Thursday, November 29, 2007

Showdown with Iran on its Way?

UPDATE: Here is the article paraphrased by "Bob" at ITM: Tehran reports home-production of first uranium fuel pellets for Arak reactor - as US steps up fuel supply activity for Gulf forces
Kinda sharpens the perspective, doesn't it.
No. I'm not letting Hameed write my blog for me, but he does such a good job of translating the jist of Arabic language news media, that I rely on him for the news that the MSM does not publish (ie. the good news about Iraq, for instance). Anyway, here is another comment, or a least part of a comment he posted at ITM.

Ps.I have just heard on TV in ARABIC, that Iran is opposing the Annapolis Conference and accused all of those taking parts as traitors- Dr.Bashar look out- whilst Syria agreed to attend?

How curious?

Kind regards
hameed Abid | 11.25.07 - 8:38 am

Now, take that along with this:

Syria comes in from the cold


The decision by Syrian President Bashar Assad to send Mr. Mekdad opens the door for something real to come out of this process. But for that faint promise to be realized, it will require a rapid defrosting of relations between the United States and Syria, which Washington has for years treated as a pariah state, accusing it of supporting "terrorists" (note the quotation marks, but I digress) in Iraq and around the region.


Unlike all the other attendees at Annapolis, Syria holds real influence over Hamas, the militant Islamist group that trumped Mr. Abbas's Fatah movement in the parliamentary election last year and then trounced them militarily six months ago, seizing control of the Gaza Strip, half of the putative Palestinian state.


Syria has another card to play in Lebanon, where if it chose it could cut off the flow of arms to Hezbollah, another Islamist group sworn to Israel's destruction. So if Damascus gets what it wants, it can make life easier for Israel on both its southern and northern flanks. And if the real point of Annapolis, as many analysts contend, is about building an anti-Iran alliance as much as it is about securing Israeli-Palestinian peace, then flipping Syria, Tehran's staunchest ally, would be the biggest prize of all.

...and this:
A plan to attack Iran swiftly and from above

...and this:
'Quid pro quo' in store for US and Iran?

The United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom spoke out this week against what Iran has not yet done. The Europeans took things even farther, calling for an "immediate suspension of Iranian nuclear activity which poses a proliferation risk."

...and this:
Challenge to Iranian President
Two former presidents, Mr Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami, have warned that the country faces threats from foreign governments worried over the nuclear program. France and the US say they have not dismissed a military option if Iran does not halt uranium enrichment.

And Hassan Rowhani, a former nuclear negotiator and a close aide to Mr Rafsanjani, urged the Government to distance itself from tension with the West. "We must not give excuse to the enemy and provoke it with unwise statements," he said.

and add this synopsis of a Debkafile report by Bob in the ITM comments for good measure.

Something's afoot and it's about God damned time. Iraq does not need Imadinnerjacket meddling in its affairs, nor should the free world wait for him to get the bomb. Iran's decades long war with the US may soon be over.

Go George Bush!!!!

Note: Yo, lefties: Remember all those alienated allies like France and Germany? NAH,NAH,NAH,NAH,NAH,NAH! You were wrong.

UPDATE: Oooh. Another one. A bit dated, but very interesting. Bush and Putin Rough out Breakthrough Strategic Deal for Dumping Iran

UPDATE II: bin Laden doesn't like it. So sad.

Big Screen Bombs Explained

There's an excellent article at Pajamas Media by Roger L. Simon about Hollywood's recent spate of anti-war movies. He cuts right to the heart of why Hollywood's snoberati is so obtuse about the Iraq war and the War on Terror. It is refreshing to see a screenwriter (ie. a quintessential Hollywood career, no less than acting) who gets it.

PS: He provides links to his earlier articles on the same subject which are also worth a read.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

John Murney's Blog Goes POOF!!

Okay. John Murney's Blog has disappeared from the blogosphere this evening. What the heck happened? Did he have a hissy fit? Last time he did that he closed the comments, but this time his blog is no more. Maybe there's something wrong with the blogosphere tonight.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Over to Hameed, one more time!!!

Dear Omar and Mohammed id=2707

Today Saturday 24th November, I spent more than half an hour speaking on the telephone to Iraqis who went back to chase and claim their rights usurbed by saddam's regime, and confiscated,and to reestablish their businesses in Baghdad, without the Intimidations and harrassments of the Mehdi Army and Al Sader's criminals- Mooky's croud?

These people are Shiites too but they have money and are well off.

They live near me in Richmond, England Surrey. UK.

I asked the father,who is in Baghdad now, about the security situation in Baghdad. and the Road to Baghdad from the Airport, he was upbeat and said in Iraqi- Al wadhia' al Amniy tahassan hwaia hawia. - the scurity situation improved quite a lot.

If you wish to come to Baghdad, do not hestitate to do so and do not worry. Twakl ala allah- 'Rely on God and come,' he said.

Thousands of families are coming back voluntarily from Syria and from Jordan.

The areas and the streets near Saiyda Zaynab in Demascus are now nearly empty of Iraqis, he mentioned.

Then I spoke to his son, he is married to a Sunni wife and had just got his first baby, girl- called Reem.

I asked him about Abu Nowa'as Street, he said the Prime Minisiter has ordered it to be opened, cleaned and protected so as to allow the Baghdadis and their guests to enjoy its night life once again, but also said, Al Karadah, the 52 district and Arassat Al Hindia have become the leaders in the social scene recovery and normalisation.

Adhamia is booming too, and the small factories in Kadhemia are producing their products with the raw materials coming from Iran maily and selling them fast.

The butchers and the vegtables sellers are very busy too, they cannot have enough meat to sell daily.

The families , go out in droves on Thursdays and Friday's and enjoy, their ICE creams and their juices and some enjoy going to the bars, cafes and restaurants.

It is like a very big party every week end.

The liquer stores are opening all over all the place and doing swift business.

Then I spoke to my Dr. Professor friend, in Baghdad who confirmed that the Architects and Engineering Designers and Contractors are getting plenty of Contracts from the Government Departments in various Ministries these days and that demand has caused an increase in the prices of building materials and transportation costs.

Trained Labourers such plumbers and carpentors, and plasteres are commanding a lot of money on their daily rates.

The money supply is excellent he said and Contractors are getting paid quickly. there was no cash flow difficulties too.

Kind regards
Hameed Abid | 11.24.07 - 1:40 pm

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hameed, habibi, I share your joy!!

Over at Iraq the Model longtime readers and commenters will attest to the fact that this blog, run by two Iraqi brothers, has been the pre-eminent source of all the news, not just the bad news, about the war in Iraq.

One poster is himself an Iraqi exile, living in England, who joined the conversation in the comments section about two and a half years ago. We regulars have learned so much from him, not the least of which is that he is the very definition of the word "gentleman". His name is Hameed Abid. I am posting here a complete comment from Hameed posted today, November 21, 2007. It is a joy to read. I thought I should bold the highlights, but then I realized the whole thing would be bold, so I offer it to you just as Hameed wrote it:

" id=5001

The above news item is current.

The Budget of next year has allocated $1,8 b for the redevelopment of Iraq, and of Baghdad alone, along with an aggressive policy to engage the Iraqi arab and foreign private sector in the investments and developments.

Somewhere above I said Baghdad/Iraq will be a huge construction site next year.

This news item = bg please help in the translation? Thanks in advance= is an eye opener?

My family tells me the security situation is so good they are getting home safely after their nights out on the town very late at night. Their surgeries and businesses are doing very well indeed. There is a definite transforsmtion there.

Abu Nowass Street, the barometer of the night life in Baghdad is back in Business. Many Restaurant are cooking the famous 'Masqouf fish' on the banks of the river Tigris and are back in Business, with music, beer and wine bars and dancing night clubs are opening up everywhere around the street. Liquir is being sold and women have started walking alone freely without some without headscarfs and are wearing the norma dresses we knew before, and not having forcibly to wear the hijabs?

Cinemas and mised public Swimming pools, Hotels and Cafes are opening up and Trade is booming.

People generally are so happy with the current security situation that they have started to plan their lives ,go to work freely and without fear and arrange for new marriages,and parties and family and offices functions, plan their holidays internally and outside, and go about their businesses and social engagments with their relatives and friends with confidence.

The start of the Iraqis to return from Syria and jordan has increased ten folds and the Government has undertaken to pay the costs of their return Journeys, rehabiltate them and help the reintgration and they house and find them jobs.

Although the inflation is still high 20% the unemployment level is still high too and next year and beyond they hope to absorb all the unemployed with the advent of giant construction projects. underground works and other infrastructural projects worth billions of dollars.

International Companies are being invited to work there with safety and security.

Good luck Iraq.

Thank you the American people and the Military who made it all possible.

Kind regards
hameed Abid | 11.21.07 - 1:19 pm"

Anyone who still wants to diss George Bush can eat shit. That includes you, John Murney, and many of your usual posters. Although I have the utmost repect for you on other matters, you are completely wrong on your position on the Iraq war. If it wasn't for George Bush, Hameed would not be writing what I have posted here. Nor would there be anything to celebrate such as the following news items posted by so many of Iraq the Model's loyal readers. We all knew Iraq would make it, if given a chance, and we are all grateful to the leadership and vision of two men especially - George Bush and Tony Blair. May God bless you both. History will show that your vision was clear and your decisive action was just.

And now for the rest of the good news:

Still More Good Security News From Iraq

Tearful Iraqi refugees return, hoping for safety

In Stark Contrast to Its Neighbors- Iraq Arrests the Rapists

(Not just its neighbours, but in stark contrast to the previous regime. Thank you George Bush!!)

BAGHDAD OR BUST!! Iraqi Refugees Surge Back Home

Iraq seeks Kuwait investments for country's reconstruction

Baghdad International Airport business development opportunities expand with convention center, office suites

New petroleum contracts for the Kurdistan Region announced

Australian program aids Iraq reconstruction

Italy to grant $600 million loan to Iraq Ministry of Finance

Baghdad Comes Alive (Note: This is Newsweek, the newsmagazine that brought you the Koran down the toilet in Guantanamo lie in the early days of the war, so this is really phenomenal that they would actually dare to write about something good happening in Iraq.)

Baghdad’s Weary Start to Exhale as Security Improves (From the New York Slimes, yet!!!! This is really something!)

Iraqi Government Officials Meet, Discuss Essential Services, Resettlement

To their credit, prior to the civil war now ended, Canada's Liberal Party pledged a healthy sum for Iraq's reconstruction and forgiveness of odious debts. I hope the Conservative Party will honour that pledge.


Now, I have just one more thing to say. In the middle of this war, my aged father-in-law, father of 11 Iraqi children, countless grandchildren and great grandchildren, including my two kids, international banker and septa-lingual gentlemen with a enduring curiosity for the world and admiration of the West - passed away at the ripe old age of 95. He had spent nearly his entire adult life in fear, having experienced one violent coup after another. I only regret he did not live long enough to see this day. But rest assured, his large extended family, many of whom are still living in exile, will at long last get to experience what he knew Iraq could be. Mahdi Majid, long live your grandchildren and your great grandchildren and their children - the sons and daughters of the Cradle of Civilization and welcome back, Iraq, to the community of civilized nations!!!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

"Totalitarian Abattoir" and Other Pithy Statements: The Immortal Words of Christopher Hitchens

Another excellent article in Slate Magazine by Christopher Hitchens, or Hitch, as I like to call him, has appeared. Hitch is one of my heros. I like former lefties who strongly support the war on terror. Hitch's perception the the world as it is, suffers from no lack of clarity. I especially like his description of Saddam Hussein's Iraq: totalitarian abattoir. It brings to mind Abu Ghraib prison and the disgusting, horrifying abuses that took place in that cold, stark place before the regime was toppled.

Hitch has always been on the right side in this war and his many essays and television appearances cut right to the chase, demolishing all the arguments against the war, such as in So, Mr. Hitchens, Weren't You Wrong About Iraq? An evening's worth of reading is provided at the links from the bottom of this article, too, which demolish, point by point all the pseudo-arguments of the anti-war crowd.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Approval ratings

"THE LATEST Zogby Poll shows President Bush with a 24 percent approval rating nationally.

I’ve paid attention to John Zogby and his polls ever since 2000 when he correctly predicted that Al Gore would win the popular vote but George W. Bush would win the election.

At any rate, Zogby points out that only two presidents had lower approval ratings than Bush: President Harry Truman the day after he fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur and President Richard Nixon, the day before he resigned.

But take heart, GOP. Zogby says the Democrat-controlled Congress has an 11 percent approval rating. By way of comparison, O.J. Simpson’s approval rating nationally is 16 percent."

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling....

The good news from Iraq just keeps rolling in....

US Says Iraq Civilian Casualties In Baghdad Down 75%


Odierno: Parts of Baghdad may be turned over


The U.S. military has made several announcements recently showing drops in insurgent attacks.

However, the question on many minds in Iraq is whether the lower levels or [sic] violence reflect a short-term rollback or a clear trend.

“We’ve now had 21 straight weeks of decline, so I’d say that it is likely a trend,” Odierno said.

H/T Soldier's Dad

Speaking of Soldier's Dad, he has this interesting commentary about the information in the above quoted article. Recall that another mass grave with badly decomposed bodies was discovered this week and has been in the news:
Badly Decomposed Bodies are not included in trend calculations as they are not indicative of 'current' conditions, so far in November 85 Badly Decomposed Bodies have been reported comprising 23% of reported death.
Wiser heads than mine are still advising caution, but I'm Pollyanna and I think this means Iraq is ready to roll. Look out world!!


Friday, November 16, 2007

The Real Iraq Stands Up

Longtime loyal commenters and friends of Iraq are in a celebratory mood over at ITM (Iraq the Model). Not only have the Fadhil brothers just passed the four year milestone with their fabulous blog but the turnaround in Iraq is becoming more and more impossible to deny.

As usual, the comments are filled not just with great comments but with great links as well. One of the most frequently mentioned theme over the past couple of days was inspired by a link to this posting entitled "Come Home" by independent journalist Michael Yon on his Online Magazine. It is truly a beautiful statement about what we can expect once Iraq really gets on its feet. These are the Iraqis that I know.

Go read it and then join the party at ITM. God bless Iraq and God bless America. Oh, and George Bush, too.

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