Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Happy Canada Day!!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vive La France,...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Wanna Watch... hour and a half of gruesomeness?

This is a sympathetic view of what happened to German civilians, primarily in Dresden, during WWII. Illustrates clearly the old adage that war is hell.

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Holy Crappolla

The Useless Nations actually does something right!!!!!

UN Palmer report: blockade of Gaza legal

"The release of the United Nations Palmer report into last year's flotilla incident aboard the Mavi Marmara has vindicated Israel by finding that its naval blockade of the Gaza strip is legal under international law. Moreover, Israel has the right to enforce that blockade - including in international waters. It has also rebutted many of the false claims and assumptions that have been made about the flotilla incident and about the broader situation in Gaza".
Let the bells ring out and the banners fly!!!!!! Must be part of that sea change I've been talking about.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015


And to top it all off, he had me laughing several times.

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Who Didn't See...

...this coming?

Alberta environment minister faces questions over work on protest book

Wildrose charges NDP energy minister's top staffer was anti-pipeline lobbyist

Wildrose proposes lower small business tax rate

Like that will happen.

Wildrose brings the FUNK in attack on environment minister’s past

"If all goes according to plan, Alberta’s first legislative sitting under an NDP government will wrap up Thursday afternoon.

We will have survived.

The government didn’t nationalize the oilsands or add the hammer and sickle to the province’s coat or arms. MLAs didn’t sing Solidarity Forever at the start of each day and the Alberta Legislature didn’t tilt so far left that it slid into the North Saskatchewan River.

The government’s critics, of course, will say just give it time."
"It was a remarkably short sitting — eight days — just long enough for the government to put an end to political donations from corporations and unions, increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations, and pass an interim supply bill to keep the lights on until the fall when Finance Minister Joe Ceci will introduce a new budget."

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Good Grief

Great Article...

...about the Middle East conflict:

Colonialist mentality in the Israel-Arab conflict
"We are often baffled that many otherwise sensible people seem to be totally off the mark in their analysis of the Israel / Arab conflict. They say nothing about all the Arab crimes committed against Israel or even against Palestinians, but they are always eager to call Israel a criminal state as soon as she takes any action to defend her security.

Are these people unable to understand the history of the conflict? People who view the conflict in this way do not understand the Middle East. They still have the old colonialist mentality of Western nations occupying territory and “civilizing the savages”, and they feel guilty about it. They project those guilt feelings on Israel, repeating to themselves that the only reason that Israel settles land is to colonize the Arab world.

They are missing two important pieces in their reasoning: First, unlike old colonies of Europe, Israel is not the colony of any Western country; she is a nation that has existed for over three millennia, long before modern European countries. Second, Israel has never had any interest in settling lands that were not part of the traditional Land of Israel; Israel is not in any way interested in taking over the Arab world, and anyone who can read a map can see that Israel is a tiny dot surrounded by a giant Arab world. We support the concept of a two-state solution, and we do not support Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but that is not because we see them as a colonialist enterprise. It is simply because we see a two-state solution as the only viable answer to the conflict, and we see settlements as an excuse used very effectively by Palestinian leaders to refuse peace with Israel.

Those who view the conflict from a colonialist prism are hurting the Palestinians because they make them out to be helpless and uneducated savages who have no control over their future. The reality is that the reason the conflict has not been resolved is because too many Arabs and particularly Palestinians believe that Israel is a foreign entity that will inevitably disappear just as France left Lebanon and Syria, and just as Britain left Mandatory Palestine.

Because of the irrational and extremist approach taken by groups like Hamas, and often by Fatah, Israel feels no obligation to give up on what she sees as her historical right to the Land of Israel. After all, Israel left Gaza, and see what happened! The only way to reach an agreement with Israel that will achieve dignity and provide a state to the Palestinians is to use peaceful diplomacy and not violence, but because of guilt-ridden Westerners encouraging them, Palestinians do not feel the need to compromise. Hamas sees violence as achieving the destruction of Israel, and Fatah sees delays and deception as achieving the same goal."
"If Palestinian leaders were wise, they would tell those in “aid” ships headed to Gaza to turn around and go drink through their guilt somewhere else. They would also dismantle all terrorist organizations, and they would work for the goal of a Palestinian state using the only means that work: negotiation and diplomacy."

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...Can't let that happen:

Corals adapting to global warming: Study

Also from the science file:

Continents Rose Above Oceans 3 Billion Years Ago

"The continents may have first risen high above the oceans of the world about 3 billion years ago, researchers say. That's about a billion years earlier than geoscientists had suspected for the emergence of a good chunk of the continents.

Earth is the only known planet whose surface is divided into continents and oceans. Currently, the continents rise an average of about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) above the seafloor."

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The New...

It's No Accident...

...that this bill is the last one to be passed prior to the fall election. It's a good one. Voters will have this one still in mind come the election this fall:

Tory senators take unusual steps to force vote on controversial union bill
"Bill C-377 is a private member’s bill from Conservative MP Russ Hiebert that would force unions to publicly disclose a wide range of financial information including salaries and expenses.

Supporters say it addresses concerns from union members who say they face intimidation if they ask for too much information from their leadership.

Unions strongly oppose the law and argue that only union members should be able to view such information. Critics of the bill warn it will place unions at an unfair disadvantage during collective bargaining because management will have new insight into the financial situation of unions.

The bill was previously blocked by the Senate two years ago and had not received much attention since."

Tories upend Speaker over labour bill
"Segal predicted that the bill will eventually be struck down by the courts as unconstitutional. But in the meantime, he said it could do real political damage to the Conservatives in this fall's election."
All the more reason to open up the constitution and amend it.

Conservatives move to push anti-labour bill through Senate

"The legislation would require unions to publicly disclose details of all expenses over $5,000 and remuneration to anyone totalling over $100,000.

Unions have complained that the measure, backed strongly by a B.C. lobby group that advises companies on how to de-certify unions, is a veiled attempt to tie unions up in costly red tape.

“It’s a bill that’s essentially about attacking unions because Conservatives don’t like unions, they don’t like the equality we bring,” B.C. Federation of Labour President Irene Lanzinger told The Vancouver Sun Friday."


Conservative senators overrule Senate Speaker on union transparency bill
"The bill, which seven provinces, including Ontario, have argued is unconstitutional and would interfere with their jurisdiction over labour relations, is now likely to become the law of the land by Tuesday."

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Long Overdue

What will it take to fix the UN? Or is it beyond repair? I happen the think it should go the way of the dinosaur.

UN report denies Israel's right of self-defense, advocates arrest of Israelis instead


Man found decapitated in France terror attack

""The intent was without doubt to cause an explosion. It was a terrorist attack," President Francois Hollande said at a news conference in Belgium.

French Prosecutor Francois Molins said four suspects were in custody, including the suspected attacker, identified as Yassin Salih, 35, his wife, his sister and another person close to him.
"The slain victim's head was found yards away from the body, stuck on a perimeter fence, with Arabic writing on or near it. There were also flags or banners bearing Arabic writing found at the scene."

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Manitoba Gets...

...some of that global warming:

Storm Rips Through South Central Manitoba

"There was golf ball sized hail and crop damage reported near Roseisle."

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And So It Begins

Yeah, Right...

Friday, June 26, 2015


Sun Headed Into Hibernation, Solar Studies Predict

"Three independent studies of the sun's insides, surface, and upper atmosphere all predict that the next solar cycle will be significantly delayed—if it happens at all. Normally, the next cycle would be expected to start roughly around 2020.

The combined data indicate that we may soon be headed into what's known as a grand minimum, a period of unusually low solar activity.

The predicted solar "sleep" is being compared to the last grand minimum on record, which occurred between 1645 and 1715.

Known as the Maunder Minimum, the roughly 70-year period coincided with the coldest spell of the Little Ice Age, when European canals regularly froze solid and Alpine glaciers encroached on mountain villages."
"...even if there is a climate link, Pesnell doesn't think another grand minimum is likely to trigger a cold snap.

"With what's happening in current times—we've added considerable amounts of carbon dioxide and methane and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere," said Pesnell, who wasn't involved in the suite of new sun studies.

"I don't think you'd see the same cooling effects today if the sun went into another Maunder Minimum-type behavior.""

"Taken together, the three lines of evidence strongly hint that Solar Cycle 25 may be a bust..."

The Sun Is All But Spotless: Are We Headed For An Ice Age?

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I Can't Believe This


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 3.43.24 PM

H/T Pamela Geller

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Vince Li approved to live at group home in Winnipeg

Bus beheading victim's mother speaks out against killer's move to group home

Sign the petition.

I have an idea that should radically change this nonsense. If people like Li commit another crime, let those responsible for his release be brought up on accessory charges.

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New Rules...

...for Canadian citizenship:

This will have lefties' knickers in a knot, but then again when aren't they in a knot?

The new rules are: "...aimed at safeguarding Canadian citizenship for genuine applicants only, deterring ‘citizens of convenience’, or those who become citizens for the sake of having a Canadian passport."

"In addition to the tightening of rules regarding application, Canadian citizenship can be revoked as well, if attained by means other than birth.

With the introduction of the C-24 Bill, a two-tier system is implemented where non-Canadians gain citizenship on a different basis than citizens born in the country."
RTWT.  Oh, the humanity!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

From Twitter

"In the last 2 years, Israelis developed 11 different ways to treat cancer and heart problems and we Arabs developed 7 new execution methods"

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Boycotts, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) running into a bit of trouble:

We must fight BDS in the name of human rights

BDS Has Only One Weapon

Roskam Anti-BDS Provisions Headed to President's Desk

Should be very entertaining watching The One deal with this one.

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Fox News South - On Fire

I Guess They've Run Out Of...

Sex In The Middle East

Ah, Yes

Well, That Didn't Take Long

Alberta environment minister faces questions over work on protest book

NDP will double carbon levy by 2017: By 2017, the Alberta government will require large emitters to reduce greenhouse gases by 20 per cent

Alberta legislature begins session under NDP, and everyone is watching the money

Wildrose brings the FUNK in attack on environment minister’s past

"If all goes according to plan, Alberta’s first legislative sitting under an NDP government will wrap up Thursday afternoon.

We will have survived.

The government didn’t nationalize the oilsands or add the hammer and sickle to the province’s coat or arms. MLAs didn’t sing Solidarity Forever at the start of each day and the Alberta Legislature didn’t tilt so far left that it slid into the North Saskatchewan River."

It may be a case of saving the best for last.

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When I Hear News Like This...

Same As The Below

BEWARE OF THE DOGHOUSE!Buy your lady the wrong gift and this is what could happen.... !

Posted by Wave 105 on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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