Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling....

The good news from Iraq just keeps rolling in....

US Says Iraq Civilian Casualties In Baghdad Down 75%


Odierno: Parts of Baghdad may be turned over


The U.S. military has made several announcements recently showing drops in insurgent attacks.

However, the question on many minds in Iraq is whether the lower levels or [sic] violence reflect a short-term rollback or a clear trend.

“We’ve now had 21 straight weeks of decline, so I’d say that it is likely a trend,” Odierno said.

H/T Soldier's Dad

Speaking of Soldier's Dad, he has this interesting commentary about the information in the above quoted article. Recall that another mass grave with badly decomposed bodies was discovered this week and has been in the news:
Badly Decomposed Bodies are not included in trend calculations as they are not indicative of 'current' conditions, so far in November 85 Badly Decomposed Bodies have been reported comprising 23% of reported death.
Wiser heads than mine are still advising caution, but I'm Pollyanna and I think this means Iraq is ready to roll. Look out world!!



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