfare, religion, the environment, race, law ’n’ order, evolution, big cities and lots of others. By and large, as everyone knows, there's a conservative take on these issues and a non-conservative, sometimes progressive, take. All we really need is a single word – abortion! Israel! – and most of us know the issue and who's on which side."
As you can see, I've made some small, because they aren't big burning issues with me, but I do have definite opinions on them that very likely differ from those of my fellow countrymen and women who inhabit Caplin's area on the spectrum.

I've made some very large, because they are very large, burning issues for me.

Some of them are struck out, because I couldn't care less about them, although I did hesitate a bit on the word "gay".  My position on that is explained here.

Others are just regular sized print, because they are issues, but not nearly as hot as the big ones. You'll notice the environment is there. I do my bit to keep my environs clean. I keep a handle on consumption of unnecessary things. I live simply. Walk when I can. Make almost all my food from scratch, etc.. (No, I don't make my own bread.  I've tried it and believe me, the results were not good.)  But I do buy my groceries at the grocery store and I don't care where it's grown, only that it's fresh and nutritious.

I recycle everything that can be recycled in my community and I have that in mind when buy things that are packaged. I used to have canvas bags that I consistently forgot to take with me when I went to the grocery store, but I've lost them somewhere along the way.

I don't buy into this AGW nonsense, and apparently I've been ahead of the curve, as far as that's concerned.

But Gerry, you missed one or two that are very, very important to me, in inverse proportion to what the NDP seem to think of them.  One is fraud in science (Climategate) and the need to prosecute those who have committed it and the other is the global issue of stealth jihad, which too many of our politicians like to pretend isn't even happening.

Underlying most of this is a strong and passionate belief that Canada needs to enforce our right to free speech as guaranteed not only in our Constitution's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but in the Bill of Rights. I want the various human rights gestapos in this country disbanded, or at the very least, Section 13.1 and any similar clauses in the provincial laws wiped out.  I am pleased there is a case heading toward the Supreme Court that may strike down the gag on free speech.  If it isn't struck down, we must lobby hard to get the law(s) changed through our parliament and provincial legislatures and we must speak as loudly and as frequently as possible in a manner that is politically incorrect, so that the damage done by NDP/Liberal hacks like Caplan will be repaired.  And that includes a full refund of the costs borne by victims of these wretched state sanctioned abominations which have sought to punish citizens for holding an unpopular or ill-informed opinions.

Oh. And I wouldn't mind having our armed forces better funded and equipped and I'd be willing to pay my own way in medical services such as regular visits to the family physician, if that would help with the funding.

Anyway, the whole point of this rant is to suggest that Gerry Caplan's definition will suit no-one to a T.  And at the risk of hypocrisy, I think his attempt to pigeon-hole is typical of NDPers in this country.  (Yanks, that would be equivalent to the fringe element of your Democrats.)  I am a conservative, but I don't fit Caplan's mold.

/end rant

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Good for Cyprus!

Gaza flotilla delayed until Sunday

"Cypriot government does not allow activists to board from island.

A flotilla trying to break a naval blockade of Gaza is being held up near Cyprus as organizers try to get more than two dozen high-profile activists on board."
"The number of ships has dwindled from eight to five. Berlin said the flotilla is to sail toward Gaza by Saturday afternoon in any event and approach the territory Sunday.

On Friday, Cyprus banned any ship from sailing to Gaza from its shores after the flotilla organizers ignored a government appeal not to involve the island."

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(Muslim) Cleric (al-Awlaki) Calls for Killing of US Citizens

Do we have fatwa against this man, please?

No? They've all been used against cartoonists? Oh. I see.
"Gibbs says. "...the president will continue to take action directly at terrorists like Awlaki and keep our country safe from their murderous thugs."

Al-Awlaki is alleged to have been a mentor of Fort Hood shooter, Major Nidal Malak Hasan, who killed 13 people at the Texas base. He is also alleged to have been in contact with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried unsuccessfully to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day."
Congratulations, Mr. Gibbs. I see you didn't use any of the prohibited words, although using the word "terrorists" will probably be prohibited soon enough.

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Sarah Palin has Some Questions

that The One needs to answer:
"Yesterday, Barack Obama held his first press conference in over 10 months in order to change the narrative of a passive and disinterested White House response to the Gulf oil spill. Obama assured the press corps that “from the moment this disaster began, the federal government has been in charge of the response effort.” That claim caught the attention of Sarah Palin, who launched a series of questions..."
My question is, how come the left isn't all over him, the way they were with Bush's handling of Katrina?

Related: Canada among the only three countries (out of 22) whose help has been accepted.

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Yer Sunday Morning Tearjerker

At Arlington, Each Soldier has a Special Lady
"The ladies insist they are not mourners. They come to honor, not to grieve. "An Arlington lady doesn't cry," is practically a mantra."
That would disqualify me right off the bat.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Tide, She Has Turned

When the media climbs down from AGW alarmism, you know it's over. In other words, there is now a consensus that there is no consensus.

I wonder how long it will take CBC's science guys to figure out a way to save face.  Maybe they'll just quietly stop talking about it and wait for it to fade from our memories.

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The Canada-India Dustup: Some Context

These are the relevant points/opinions that I've been able to glean from news reports, so far.

From SIFY (this appears to be an Indian owned and operated website), May 27:
  • "Lt. Gen. (retd) A.S. Bahia, a decorated Indian Army officer who is now a member of the Armed Forces Tribunal in Chandigarh, was denied visa in May on grounds that he had served in a "sensitive location" of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • In yet another case, two brigadiers were denied visas in 2008 and another in 2009.
  • S.S. Sidhu, a retired IB officer, was denied visa on March 26, with the Canadian high commission contending that he belonged to the "inadmissible" category of persons.
  • In the rejection letter, the Canadian high commission said Sidhu could not be given visa as he had served in an organisation like IB and, therefore, he could "engage in an act of espionage or subversion", or "violence that would or might endanger the lives or safety of persons in Canada"."
  • "(Indian) Home Secretary G.K. Pillai said when asked if Canadians would be denied visas to India as a retaliatory measure: "The home ministry made it clear that if the IB officer was not given visa, Canadian citizens wanting to go to the war-ravaged Afghanistan from India may face similar problems."

From the Globe and Mail May 28,'10

  • Fateh Singh Pandher's visa application was for immigration to Canada, not for just visiting. He had already visited Canada a few years earlier to attend a wedding.
  • Other Indian applicants have been denied immigration visas due to their association with violence in Amritsar, a city that figured prominently in the conflict that led to the Air India terrorist attack.
  • Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney issued an apology on Friday.
  • India’s booming economy makes it a major target for attempts to build trade ties to the East.
  • At home, the visa flap won’t help Conservative efforts to woo a diaspora of more than one million Indo-Canadians; some were offended by the insult, others by the apology.
  • Civil servants in the Canadian embassy in New Delhi are being stabbed in the back and blamed for their decisions.

And from CTV:

  • "The issue has been a top news story in India, with editorial writers pillorying Canada for what one newspaper called "the foul language used by its officials against Indian security and intelligence establishments."
  • (Regarding the apology) "The government of Canada therefore deeply regrets the recent incident in which letters drafted by public service officials during routine visa refusals to Indian nationals cast false aspersions on the legitimacy of work carried out by Indian defence and security institutions, which operate under the framework of democratic processes and the rule of law."
  • "After that story (Fateh Singh Pandher's) emerged, others started coming forward and Indian newspapers and television reported on every new case, which included members of India's army, police, paramilitary and intelligence forces.
  • Their complaints were similar: that Canadian visa officials had broadly interpreted a rule forbidding entry for war criminals to unfairly encompass the Indian military and police."
  • "The visa officers' letters were taken by many as a national insult, written under official Canadian letterhead. Canada's high commissioner was summoned by the Indian government to explain.
  • Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna declared the Canadian actions "entirely unacceptable" and threatened retaliation if no corrective steps were taken by Canada."
  • "The Harper government is anxious not to offend India as it tries to tap into its powerhouse economy. But the apology is also likely aimed at the one million Indo-Canadians who have followed the controversy closely."

So. What have we got? Men from India's armed forces and policing services, people who are authorized to do violence on behalf of the state, who may or may not have stepped over a line with respect to the use of that violence in the performance of their duties, were determined by Canadian immigration officials to be inadmissible to Canada as a result.

Sounds to me like the Canadian officials were just doing their duty. However, the question as to whether these individuals applying for visas were wrongfully refused is left undetermined, at least by the media. Much deeper investigation would be required to satisfactorily resolve that question, but it would certainly not be beyond the realm of possibility to believe that human rights violations did indeed take place. (h/t SDA)

However, in the interests of maintaining good relations with a very important ally in a critical region of the world, the politicians have overridden decisions made by bureaucrats. Their rationale is reasonable enough. India is an important ally in the war on terror, and in particular, their cooperation with respect to Afghanistan is essential. India has it's own issues with violent Islamic totalitarianism and it's in their interests to be tough on it's practitioners.

The economic argument is also compelling. India is a rising star on that front, and Canada is home to a great many enterprising and innovative business people with family and financial ties to the ancestral homeland. That's an important link that needs to be nurtured and strengthened. In addition, the Indian Prime Minister will be visiting Canada very shortly for the G20 summit. Now is not the time to be complicating matters with unnecessarily ruffled feathers, but perhaps ongoing talks with India about immigration matters and fight against terror, human rights, etc., etc., etc. will follow and that would be very productive.

But...what if the bureaucrats were right? What if this interference in their work dampens future investigations?  Have we just opened a big gaping hole in our borders through which unsavory characters from the Indian sub-continent can slither?  We need to delve deeper, that's for sure.

In the meantime, as SDA's guest blogger, Mark, points out, there's some delicious leftie hypocrisy on display here. Grab some popcorn.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tell Me Again About Global Warming

Record snowfall in Calgary overnight; temperatures matched only by Iqaluit

Here I sit, chilled to the bone and looking out my patio door watching the rain come down. I'm wondering if I'll even recognize the sun, if it ever comes out again. If it wasn't so dreary, I think I'd go out and start my car and let it idle for the rest of the day. Gotta do something to make this planet warmer.

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Aw, Sandmonkey, I had Given You Up For Dead

But he's back. Somewhat deflated and not in Egypt, but at least he's alive. I feared Cairo's "finest" may have rounded him up and put him in the clinker for being such an irreverent, sarcastic Egyptian. Not allowed in the land of the Muslim Brotherhood, you know.
"It’s …jadedness….too much cynicism…and general exhaustion. “Exhaustion from what? you don’t do much of anything anymore.”, you may ask. And you would be right to wonder. The answer is simple: From caring..

From Believing…

From knowing too much about the nature of the political scene in Egypt, of the civil society scene in DC, of every Hero I have ever had or championed…

But I ignored all that, buried it deep down..because no one wants to hear it. Can’t be showing weakness, not with the vultures are lining up all around you, wanting to get rid of you once and for all. And they have good reason to worry, for you know too much and been silent for too long…but more on that later.

I ignored all that, until I met her yesterday, and I was confronted with everything I wanted to ignore for so long.

She comes from Azerbaijan, which, from what she told me of it, might as well be called Egypt. And she suffers from the same ailment that I suffer from. Too many years fighting, too much time in the trenches, and nothing really changing."
And that seems to be what's making him so despondent. Nothing is happening in Egypt, despite the stirrings that followed the invasion of Iraq.

Buck up pal. When I think of you, I'm always reminded of the old Arabic proverb:
"Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids."
Egypt will change. Perhaps in your lifetime. Perhaps when the Americans come once again to their senses.  Some day the "Arab Parallel Universe" will collapse and a new civilization will rise.

Good luck with your new friend. And I agree. Berlin must be an inspiring place.

You know I damn near took your blog off my blogroll!!

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When Walid Shoebat Speaks

We should listen. He has something to say:

How this man is still alive is a freaking miracle.

And this, this and this, too.

In fact, just about every second entry on my blog. Wake up, North America!


It's Time...

...I put this woman's blog in my blogroll:


Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Bragging Time Again

Grandma just can't help it.

Here she is again and her goofy cousin:

Love you both.

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Un-Freaking Believable!!!!


Further to this inanity

Censorship of Terminology: A Call for a Congressional Inquiry


.......................Original post starts here..........................

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is TOTALLY hypocritical. What a contemptible double standard!

Read it, get mad, then write your MP.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Way to ruin one of the anthems of my youth, and I'm not talking about their obvious lack of talent.

h/t Verum Serum

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Mohammad Cartoons

Gates of Vienna has two of the best cartoons I've seen yet. Check 'em out. Here and here (scroll down).

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There's Something to be Said..

...about Canada's parliamentary system, where governments can fall at any time rather than having to wait four years. Do you think Americans would have the balls to impeach this idiot? I don't know about you, but I think he has more pressing issues to attend to than sitting on the lawn talking sports with the cameras on him.

Seven minutes and fifty seconds worth.

h/t Jammie Wearing Fool

As an aside, do you remember the contorted brouhaha about Bush's seven minutes by assorted nutcases?

Well, The One takes a little longer, if he responds at all.

I'm guessing it took a lot more than seven minutes to come up with the list of politically correct - er -  acceptable alternatives to phrases such as "radical Islam" or "the war on terror", now known as "overseas contingency operations".

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Holy Schmoly!!

Saskatchewan Positioned for Population Boom
"Statistics Canada thinks there will be a lot less elbow room in this province by 2036.

The federal agency says Saskatchewan's population could boom to as much as 1.3 million.

Labour minister Rob Norris believes it's a realistic goal, and the province will be ready."
""People have come up and said, 'Keep going. Don't back down.' We want to make sure that population growth continues. We want to make sure that the economy continues to be recognized as one of the leading forces in the country."

The 1.3 million projection is on the high end of StatsCan's forecast. The low end has just over 1.1 million people calling this province home a quarter-century from now.

Norris says the newcomers or returning expats will be needed to address what he calls a talent challenge."
We can do it, Saskbabies. All we gotta do is keep the Now Dead Party, and their enablers, at bay for the next quarter century. Should be doable.

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Why I Hate the Media

...explained as only Ezra can.


Calling All Devout Muslims

The time has come to boycott Pay Every Penny Saving Israel and Starbooks.

Explains a lot, doesn't it.

h/t BCF


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Night, Europe

"immigrant rate of unemployment 70%"

"The best Islamic state is Sweden."

"Jews who dare walk the streets wearing their yarmulkas risk being beaten up."

"We (ethnic Swedes) apparently did not have the same right."

"Arabs and Muslim immigrants along with some leftists and anarchists have formed a political alliance against Jews....Muslims and Arabs are a core constituency of the left."

"Swedish democrats who stand for traditional christian values and limits on immigration have been stigmatized by the media as fascists and bigoted."

"Sweden will have a Muslim majority by 2049."

Frankly, I think the possibility of Europe pulling itself out of this self-inflicted death is close to zero. We should be very, very concerned. You'll notice, though, that they do have the balls to use the words "Arab" and "Muslim". That's progress.

h/t MAD

Related: Brussels: A Muslim majority in 20 years?

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"WTF???!!" Trivia

Distress of 9/11 may have led to miscarriages of male fetuses!!!
"Researchers found the male fetal death rate increased in September 2001 and subsequently affected the ratio of boys born in a later month, according to the study published in the journal BMC Public Health.

The authors hypothesized that this might be a case of "communal bereavement." Even without direct relationships with the deceased, pregnant women may have been distressed by the attacks, resulting in miscarriage, according to the research.

"A huge population saw the consequences and carnage onscreen," said lead author Tim Bruckner, who is an assistant professor of public health at University of California Irvine, about the effects of 9/11. He examined this topic "because pregnancy is sensitive to stressors. I wondered whether pregnant women might have a physiological reaction to witnessing harm.""
"Bruckner examined only miscarriages of boys, because male fetuses are believed to be more sensitive than females to stress hormones.

Previous studies have suggested that the percentage of male births drops after natural disasters, economic decline or catastrophes."
Jeeze. Yet when they grow up, they're the first ones at the scene!

I had always thought the natural ratio was around 103 boys to 100 girls, or thereabouts, not counting the wide-spread practice of deliberate sex selection favouring boys.

In fact, I remember being told eons ago, that through some sort of natural compensatory response, the ratio of male births increases during times of war, theoretically to make up for the loss of males in battle. But I guess even that isn't true:
"The finding of a small but significant increase in male births during and after war has been documented in Europe and the U.S. in both the First and Second World Wars (10–12), and in the U.S. for the Korean and Vietnam Wars (13). However, studies of the Balkan Wars (14) and of the Iran–Iraq war (15) did not reproduce these findings. Proposed biological explanations for the observed increase in sex ratio during war include stress to adult males, affecting the viability of XY-bearing vs. XX-bearing sperm; changes in the age structure of the population; and higher frequency of intercourse, leading to conception earlier in the menstrual cycle, all of which have been associated with increased sex ratios in other studies (16–18). Alternatively, evolutionary explanations argue that the increase represents an adaptive equilibrium after the decimation of males during war (13), although critics argue that the increase does not last long enough to compensate for wartime casualties (19, 20)."
Kinda makes me feel sorry for the guys, and I'm sure they'll expect some sort of special consideration after they hear about this.

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Hansen's Antarctic Meltdown

...postponed until further notice:
"Temperatures in Vostok averaged -90F in April and a balmy -85F so far in May. It only needs to warm up another 117 degrees to start Hansen’s Antarctic meltdown."
Warmists should be ripping their clothes off right about now.

Here in sunny cold and rainy Saskatchewan, seeding is proceeding verrrry slowly, hinting once again to those who have swallowed this guff, that cold can lead to food shortages, which could lead to famine.

Of course, we're a long way from that yet.

Warm on the other hand....

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Monday, May 24, 2010

More Burka Protest

I don't know whether to roll on the floor laughing or weep for Western civilization.


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I Seem to Remember...

...predicting something like this several months back. Of course, I didn't have anything close to the kind of detail that's given here. I've certainly linked to articles that touch on it.

The Israeli-Arab Alliance Against Iran

h/t Michael Totten, who, by the way, has a post up that provides links to various articles, which, when pulled together surveys the muddle that is the Middle East.

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Europe Fights Back

Pro-Burka protesters banned from Brussels
"Sharia4Belgium members said they would now seek to demonstrate in other Belgian towns to protest against a looming ban against wearing the full-face Islamic veil or burqa in public, the Belga press agency said."
"In Belgium last month, parliamentary deputies backed a draft law banning the wearing of the Muslim veil in all public places, including on the streets, creating a controversial first for Europe".
Of course, if you don't like it, you could always leave.


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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Can Hardly Wait...

...for this guy to get into the Oval Office.

I know he's only running for Congress, but I'm betting he has a higher objective.  I sure hope so.

(I don't know about that "conquered from the north" thing, though. ;))

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More Lunacy from the United Nations

Untitled from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

And a shitload more, here.

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Sock It to 'em

New blog on Saskatchewan's most pathetic party, the Now Dead Party.  Bookmark it.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drive Your Cars, Canuckistanies!

Seems Canucks want to hang on to their vehicles with their cold dead hands.
"Nearly eight in 10 people (78%) claim to be concerned about the environmental impact of their wheels, as transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in this country. But even when walking, biking or public transit are viable options for them, three-quarters of Canadians (75%) will still choose to drive."
"But the combined forces of urban sprawl, inconvenient public transit, and lifestyles that have been organized around -- and dominated by -- cars means this may be easier said than done, according to a Canadian expert on automobile culture."
For good reason, too.

And who knows, maybe that will help the Mongolians deal with the catastrophic consequences of the extremely cold winter they've had to endure.
"Nearly 20 percent of Mongolia's livestock has died as a result of one of the worst winters in 50 years, and the figure could double by the end of the year unless some $18 million in humanitarian funding is met, the United Nations said Wednesday."
"So far, the United Nations estimates that 30,000 households have seen at least half of their livestock perish, and a further 9,000 families lost all of their animals.

"The herders are dependent on animals, and Mongolia is dependent on the herders," Rana said, adding that the country was already seeing an increase in child mortality and malnutrition rates."
I don't know, though, that AGW seems pretty elusive. And somebody will have to remind the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about this well before they issue their next report so they can find some way of erasing the humanitarian Mongolian disaster from the record. In the meantime, keep driving your vehicles, fellow Canucks.  It's the least we can do for them.

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Back to Iraq

George Bush exonerated? According to Fouad Ajami, at least.

And who cares if Biden takes responsibility? I don't. The man can lie all he wants. As long as Iraq keeps moving forward.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Ole Crapollo!!

And speaking of things Espaniol, this bit from Barce Pundit is cute. Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say.

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What do these three men have in common?

Fateh Singh Pandher

George Galloway

Noam Chomsky

If you said they've all been banned from entering Canada, you'd only be partly right. They have all been banned from one country or another, but while Chomsky should be banned from Canada, he hasn't been - yet.

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Dig. Dig. Dig. Must be close to China by now.

November 2, 2010 = 165 days. Message on it's way?

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Oh, But He's Still Scary...

...and has a hidden agenda, you know.
"A new abortion law for Canada just isn't in the cards, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday as the issue continues to bubble and backbench Conservatives press for new legislation."
"It's not the first time Harper has expressed opposition to an abortion law, but the charged issue has come to the surface with his refusal to fund abortions as part of a G8 maternal-health initiative."
"A Harper spokesman has previously said opposition critics are determined to politicize the issue despite the Prime Minister’s stand against bringing in any abortion law.

In 2008, the Harper government blocked a bill from Conservative MP Ken Epp that would have made it a separate offense for killing a fetus when a pregnant woman was murdered."
After all, Marci said he can't be trusted.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sunset of the Polyglot World

Half world's languages may become extinct by year 2100
"There are 6,912 languages in the world. There are thirteen languages that are spoken by more than 100 million people. Approximately 2,000 languages are spoken by less than 1,000 people."
Here's a list of languages that were once spoken but are now extinct. I didn't know there was a language known as Newfoundland Irish!


Next Up

The Gulf Coast Gets Screwed

Dear Muslims

It's not in my nature to keep old, and I mean verrrrry old, grievances alive, but this series has information that simply must be said:

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Getting Closer, But Not Quite There Yet

Look, my young friend, I don't care how "nice" your prophet is or was. What we need is a whole shitload of Muslims not only condemning the goals, ideology and actions of Islamofascism, but Muslims who will condemn and/or reinterpret those parts of the Qu'ran and the Hadiths that are used to justify the same. Merely arguing that Mohammed was a good guy, when his words, and the words of his version of Allah, not only contradict your thesis but are used to justify barbarity, won't cut it.You're evading the issue that motivates us - yet again!

We are told "Islam" means submission.  Sorry pal, but there is no way on Allah's green (or dry and sandy) earth that we will submit to a religion that fuels and justifies barbarity.  Full stop!

In the meantime, we will continue to prompt the lowlifes among you to demonstrate why you need to take it the rest of the way. Unfortunately for you, they make our task so friking easy, it's laughable.

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Happy Cherries for Mohammed Day

Cherries for Mohammed

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Sorry, my artistic abilities are limited.  This will have to do. (It's stolen, like Mohammed's cherries.)

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Iggy has a Duh!! Moment

"Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal leader, said in Calgary yesterday that he now understands "what Canadians are saying ... They want accountability and transparency ... We have to work out a way to move forward on this." He said he hopes MPs can meet with Auditor-General Sheila Fraser to discuss the issue.

It is encouraging to note that at least one party leader can read a poll: 88 per cent of Canadians (including 91 per cent of Quebecers) want Parliament's books, including MPs' expense account spending, to be open."
Over to you, Harper.

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More on Marci McDonald's..


Social Conservatives wish Marci McDonald was right

Marci McDonald on a witch-hunt worthy of Monty Python

Interesting, isn't it? Three of the four critics of McDonald's book that I have linked to, (the one at the second link above and two here) aren't even Christian, let alone scary extremist, fundamentalist, blah, blah, blahs. They are Jewish.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Product of Indoctrination U

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quebeckers Have Discovered....

...there's something more important than hating Anglos.


Contradictions and Hypocrisy in the CRTC Mandate

I've never been clear on the role of the CRTC, soooo, I went looking. It's right here in the CRTC website


The CRTC’s mandate is to ensure that both the broadcasting and telecommunications systems serve the Canadian public. The CRTC uses the objectives in the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act to guide its policy decisions.


In broadcasting, the CRTC ensures that all Canadians have access to a wide variety of high-quality Canadian programming as well as access to employment opportunities in the broadcasting system. Programming in the Canadian broadcasting system should reflect Canadian creativity and talent, our bilingual nature, our multicultural diversity and the special place of aboriginal peoples in our society."


In telecommunications, the CRTC ensures that Canadians receive reliable telephone and other telecommunications services, at affordable prices.
But the CRTC’s role in telecommunications is evolving. In many telecom markets, several consumer choices are available. This natural competition results in better prices and packages for consumers. In these cases, CRTC allows competition, not regulations, to drive the market. The CRTC regulates only where the market doesn’t meet the objectives of the Telecommunications Act.


The CRTC supervises and regulates over 2000 broadcasters, including TV, AM and FM radio and the companies that bring these services to you. We also regulate telecommunications carriers including major telephone companies. This role involves:

* issuing, renewing and amending broadcasting licences
* making decisions on mergers, acquisitions and changes of ownership in broadcasting
* approving tariffs and certain agreements for the telecommunications industry
* issuing licences for international telecommunications services, whose networks allow telephone users to make and receive calls outside Canadian borders
* encouraging competition in telecommunications markets
* responding to requests for information and concerns about broadcasting and telecommunications issues

Boy, is that ever a minefield loaded with contradictions.

First of all, we see that:
...the CRTC ensures that all Canadians have access to a wide variety of high-quality Canadian programming...
which is defined as programming that reflects such PC nonsense as:
Canadian creativity and talent, our bilingual nature, our multicultural diversity and the special place of aboriginal peoples in our society.
But nowhere does it say how it expects to force Canadians to watch such stuff, in other words, there seems to be no expectation that such programming should actually have, you know, an viable market.

It also admits:
"In many telecom markets, several consumer choices are available. This natural competition results in better prices and packages for consumers. In these cases, CRTC allows competition, not regulations, to drive the market. The CRTC regulates only where the market doesn’t meet the objectives of the Telecommunications Act."
But, not so with respect to programming, which:
"...should reflect Canadian creativity and talent, our bilingual nature, our multicultural diversity and the special place of aboriginal peoples in our society."
 In its Telecommunications role it admits
"natural competition results in better prices and packages for consumers."
So why not allow for competition in programming?  We could begin with allowing actual market share of Canadian viewers to be the driving force behind funding and regulation. If Canada's broadcasters, such as the CBC, are losing viewers by leaps and bounds, why should we be forced to pay for that which we do not watch?

I presume the telecommunications arm refers to carriers, such as cable companies. But what's the point of regulating them, if the programming they offer has little appeal to Canadians, or if we are forced to purchase piles of crap, just to get the handful of good stuff spread out throughout so many tiers at the upper end?  Something has to change here and I suspect it's the Telecommunications Act and the Broadcasting Act.  And I'm also sure that the Harper government won't touch that with a ten foot pole, since he is accused on a daily basis by the CBC and Canada's creative and artistic community of having a hidden agenda.  Ironic, ain't it. Their agenda is as plain as the nose on their faces and it sure isn't to "serve the Canadian public".

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Marci MacDonald

is making some waves doing the usual uber-liberal "we are the gatekeepers and you're not" shtick.

I'd never heard of this woman before, but in the last few days all we've heard about on the radio and on some blogs is her new book about - wait for it - gasp!!! (spoken in deep, scary tones) THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT!!! (screech! screech! screech!!).

According to her statements on these CTV interviews the religious right:
  • should be denied access to the "corridors of power" in Ottawa;
  • because they are to be considered too "dangerous", "divisive" and "vitriolic"
Note the thinly veiled anti-Americanism in her thesis and the characterization of the "religious right" as a monolith of Jerry Falwell types who might, God forbid, brainwash us all.  Oh the audacity.  After all, it is she, the spokeswoman for "most people in the mainstream" (according to whom, she doesn't say) who decides what ideas should be put forward for public debate and which arguments are to be considered vitriolic.

Ezra Levant and Joseph Ben Ami tear her apart.  Well done gentlemen. The CTV journos, on the other hand, skirt around her bigotry oh so gently.

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And This is Why YouTube

and its equivalent is infinitely better than the old media:

Why we should support Israel by an Arab Christian.

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YouTube is Five Years Old!

At 2 bn views a day.

From CBC's website in the comments:
"I would rather watch YouTube instead of TV"
"I watch most of my television on the Internet, so I'm sure it won't be long before this is the main medium to watch. At the moment, I use it in my teaching studio all the time - musical examples at my fingertips. Let's just hope it doesn't get completely overrun by intrusive advertising. As it is, I can watch most shows online in 40 minutes, instead of the hour it takes me to sit through the commercials on TV. Time is money!"
How long do you think CBC can remain oblivious to the impact of new media?

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Canadian Politics

A Summary
"In Canada, the two natural governing parties are the Liberals and Conservatives, who spend their time vying to occupy the centre ground, with the NDP on the outskirts. It's impossible to imagine the Tories in a coalition with the NDP; neither party's members would stand for it, and Canadians could never take it seriously. It's similarly hard to envision the Liberals and Tories in a working arrangement, since a Liberal-Conservative coalition would come close to one-party rule; as the only two parties who ever get to run the country, who would they be coalescing against?

The only potential partnership, and the one that gets raised most often, is a Liberal-NDP pact. But even that has serious underlying difficulties. It would, by definition, pull the Liberals to the left, leaving the crucial middle ground unoccupied. And Canadians have never shown a lot of enthusiasm for left-wing governments at the federal level. They don't mind keeping the NDP around, but they really don't want them getting too close to having any real power. A government linking the two parties would function mainly as a waiting room as the Liberals conspired to dump their new friends and grab the whole thing for themselves.

There are also regional problems. Alberta doesn't like anyone but Tories, period. Much of the rest of the West is less dogmatic, but remains either highly suspicious of the Liberals, or highly suspicious of the NDP. Put the two together and western Canada would have to wonder where to go to get a government of its own.

Ontario can never make up its mind. One day it supports Liberals, the next Conservatives, with a sprinkling of NDP. And Quebec appears happy to regularly choose none of the above..."
How depressing (and true). :(

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Livestreamed Opening Sessions...

...of the Heartland Institute Conference (courtesy of PJTV):

Recorded yesterday, a lot of this is just a camera on a crowd having dinner at the opening evening of a conference, but at the 1:25:02 mark there is a great, short interview with Lord Christopher Monckton during which he talks about this conference being an indication of a tipping point. The "warmists" have lost control and the "deniers" have become an accepted voice in the on-going debate. There are other speeches in the 3:16:27 long video, beginning at the 27:14 mark, but Monckton's is mercifully short and directly on point. Don't miss it.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Background Reading

Tonight, with any luck, I'll be glued to the small screen (my monitor), watching the "4th Annual International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-4) - a gathering for climate "realists"", broadcast via PJTV. (You hear that CBC? That's why you're irrelevant.) Perhaps it's just coincidental, but in the news yesterday was this bit -
Giving it back to B. Ki-Moon - in which Ki-Moon is said to have admonished Stephen Harper for "for Canada's shameless failure to meet its carbon-reduction obligations under the Kyoto protocol."

Hah!! As if the UN has any credibility on this issue! (Does it have credibility on anything?) Anywho, the article is as good a summary as you're going to find on the bankruptcy of the AGW crowd and their persistent belief in fairy-tales - which are succinctly summarized, by the way. Rex Murphy is the author so you know it's gotta be good and his concluding sentence tells us precisely where we are on this issue and what must happen next. So do give it a read.

All of this reminds me that I must do something about the "Various Anglos Everywhere Else" list on the side bar. Two out of the five blogs listed there are dead, in fact one is not just dead, but gone. I think I might turn it into an "Issues" list. Top of the list would be AGW debunkers, and on that score, one that's already on the list that will still be there is Greenie Watch, from Australia, which should also be on your list of background reading for the up-coming conference.

The conference is the brainchild of the Heartland Institute. Their website has links to the past three conferences. More info about the 4th conference, which starts this evening, is here.

This is the kind of thing I wouldn't mind paying for, but it's coverage is free. Yet, still, we have CBC, which fewer and fewer people watch or listen to, and we are all forced to pay for it. The world is mad.

Oh well. Hope springs eternal.  We just gotta keep letting those guys and gals in Ottawa know the facts - about both dinosaurs - AGW and CBC.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still Has Legs

Although no one has the definitive proof....yet.


Who Knew?

Update below.
Tiny Tim was prescient!

h/t Moonbattery from which we have this bit of breaking news: "Tiny Tim didn't die, he had a sex change. His name now is Nancy Pelosi."

UPDATE: Actually, that is wrong. He's now....

Elena Kagan!!

Can there be any doubt?

h/t wizbang


Some Good News

No fraud found as Iraq election recount ends

Now. Will the sore losers please stand up and be real men?

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From the Slow News Day Department


and a pricked dick:

Poisonous spider bite hits unlucky Canuck below the belt

Commenters are having fun with this one and the moderator's delete button is working overtime. I wonder how the guy will handle his return to Canada? Through the back door in the dead of night? I mean the story originates in New Zealand and has made headlines all over the world. Ouch!! (In more ways than one.)

And speaking of comment.

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Here's An Idea

You Cut

First up on my list: CBC

Then the Human Rights Gestapos.

Speaking of CBC, they're getting a hammering both at their own site and at the Ottawa Sun. One of the guys commenting on the Ottawa Sun article, Duward, suggests this, which I think is a great idea:
"Add a box on the income tax forms that asks.. do you wish to contribute to the CBC? Let those who support the socialist nonsense and left wing bias at the CBC pay for it."

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Friday, May 14, 2010

A Sure Sign of Spring

The annual blockade season is upon us.

You never see this in the winter.

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When a Muslim yells at you to stop showing a film, you must stop:

h/t Gates of Vienna, which is a must read.

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Listen to Part 3, Especially

Barbara Kay's talk on political correctness. 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
h/t Blazing Cat Fur


Pravda Features Count Iggula

But is this good news or bad? h/t

Russian Duke Craves Power In Canada

On the one hand, you know communism in Russia is well and truly dead when Pravda devotes considerable ink to extolling the virtues of the Russian Nobility in the ancestry of Canada's leader of the loyal opposition:
"...if the Bolshevik Revolution had not won in Russia nearly 100 years ago, the Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff would have had the official Prince’s title and would probably live in a large mansion given to his ancestors by Ekaterina the Great. The palace where the parliamentarian’s grandmother was born was burnt down in 1917 after Romanov dynasty was overthrown. Ignatieff is convinced that it would be hard for him to be a prince nowadays."
"...his ancestors taught him not to complain and give up when the times are tough but work towards your goals.

He will likely need these lessons on his way to the Prime Minister’s office of the country created by many generations of multilingual immigrants."

One can also say Pravda reveals a certain lack of political acuity to suggest that Ignatieff will soon be Prime Minister of Canada. 
"Most likely, this politician will be the next Canadian prime minister in 2012. One of the wonderful characteristics of Canadian politics is its predictability. Ignatieff’s role in overcoming of the internal political crisis and the system of the protection of the country against economic crisis he created will not be forgotten by his compatriots in the next two years."
There was a day when Russia put some of its best minds to work writing fiction for Pravda. Its quality has declined rather sharply in the last two or three decades, it seems. That might not be such a good thing for Russia, but it can't really be bad for us. I also suspect they wouldn't have reported news from well over a year ago as if it happened only days ago, either.
"Looking for a solution of a recent unprecedented for Canadian history parliamentary crisis, the Liberal Party addressed the country’s governor general with a request to appoint the “aristocrat and his majesty Michael Grant Ignatieff” as an official responsible for forming alternative government."
"The title sounds somewhat funny. However, it reflects the actual biography of the parliamentary who started his sweeping ascend early last year when the shadow of the world crisis fell on one the crisis-free countries of the planet."
Yup.  Sounds like they're using computer translation software, too.

Well, okay. Russians may be proud it has a famous grandson leading the Natural Governing Party of Canada, but hold on.  Poll after poll of Canadian opinion suggests Count Iggy is the wrong man.  The Libs have made a mistake.  When Canadians decide who their next prime minister will be, I highly doubt it will be Count Iggula.

It's not that Iggy's family history isn't full of drama and human interest, though. Perhaps, as leader of the Natural Governing Party, Iggy could tap the Party's communications department at 181 Queen Street in Ottawa and suggest they produce a six part series on his noble ancestors and their struggle to survive following the Bolshevik Revolution, making sure it's ready for broadcast in the six weeks before the next election. After all, Michael Grant Ignatieff does at least have some degree of control over when and if the current government falls.  And, if all that fails, it sounds as though there might be an open invitation and a castle waiting for him in Moscow, or thereabouts.

And there might even be a lesson here for the CBC.  There is life after the evil Conservative Revolution.  It's just not as cushy and assured as before.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Three Reports


Oliver North confirms Mullah Omar capture

Still not sure if I believe it, though.

Full story here.
"“Why would the ISI (Pakistan's intelligence service) take down ‘one of their own?’” I asked. The answer came in a mixed metaphor but the meaning was clear: “The ISI intends to be in the driver’s seat when the ‘Peace Talks’ get underway in Afghanistan later this month. And the ISI officers calling the shots know Mullah Omar is the best bargaining chip they have.”

None of this bodes well for the “Consultative Peace Jirga,” on which Mr. Obama has now placed his imprimatur. Some of those watching preparations for the “peace talks” predict a call for an immediate, Vietnam-style, “cease fire” as a pre-condition for the conference – and a demand to grant Mullah Omar – Osama bin-Laden’s closest ally – safe haven in Saudi Arabia. If the O-Team agrees to any of this, it will be akin to putting perfume on a skunk."
Well that explains a lot, including why there is so little verified info about his supposed capture.

Mullah Omar Captured!

Capture of Mullah Omar Confirmed

Mullah Omar Captured

I don't believe it, either. Still, if this is true, it would be nice to know why Pakistan is holding him.  Is he singing? Are there more round-ups in the offing? Is Pakistan's government worried about the potential payback?

This would be a major sting, if so and The One could claim that bin Laden was finally caught while on his watch.  Big boost for him, which he sorely needs.

But they have captured another big one with links to bin Laden.

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Tension On the Iraq/Iran Border

Iraqi and Iranian soldiers trade fire on border

It's my fondest hope that Iraq will help to topple the Mad Mullah's regime, although I'm not holding my breath. Iran certainly has oceans of Iraqi blood on its hands stemming from their sponsorship of terrorism after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. The region will be a much safer place for both countries. In fact, a truly free and democratic Iran will outshine Iraq in very short order. The first thing they should do is send Mucky back home to face the gallows.

Faster please!

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Speaking of...

...Hitler Youth:

You need to install or upgrade Flash Player to view this content, install or upgrade by clicking here.

From the "Life Sucks" Department

Not only was a little boy orphaned, but an Irish writer who had been prevented from flying to London by the ash cloud that grounded planes last month was also aboard the flight that crashed in Libya.  There's also speculation "it could have been the result of human rather than mechanical failure."

Ghadafi isn't gonna like that.  Count on some obstructionist behavior.

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Updates From The Spirit of Man

Jane Taber's Typo

Tories climb but poll shows troubling 'tale of two cities'
"Pollster Frank Graves notes that in February the two main parties were in a virtual tie. Now, however, the weekly trend for the Conservatives has been up as they gradually pull away from the Liberals despite all the negativity around the Guergis/Jaffer scandal and the Afghan detainee feud."

No, Jane. That should be "because of" all the negativity. The Lib-Dipper compact is trying to manufacture scandal, but we see through it.

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The Man Who Should Be Afghanistan's President

From Terry Galivan at the National Post:

"Canada would not be trespassing on Afghanistan's sovereignty if it moves to block a "reconciliation" deal that circumvents Afghanistan's parliamentary system. More importantly, he said, Canada is burdened by a duty to its own citizens to see that it does not happen."
"The former Afghan foreign minister, who was Mr. Karzai's front-running challenger in last year's fraud-plagued presidential election, credited the Canadian-led Electoral Complaints Commission with heading off a fatal rupture in Afghanistan's young democracy last November."
"Canada cannot give up now, with a complete political collapse looming after Mr. Karzai's attempts to strike a power-sharing bargain with the Taliban."
"While Mr. Karzai has been offering peace deals to the Taliban ever since he was first elected in 2004, he has ramped up his entreaties since his close-call re-election last November. The Taliban leadership has repeatedly rebuffed his appeals, but Mr. Karzai has lately won some Western backing for an internationally funded package of buyouts to Taliban fighters."
"That plan has been overshadowed, however, by Mr. Karzai's oblique suggestions of outright power-sharing with the Taliban by granting its leaders top government posts and control of government ministries."
"...while Ottawa's long-standing policy of backing "Afghan-led reconciliation efforts" is appreciated by the Afghan people, the policy could be easily subverted, Mr. Abdullah warned. The policy could make Canada complicit in a power-sharing deal that reverses Afghanistan's slow and painful strides toward democracy."
"If the Taliban will finally break the resolve of the North American public to stay in Afghanistan, they will be back," he continued. "They don't want to be part of the political process. They want to destroy it and replace it with their own."
Of course, Saskboy thinks this is just grand. And he's terribly hurt by Glavin's well deserved rebuke of him some time ago.

This is what the Taleban do, Saskboy.

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Meanwhile, Back in Montreal

Canadiens fans are rioting. 'awkey riots. Canada's second most popular sport.
"...rarely had so much testosterone been unleashed onto Montreal’s streets with so little consequence."

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Mexico, Hide Your Children

Sex offender and ex-hockey coach found in Mexico

Someone tipped off the CBC and the Globe and Mail.
"Looking thinner and greyer, the former junior hockey coach now lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Guadalajara, where he reportedly works for a Montreal-based Internet company.

James politely declined to answer of the reporter's questions, only saying he'd been living in Mexico "long before" former Calgary Flames captain Theoren Fleury made his allegations of abuse last year."
Yikes!! How much do you want to bet he's into kiddie porn!!

This is sickening.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More AGW Devastation

Snowstorm kills hundreds of cattle as Cardston County declares emergency
"Losses are mounting as melting snow reveals calves that succumbed to the winter-like weather of the past couple of weeks, said Reeve Cam Francis.

The county declared itself a "disaster area" earlier this week, Francis said, noting that some ranchers lost more than 100 calves.

"It's been devastating. A lot of cattle got piled up from the wind, cows got trampled, some cows were pushed into the dugout and drowned," Francis said.

County officials haven't tallied the number of cattle lost.

The situation is particularly dire because the snowstorms hit during calving season, when the newborns are especially vulnerable, said Francis."
On the 4th of May, yet!

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