Friday, August 31, 2012

"I Think I'll Go Out To...

...Alberta". Heading west tomorrow to visit assorted grand-kiddies and their parents. Expect to be gone about a week or so. Blogging will be light to non-existent.

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Sorry Darling...

...I want you out.

We have our own to grieve. And they were one helluvalot more courageous than you were.

It's not our fault you were naive. But you volunteered.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Reflections

Yesterday being my birthday and all, I was looking through my "Baby Book" earlier today, (yes, they had them even way back then, although they certainly weren't as fancy as the ones out there today). Anyway, they contain pretty much the same thing.

For example, there's a page on which parents could write "firsts". According to what my mother wrote, my first smile was at about 6 1/2 weeks. I stood up alone at 4 months and 3 weeks. I took my first step alone at 15 months and 2 days.

But the most momentous event, which explains everything that happened thereafter, occurred on July 9th (I presume 1950). At 10 months and a bit I "climbed up stairs, 1/2 way about & fell down."

I haven't been the same since.

Now you know.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Blog Post Is....

...dedicated to myself:

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


...from the bread and circuses file:

Prince Harry gains support — with naked salutes — for his Las Vegas photos

I hear tell Liz is not amused.

Queen Elizabeth Disgusted With Prince Harry’s Naked Las Vegas Photo Scandal

No siree.

She's ordered him to stop partying.

But what's a prince to do?

And Chuckie-pooh?
"A palace source reports. “She [Queen Liz] sent a message to his father, Prince Charles, telling him to pull Harry back in line or there would be consequences.”"
Secretly, he's probably jealous.

I wonder what Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grannie would think?

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U.S. activist Rachel Corrie’s death accidental, rules Israeli court

...if being a loopy leftist is accidental, maybe. I'd peg it as something closer to willful suicide.

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Monday, August 27, 2012


UPDATED AND BUMPED: And the NDP break some rules, too.
Let the mud slinging begin:

Liberals fined for rule-breaking robocalls

Of course, this isn't the same investigation of allegations of Conservative Party supporters accused of similar shenanigans.

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...I don't see this working, unless Togo men storm the gates, as it where, and overthrow the dictator in order to restore what they've been missing:

Togo women call sex strike against President Gnassingbe

Anyway, good luck, ladies.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Parti Quebecois Imploding?

Very interesting.
"Former Québec Premier Jacques Parizeau has delivered a political shocker and a slap to Pauline Marois. The man who almost won independence for Québec, in 1995, is now supporting Jean-Martin Aussant, leader of a new party called Option Nationale.

Following the public endorsement by Jacques Parizeau of Jean-Martin Aussant's bid to get reelected in the riding of Nicolet-Yamaska, most observers were quick to point out that it could have an adverse effect on the Parti Québécois' efforts to win a majority government in this year's Québec election (September 4).

Mr. Aussant was first elected to the Assemblée nationale in 2008 as a Parti Québécois member. But he quit three years later, in 2011, because of disagreements with the PQ leader Pauline Marois, whose efforts to win independence for Québec were now seen by Mr. Aussant as too weak. He went on to create his own political party, Option Nationale, and a political program that calls for governing Québec as an independent State as soon as elected. A constitution proclaiming a sovereign Québec would be drafted and submitted to the population through a referendum."
Now that will be the one to watch!! What percentage of the popular vote will the "Option Nationale" get?

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oh Gawd...

...every time I wake up in the morning there's news that some other icon of my youth has slipped away. Earlier this week it was Phyllis Diller. Today it's he of "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" fame.

The first man to stand on the moon is dead. I don't really care about Diller. I wasn't crazy about her at the time and she was just another comedian with her own brand of schtick and rather stupid schtick at that, but Armstrong! That's a different story. Armstrong's bouncing, weightless hopping around on the moon epitomized the highest achievement of mankind. To me, it represented the apex of American power and ingenuity. And in my ever so humble opinion, things have been in a long, slow decline ever since. Now maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe American achievements have continued apace, but I can't think of a single event that so galvanized and amazed the world like that one did, except maybe the fall of the Berlin Wall, which in many ways was also an American achievement.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I'm must be getting close to the end too, with all these old icons popping off every day, and I worry about the problems our generation are going to leave behind when we croak, too. Will the never ending crisis in the Middle East be solved, for example. I'd be very surprised if it is. And it began before I was born. Will leftardism ever cease and desist? I doubt that, too. I just hope they are permanently assigned to be on the outside looking in, screeching, contorting and leaving their slime all over the place.

But anyway, enough of that. I intend to live a few more days. Enough to get my weeding done anyway.

Holy cow! And The Count too!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh Yeah...

Rumours of War...

...that's all I'll say for now, cause I hate it when I'm wrong, but suffice to say Iran's long nightmare may soon be over.

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Contest Time!!

Let's come up with a Canadian version. Shouldn't be that hard. And, lest you didn't know. I'm a racist.

Lets also come up with a couple of verses, sung to the tune of the Monkees' theme song:

One of the labels I've given this entry is humor. But the folks who hurl the accusation of racism are a sour, dour lot and they won't find it funny, but who gives a shit about them?

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Gotta Love Those Royals...

...especially the spare ones. He has a cute butt. The Royal Jewels!!!

Does anybody remember the ginger pubes incident?

And thank God it wasn't his father.


Shit You Just Can't Make Up..

...Had me rolling on the floor:

Voice Mail Accident

You go, girls!!!

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It's Been a Bad Week for Harper Haters

Wounded Warriors Arrive

Read about it here, here, here, here and here.

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And That's Evidence???

"A poll conducted by Frank Graves at EKOS Research, entered in evidence in the Federal Court cases, found that a significant number of opposition supporters in targeted ridings reported receiving deceptive phone calls telling them their polling stations had moved."
Over a year later, they're coming out of the woodwork? Of course Maude and her gang couldn't possibly have put them up to this.

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What Does It Mater?

Or Madre? Or Matka? Or Madar?

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh Yeah!!

But sometimes I spend too much time reading books, and the rest of the time I'm sitting in front of this small boob tube.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Darling of Canadian Leftards...


It seems 19% of Liberals are dithering about it. And that's even more than the Dippers - but not by much.

Canada doesn't want Khadr back: Poll

Personally, I'd like to see him charged with treason if he ever does set foot on Canadian soil again. Watching Liberals squirm and howl would be a bonus.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is There Something About Dems...

...that makes them sexual deviants? Count on the lamestream media to cover this one up.

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Oh, Of Course! Only When They Can Win

I suppose that means that if she wins she'll be spending the next four or so years stirring the grievance pot for all it's worth.

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More Good Stuff from Facebook

"A DEA officer stopped at our farm yesterday "I need to inspect your farm for illegal growing drugs."

I said "Okay , but don't go in that field over there.....",

The DEA officer verbally exploded saying, " Mister, I have the authority of the Federal Government with me!" Reaching into his rear pants pocket, the arrogant officer removed his badge and shoved it in my face. "See this fucking badge?! This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish.... On any land !! No questions asked or answers given!! Have I made myself clear?.... do you understand?!!"

I nodded politely, apologized, and went about my chores. A short time later, I heard loud screams, looked up, and saw the DEA officer running for his life, being chased by my big old mean bull...... With every step the bull was gaining ground on the officer, and it seemed likely that he'd sure enough get gored before he reached safety. The officer was clearly terrified.

I threw down my tools, ran to the fence and yelled at the top of my lungs.....

"Your badge, show him your fucking BADGE!!"

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Monday, August 20, 2012

I Hereby Would Like to Announce...

...that the concept of customer service is dead as a doornail.

I've been trying to book a two-way flight from Regina to Edmonton and back again, so I can visit certain grandchildren. But, noooo.

I wanted to used Westjet, because they have provided excellent service in the past, so I called their toll-free number. And guess what I got. A machine asking me to respond to various questions. The voice on the machine gave a range of options for answering each question, and, apparently it used voice recognition software.

To make a long story short, I gave up and was steaming mad by the time I did, so I called another number and booked the flights by speaking to a real human being. (Poor guy had to deal with one very-unset-mad-as-hell-and-not-going-to-take-it-anymore customer.) Turns out they charge an arm and a leg for every little thing under the sun they can think of to exploit and further anger the customer.

I was sorely tempted to hurl my cell phone across the room, but I constrained myself.

It would have been far simpler to just drive, but that's a very long way from here and I'm not crazy about driving long distances much of which is empty roads.  I'm too old and so is my car.

But I'm too old for this shit, too. Long ago I quit using Air Canada because their service was so lousy. There seems to be very little in the way of other options, other than one or two American airlines, which, if there is a next time, is what I think I will do. American Airlines and Delta used to service both cities. I hope they still do.  I prefer to use Canadian airlines out of loyalty and patriotism, but if you suck, it ain't my fault.

And Westjet. You suck!!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012


PS: There's a rip-roaring knock-em-out, drag-em-down war going on between Quebecers and the ROC here. Of course, I've been having a great time throwing a few punches myself. Now, I've gotta get up off this chair and get some other stuff done.
All we had to do is let it be known that we'd like to see Quebec go, aaaand PRESTO!

Mulcair touts Canada's Oil and Oil Sands as an 'important resource'

Why it was only last week that he declared the Northern Gateway project dead.

Betcha the NDP's tried and true union boss buddies had something to do with this. Lotta jobs would be lost.

He's covering all his bases, too.
"Mulcair said that new refineries could create jobs and improve Canada’s energy security, but he also reiterated previous comments about his belief that Enbridge’s proposed pipeline would never be approved.

“The problem of course with Northern Gateway is it goes through some of the most pristine ecosystems,” Mulcair said. “It’s extremely dangerous on that coast and I just don’t think it makes any sense.”

He noted that even Prime Minister Stephen Harper has recently suggested that a scientific assessment would determine the fate of the project that would ship about 550,000 barrels of heavy oil every day from near Edmonton to Kitimat.

“Mr. Harper seems over the summer to have discovered the merits of science,” Mulcair said. “The problem is he keeps firing his scientists and the ones he isn’t firing, he’s muzzling. So if we can at least come up with a common understanding and use the highest level of environmental assessment and get the best results, then maybe these things can move forward in other places, but the Northern Gateway I think, is a non-starter.”"
Betcha within a very short time he'll be singing the praises of the Northern Gateway route, all the while, finding something to blame on Harper. Gotta throw some bones to the HDS crowd that forms part of his base, too, not just his union buddies who are anticipating all those employment opportunities.

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Love It!

Canuck wins cheese chasing competition
"The Kitchener, Ont., man and the Australian native were crowned Grand Champions at the fifth annual Canadian Cheese Rolling Festival in Whistler, B.C., Saturday after tearing after cheese wheels bombing down Blackcomb Mountain."
It seems to me this should become an Olympic sport. After all, if jumping up and down on a trampoline makes the grade, why not have a cheese chasing race?

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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Indian Industry...

...on full glaring display.  I waded into that muck here.  After I picked up my toys and left them to wallow in self-righteousness, I took several books down from my bookshelves and have been wading through some of them so as to document the rise of the Industry, which began in the early 1970s.  Hopefully, the industry is close to bankruptcy. After nearly 40 years of it, they have accomplished nothing, save for the enrichment of some members of the Industry, Indian Chiefs being among them, and the brainwashing of folks like many of those posting at the aforementioned website (at the link).

Here's my suggestion to any aboriginal person who may be reading this. If you're sick and tired of being exploited, there are two ways you can capitalize and gain from the resources supposedly stolen from you:

1) Instead of rewarding chiefs and First Nations leaders and organizations big salaries and bags of cash, take that money and invest it in shares of the big companies that exploit the land taken from you, such as mining and forestry companies that are traded on the stock market.  That way, you'll derive benefit from those resources, too.

2) Encourage more of your kids to finish school and enter the trades or some industrial profession, such as engineering.  That way, your kids and future generations can work in those industries and get back, via their wages, some of what you think you're entitled to have.

As it is now, the Industry is the biggest impediment there is to your gaining benefit from the resources you once roamed over but had neither the skills, nor the capital, to exploit.  If you want your kids to have a future, that's the only way out. There is no future in hunting, gathering and trapping. The rest of the world left that behind eons ago.

Oh, and tell the captains of the Industry to kiss your asses and get lost. They've made enough off of your misery.

Related.  I think Ezra must have been reading my comments at the first link.

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No Comment

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Pollsters and Public Opinion

Publishing in the Vancouver based newspaper (online edition) The Province, author Tom Harris actually misses the point himself.

Poll missed the mark

In his brief critique (see above link) of the Insightrix poll about Canadian beliefs about climate change. He says :
"Insightrix needs to rerun the poll, this time asking Canadians about what actually matters."
Dear Tom: Polling companies rarely undertake a poll on their own dime, except maybe during election campaigns during which many parties, both media and political, will be interested in paying to see the results thereof.  After all, pollsters do need to earn money for the effort and service they provide.

Most of the bread pollsters earn comes from contracts that interested parties arrange with them, and those interested parties will expect to have a hand in formulating, or at least, approving the questions that will be asked. In this case, the party which engaged Insightrix's services was an outfit with interests in "carbon capture" technology, hardly a disinterested organization.

A far better course of action would be to require all pollsters to make public the questions they have posed, and perhaps a bit about the organization that is paying for the poll, so we can assess for ourselves whether a certain bias has been predetermined by the way the questions have been phrased.

PS: About a week ago, I received an Insightrix poll via email. I diligently worked my way through the first part of it but eventually abandoned it because the questions were so leading, one could easily tell they were fishing for predetermined results.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remember the Falklands War?

You remember how that turned out, right?

I think Ecuador just stepped in the same steaming pile.

All these Hispanic countries in South America are still pissed off at Great Britain for winning the big colonial contest over the Americas.

Whoever said that if we forget the past, we're condemned to repeat it. I say remembering the past is the bigger problem.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Remember When...

...Environuts worshiped Indians because they were the original environmentalists. Well, baby, we've come a long way:

Lakefront crown land sale draws protests

New jobs would help band
"The proposed sale of protected prime lakefront Crown land near Shellbrook to a First Nation that intends to develop it is drawing criticism from environmental groups.

The Fur Lake region is a densely forested area home to scores of birds and other wildlife and should not be sold off, they said.

"This land should not be made available. It should be untouchable," said John Shanks, a local cabin owner who represents the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation on the area's management board.

The potential buyer, the Mistawasis First Nation, intends to build cabins and develop the lakefront property as a way to create much-needed jobs and revenue for its community. The purchase would be funded through a settlement that saw the band compensated for land taken from it a century ago."
Get back on to that reservation, dammit!!

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He's Finally Dead

I've been thinking about this for a while now. We haven't had any Elvis sightings for quite some time. At least none have been reported and laughed at. I guess people have finally accepted that he's really dead.

Should I post a few videos? (Go for it, Stubble Jumper):

I guess Elvis impersonators have gone out of business, too.

This brings back another memory from long, long ago. At school, the girls would gather in the girls "cloak room" at noon and jive to Elvis records.

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Big Green At Work?

This one is a toss up between Media Bias and Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming hysteria. I'm calling it both.

First, the media bias: See what a difference one little word can make? If we only use the word "only", we can make it sound so much worse.

Survey finds 2 per cent of Canadians don't believe climate change is happening

Only 2 per cent of Canadians don’t believe in climate change: survey

Of course there couldn't possibly have been any vested interest behind this survey, either, - could there?

From the Leader Post:
"The findings are in a survey conducted by Insightrix Research, Inc. for IPAC-CO2 Research Inc., a Regina-based centre that studies carbon capture and storage.

The online poll of 1,550 people was done between May 29 and June 11. The results were to be released on Wednesday.

"Our survey indicates that Canadians from coast to coast overwhelmingly believe climate change is real and is occurring, at least in part due to human activity," said centre CEO Carmen Dybwad."
Or maybe I'm not permitted to call attention to who commissioned and, presumably, paid for the survey. That's something only leftard environuts are allowed to do. And they don't even need to provide evidence of their claim that "Big (Bad) Oil" is funding deniers.

And good on us Prairie folk:
"According to the survey, Prairie respondents are least likely to believe that climate change is occurring due to human activity, while residents of Quebec, Atlantic Canada and British Columbia are most likely to hold this belief.

The survey found 44 per cent of Quebec respondents, 34 per cent of Atlantic Canadian respondents and 32 per cent of those surveyed in British Columbia are likely to believe climate change is occurring due to human activity. Alberta and Saskatchewan came in at 21 per cent while Manitoba was at 24 per cent."

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Yeah, But....

Do You Believe...

...any of this? I don't, but then again, maybe that's why there have been so many rumours of a pending attack over the past five years or make us roll our eyes and go back to sleep, or rather, to make the Mad Mullahs roll their eyes and go back to the brothels.

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Because Lord Knows...

...we need more elephants:

"Operation Frozen Dumbo" gets elephant Tonga pregnant
"...Scientists have succeeded for the first time in impregnating an elephant with frozen sperm..."
That had to be one giant test tube/petri dish.

Which reminds me:
"Getting anything done around here is like mating elephants.
It's done on a very high level.
There's a lot of stomping and screaming involved.
And it takes two years to get any results."

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hah!! Works For Us!!

MPs brush off 'kick out' Quebec poll results

We've called your bluff, and now you're begging.

Oh, and Stephan Dion, you're a big part of the reason the Liberals are now toast.

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From My Facebook Friend...

...who always manages to come up with the craziest things. (I stole this from his facebook entry. Thanx Brian. I needed to experiment with posting pics on my blog stolen from Facebook. You've given me the opportunity.)

The view of Milky Way, from Mars.

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Hmm. First Time I've Seen That Admitted...

...underwater volcanoes, that is. According to Ian Plimer, 80% of earth's volcanoes are under the oceans, along the continental ridges, quietly spewing lava and various greenhouse gasses into the water. Something that past IPPC reports have chosen to ignore. Perhaps folks are starting to pay attention. Folks other than James Hansen, that is, who seems to think that what happens on American soil (droughts) amount to human caused "global" warming, while just to the north we've had one very, very wet year. But I digress.

In the meantime, you don't see many or any environuts fretting about this:

Super volcano could kill millions

Indeed, they'd probably be happy to see millions die.

Oops. I lied. Lefty Huff 'n' Puff Post has covered it. And will you look at this:
"Such an event could make thermonuclear war or global warming seem trivial, spewing untold tons of ash into the atmosphere to block sunlight. The result would be many years of frigid temperatures, wiping out millions of species. A super-volcano that erupted 250 million years ago is now believed to have created the greatest mass extinction the world has ever seen, wiping out up to 95 percent of all plant and animal species. Some renegade scientists believe it was a volcano, not an asteroid, that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago."
And it stinks, too.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Business of America is....

...(betcha you thought I was going to say "business", didn't ya?)

Well, apparently, in Bellingham, Washington, it's "bitching".

Gotta like what the president of the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce says, too:
"“In the last two years, our sales tax generation has doubled or tripled the pace in the rest of the state, and it’s almost entirely because of Canadians coming south,”"
And look at that lineup!! Must be getting some good deals. But, oh, the CO2!! The climate! Damn those Canadians! Maybe Bellinghamers could get the environuts on their side.

More here:
"Residents angry at the 'rude Canadians' have now started a Facebook page calling for them to be banned during certain times.

The site, named 'Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans', shows pictures of cars with BC plates "taking up two parking spaces."
What rude bastards those Canadians are, eh? I tell, ya. Times are changing. We're not a British colony any more. We're becoming more and more like those wretched rebels. Yee God!! What's this world coming to!!!

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Way Over On The Periphery...

...I've sort of been keeping an eye on the election campaign in Quebec.  This one is a beaut:

Parti Québécois says it’s serious about Quebec sovereignty, but no rush on referendum

Perhaps, if she wins, this would be a good time for the ROC to boot them out, along with their share of the debt.

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So, Are They, Or Are They Not...

...preparing for war?

Perhaps they've been waiting for/working on the West (including Canada) to get its act together and be ready to come to Israel's defense, not to mention getting various Arabic speaking ducks in the Middle East to line up.

In any case, the media is in an uproar.

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Those Of You...

...who have been paying attention will know that radical Islamists have a single goal in mind: to establish a global Caliphate.

Well, I think they've succeeded.

Gives a whole new meaning to "underground" movements, doesn't it? I wonder how the weather is underground. Is it warming? Or is it still dead?/sarc

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James Hansen's A Nasty Piece of Work...

...if there ever was one.

He's now claiming that the heat and drought in the USA is a result of human induced via CO2 emissions. Of course he carefully and, likely deliberately, neglects to mention that north of the 49th parallel we've been having record rainfalls. With possibly unwelcomed consequences.

Still, there are some saner voices.

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OMG, I've Done It Again!!!

I wonder if there's a Twelve Step program for compulsive book buyers?

In case you're wondering, the titles I just ordered are:

Ruffled Feathers by William Wuttunee

Dictionary of Legal Terms by Stephen H. Gifis

Beyond the Indian Act: Restoring Indian Property Rights by Tom Flanagan

At the same time, I'm also, finally, plowing through some books that I've had for quite some time which have been sitting on my bookshelves collecting dust. If I could just tear myself away from this little boob tube. And on the weekend I was performing duties my sister imposed on me at the annual Indian Head Horticultural Society's garden show, and counting money raised for the raffle there at. I'm a certified CA, I'll have you know (that's Can't Add).

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Words Fail

It's not very often I can't think of anything snarky to say, or even non-snarky. I almost wanna say Awwwwe, but can't quite do it:

Men visit hookers for cuddling and companionship: Study

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Who Among Us...

...has not made a pillow & sheet & blanket fort amongst the furniture. Brings back memories.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

What Do Obama...

...and the American Burying Beetle have in common?

Here's one thing.

Hopefully the beetle is not the only one endangered, either.

Meanwhile, it's full steam ahead.

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Baby Beluga....

...has died. :-(

I wonder if my kids know?

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Oh, Shillary!!!

Things are about to go from bad to worse:

Petraeus the latest name in Romney VP buzz, with choice of No. 2 expected soon

General Betray Us gets his revenge. Shillary shut out for good.


UPDATE: Or maybe not.  Oh well. It was a good story while it lasted.

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T's Moi!! I Swear!

Wouldn't You Know It!!

The CBC is involved:

Jack Layton's story coming to the small screen

Mind you, with the Liberals no longer in first place, you gotta butter up the Dippers.

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This Just In, From Mars...

So, there is life on Mars - - - and they're leftards!!

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Telling It Like It Is... easy, apparently, when it's a "white supremacist", but not so easy if it's an Islamist.

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Friday, August 03, 2012

Another Thing From Facebook

The Obamaclock:

At the time of my writing this, there were 169 days, 21 hours, 45 minutes and 26 seconds until he's out of office.

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I was just on Facebook and read the profile of some dude/dudette named Khurshid Qureshi. Where his (her?) picture should be it says: "The profile picture of this user has been disabled, due to unbearable good-looks, charm and charisma."

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Hey God!!

You got somethin' against Americans?

The Largest Natural Disaster In U.S. History: The Endless Drought Of 2012 Will Bake America Well Into August
"The U.S. Department of Agriculture has created the largest natural disaster area in U.S. history. The USDA has declared 1,016 counties in 26 U.S. states to be disaster areas. The USDA declaration basically covered about half of the nation, and there is now no denying how horrible this drought really is."
They're a God-fearing people, far more than we atheistic Canucks, in any case. Why not send some of what you've been giving us to them? Hmmmmm? We'd happily share it with them.

I know. I know. You're just trying to outdo yourself on the 40 days and 40 nights thing to try and impress us Prodigal-Son Canucks and bring us back in line, but why punish the Yanks at the same time?

In the meantime, I'm still waiting for the soil in my weed-beds (er, make that flower-beds) to dry up so I can get rid of those greedy creations of yours. Isn't greed one of the seven deadly sins?

And how could you let this happen?

PS: It will be interesting to see how the CAGW folks will spin this one.   I know. I know. Weather, not climate.  Or should that be: Weather north of the 49th; Climate south.  It's amazing what those imaginary lines can do.

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The Lamestream Media

Yesterday, I was visiting the American blog, Gateway Pundit. The proprietor, Jim Hoft, had a posting in which he quotes Andrew Breitbart as follows:
“The media class is the wall we need to climb over in order for our voices to be heard.  Once our voices our heard then democracy will happen.”
Oh, yeah, baby. And climbing over is exactly what we are doing with blogs. Our voices, at long last, are being heard. The bludgeon of political correctness is no longer working. What's happening to the left (as the drek circles in the bowl) reminds me of what happens when you push the flusher on a toilet and of scenes from Linda Blair's performance in The Exorcist.

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Olympics and Other Stuff

I haven't been fixated on the games, but I have read a few interesting things - on blogs, of course. For example:

Italians hold moment of silence for Israeli athletes murdered in Munich

Good for the Italians. I've been hoping Canadian Olympians would do something along those lines, but nothing yet - unless, of course, the media hasn't reported it.

Yesterday, on the radio station that I listen to all day long they had an interesting discussion about whether or not Olympic swimmers pee in the pool, but that's about it. (This discussion on the radio reminded me of an old friend from years ago who used to use the phrase "silent, like the "P" in swimming." One of the participants in this discussion on the radio said something similar - they (the swimmers) are swimming in the 'ool. There's no "P" in it. Har. Har.)

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Thursday, August 02, 2012

I've Had Enough Rain...

...I'm gonna become a pirate:

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Speaking of Looking On...

the "Bright Side of Life":

Paleoanthropologist Leakey Says Evolution Debate Nearing The End

I don't need convincing that evolution is real, but I think he's being a might overly optimistic.

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Well, At Least It's Not...

Yet More Inconvenience

Persistent near-tropical warmth on the Antarctic continent during the early Eocene epoch
"The warmest global climates of the past 65 million years occurred during the early Eocene epoch (about 55 to 48 million years ago), when the Equator-to-pole temperature gradients were much smaller than today and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were in excess of one thousand parts per million by volume. Recently the early Eocene has received considerable interest because it may provide insight into the response of Earth’s climate and biosphere to the high atmospheric carbon dioxide levels that are expected in the near future as a consequence of unabated anthropogenic carbon emissions."

"unabated anthropogenic carbon emissions"

They did have to slip that last bit in though, didn't they? Gotta get bigger balls, folks. You're half way there. Keep going.

Same topic. Another story.
"The study in Nature suggests Antarctic winter temperatures exceeded 10C, while summers may have reached 25C.

Better knowledge of past "greenhouse" conditions will enhance guesses about the effects of increasing CO2 today."
"The early Eocene was a period of atmospheric CO2 concentrations higher than the current 390 parts per million (ppm )- reaching at least 600ppm and possibly far higher.

Global temperatures were on the order of 5C higher, and there was no sharp divide in temperature between the poles and the equator."
Inneresting, no?

Also on the same topic, I've been rereading portions of Ian Plimer's book, Heaven and Earth: Global Warming. The Missing Science. There are times in the earth's history when CO2 concentrations were much, much higher than that but no catastrophic runaway global warming occurred.

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Dippers - Doing What Dippers Always Do

Whine. Whine. Whine.

'Lack of civility' closes website
"The provincial NDP decries what its president calls a “lack of civility displayed by Sask. Party activists,” while the executive director of the party of Premier Brad Wall’s government called the situation “laughable.”

In a statement, Cory Oxelgren, president of the NDP, said the party launched a website Tuesday on which it invited comments directed to Wall about the government’s proposed labour law changes. The timing corresponded with the launch of the NDP caucus’s “consultation tour” on the same issue, but was a separate effort."
"Many of the comments indicated support for Wall and the Sask. Party, which appeared ironic on Twitter under the NDP heading, which was later changed to “SKLabour Review.” Some were negative regarding the NDP and organized labour in general.
In other words, the comments were politically incorrect.

Dippers. They can dish it out, but they can't take it. I would suggest they pick up their marbles and run on over to CBC's website where they're sure to receive a warm welcome from their comrades, sisters and brothers.

Seriously, give your heads a shake folks. You shut the website down because you didn't like the way Saskatchewanites were responding to your fishing expedition.

Makes me think (hope) we really are done with the Dippers in this province. It's looking more and more like that's so. The bullies always retreat when you stand up to them. The proletariat is fighting back. We have stood up and we're roaring. And they're fwightened.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


When the Soviet Union fell, George H. W. Bush talked about a "new world order" emerging.  And I was around when the "new world order" following the withdrawal of the Brits from world hegemony, which, although extended over a rather long time, was a class act, if you ask me.  In most cases, not much more than a handshake and an invitation to keep in touch. So, I have some experience of seeing old world orders replaced by new ones.

But I'm sure no one was thinking of the sort of "new world order" Fouad Ajami and Charles Hill are talking about. (Note especially the remarks at about the 38 or 39 minute mark and again at 51 or 52 minutes.) If this happens - My God - I won't recognize the place.   But then again, maybe I'll be gone.

I don't blame Americans, if they are sick and tired of their role in the world, but if not them, who?  China? Scaaaarry.  Iran? Even scarier.  The Russians will be in there like a dirty shirt.

Who said, the more things change, the more they stay the same? Like hell! Although I think I already told ya', somewhere in the back pages of this here blog, about a history professor who told his class (of which I was a member) that history is just "one damned thing after another".  That's more accurate.

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