Sunday, July 30, 2006

Civilian casualties or civilian pawns?

This: Photos that damn Hezbollah and this: UN Observer Post Used by Hizballah give you all you need to know about Hezbollah and its tactics in the war with Israel. It's a sinister ruse, yet the lamestream media together with it's leftwing groupies just keep lapping it all up.

If that's not enough for folks like the catnip, try this: Obsession: What the War on Terror is Really About. Of course, if you want to carry on with your silly anti-Americanism, go right ahead. We all know you're a useful fool.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Catty Catnip: Achieving enlightenment or stuck on stupid?

Whenever I discover a new blog I like to go back to the first few posts and read them. Bloggers often introduce themselves with a little biography in their first post and sometimes in the next few they will reveal further facts about their personal perspectives, their life history and so on. When I first found the Catty Catnip, I followed my usual strategy of reading the early entries, plus I have been reading her blog off and on now for more than a month. Although I find her style and the lack of substance rather tiresome and boring, as a specimen of modern day whacky leftism, her blog is an interesting study. In fact, having been a leftist a long time ago, I have even found myself in agreement with her once or twice and I think we have some common roots.

Very early in her blogging career, she revealed that nearly twenty years ago she gave up a dependence on an addictive prescription drug that was often used for treatment of stress and depression. Of course, I can only admire her strength in overcoming this affliction and her courage in making that very personal information public by posting it on a blog. I hope she realizes it's out there now for all to see.

Her revelation of such personal information did allow me to connect a few more of the dots in my ongoing study of her as a personality. Twenty years ago I was just coming out of a serious depression myself, having separated from my husband. Having married a way too young and for all the wrong reasons, I had to face life on my own for the very first time and deal with some very real issues in my own personality. To put it succinctly, in my mid-thirties I had to finally grow up and learn to handle life on my own. It was a rough ride, but it was well worth it.

I had hopped on the 60s radicalism bandwagon and like many others who did the same, I went through a period of disillusionment and ennui in the mid-seventies, about the same time the Viet Nam war came to an end and the feminist movement was running into trouble. Like so many of my generation, during the late 70's and early 80's, I endured a period of soul searching and spiritual hunger - and emotionally wrenching experiences I doubt I will ever have to go through again.

Some of my generation got further and further into the drug scene and became full-blown addicts, subsequently having varying degrees of success in controlling their habit. Catty Catnip appears to have been more successful than some of these poor souls, although it's hard to understand how she managed.

Others - following another track then very much in vogue - began exploring the religions found in India and the Far East. Even the Beatles, THE pre-eminent rock group of our era, had followed that journey and pale skinned followers (ie. not Indian) of Hari Krishna, in their flowing robes, were to be seen on the streets of even the small Canadian prairie city of Saskatoon, where I lived at that time. Still others returned with utter abandon to the faith of their ancestors, taking Christianity to an extreme even their parents would not have recognized. Thus, the 1970s boom in born-again sects of Christianity and a proliferation of new holy-roller churches unheard of prior to that era.

Somewhere during those times, I stopped calling myself an avowed atheist and began to understand that atheists, even if they claim not to believe in any god, do have a idea of what the Judeao-Christian God is, against which they rail, but refuse to contemplate that there may be other conceptualizations. They have one concept. They reject it. Therefore there is no God. Like them, I had no acceptable concept and, although I wanted to, I could not find one. I had to come to terms with the fact that whatever God might be, He/She/It will forever be a mystery to me and that's okay. I kind of like it that way and I now laugh at atheists on soapboxes, as they presume, beyond all doubt, to know the unknowable, to have clinched, unlike anyone else, the ultimate truth, thereby revealing their silliness.

It also took me a long time to admit to no longer having a socialistic outlook on the world. At the end of it, I had to accept that I had changed my politics. I was now completely estranged from the old guard of the 60s and was gradually losing my discomfort when in the company of those at the other end of the spectrum. Although I do think our generation's heart was in the right place, I now look at many of the ideas that prevailed during the 60s as silly and childish. We just didn't understand that the world is not and never will be Nirvana and, as a consequence, I now look upon some of our then strident beliefs as pure, unadulterated narrow-minded bigotry.

I suspect the Catty Catnip and I have a few things in common, then. For example, she has talked about her grandchildren, and although I don't have grandchildren, I am certainly old enough to have several running around. I suspect, therefore, that Catty Catnip and I are roughly the same age. She has revealed she is a Buddhist, and I presume (perhaps incorrectly, I freely admit) that she was not born into that religion, but like many others during the '70s and 80's she was led to it during the great and tumultuous reality-facing "come down" that followed the high produced by the radicalism of the 1960s.

But while I have mellowed considerably since then, Catnip, on the other hand, has not. What Catnip reveals about her personality, through the topics she chooses to write about and, most especially, through the manner in which she develops her ideas, is a baby boomer of advancing age, who has yet to grow up. She hasn't the capacity to critically evaluate any of the subjects she entertains. She lacks the skill of developing a case in support of her position. She utterly fails to do anything but repeat, ad nauseam, the talking points first uttered so long ago by the leaders of the 60s radicalism. In short, despite her age, and the era through which she has lived, somewhere way back when, she simply stopped growing. Alas, she is stuck on stupid, still a catty teenager in her approach to life’s heavy issues and deep philosophical questions.

How ironic, then, that on Thursday of this past week she pays homage to the Dalai Lama, praising him thus: “His astounding capacity for humilty (sic) and compassion reminds all of us that we too can attain such an enlightened state, even in the midst of great turmoil.”

So, Catty. When will your journey to enlightenment actually begin? Enlightenment requires spiritual growth and arises most fully from having successfully dealt with life's many pains. If you are seeking enlightenment, I surely hope you believe in reincarnation, 'cause I don't think you're going to make it in this go round.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

The Catty Catnip States Her Case

...and fails.

Further to my June 18th posting, the Catty Catnip makes so many indefensible and illogical statements in her post, and again in her little snit with Arabian Knight, I simply cannot resist returning to an examination of her nonsense.

First of all, the entry on her blog, which prompted Arabian Knight’s pointed attack, links to a Globe & Mail article summarizing statements made during a debate by Liberal leadership contender, Michael Ignatieff. Among statements attributed to Ignatieff in the article is this:

“…to prevent human-rights disasters, the world needs more muscular peacekeeping missions that are prepared to return fire with fire, rather than the traditional blue-beret peacekeepers.”

According to the article, Ignatieff now enjoys the support of Romeo Dallaire, whose experience in Rwanda certainly supports Ignatieff’s position. Due to restrictions in the peacekeeping mandate given Dallaire, he could do nothing but watch helplessly while one of the most serious instances of genocide in recent history unfolded in front of him, while his pleas to other countries to send in troops to stop the genocide went unheeded. In Ignatieff’s words:

“For weeks, brave Canadians watched without being able to intervene while 800,000 people were massacred. Dallaire sought to stop this massacre. But he lacked the equipment, weapons, and rules of engagement needed to act. The Liberal government, all Canadians even, promised it would never happen again. We are in Afghanistan to keep that promise.”

To this, Catty Catnip responds:

"Now that Romeo Dallaire is backing Ignatieff, the candidate is using Dallaire's situation in Rwanda to offer a false equivalency with what's happening in Afghanistan." (Emphasis mine.)

If I am to understand the Catty Catnip here, apparently waiting for genocide to occur before we react is the appropriate way to proceed. What was going on in Taleban-ruled Afghanistan doesn’t merit intervention apparently, at least not on the grounds of “prevention”. If Catty Catnip’s “philosophy” had prevailed, the Taleban, one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes to be seen on the planet in many, many years, would still be in power and that, of course, would be better than anything that Bush has done.

She further claims:

"Canadian troops are in Afghanistan because Canadians were killed on 9/11 and the Liberal government decided to join the coalition to wage war on Afghanistan because the Taliban supported al Quaeda (sic)."

Apparently, in Catty Catnip’s world, Canada’s reaction to 9/11 was based on the following premises: a) that it was not an act of genocide, b) the act merited a response from Canada only because Canadians were killed, not because of the nearly 3,000 others of various nationalities who met their end that day. I can only presume that had Canadians not been killed on 9/11, she would think there is no need for Canada to be in Afghanistan.

The Catty Catnip continues:

"The mission (in Afghanistan) has changed. It is now being handed over to NATO because the US wants to pull out its troops - refusing to clean up the mess they've made of the place by supporting warlords and ignoring the thriving poppy cultivation in order to pursue the bigger mess they've caused in Iraq." (Emphasis mine.)

Here she is just plain wrong. One wonders if the Catty Catnip even knows what NATO is, so, for her enlightenment, I will delve into that a bit later.

So, yes, NATO has been involved in Afghanistan since 2003, but you'll be sorry to learn, Catty Catnip, that Prime Minister Jean Chretien announced Canada’s commitment to the cause even earlier than that, in fact, less than a month after 9/11. This link is a leftwing website, BTW. I am sure she would be seriously conflicted, should she have to refute it in order to maintain her airheaded stance.

The fact that Canada has belonged to NATO since its inception, could very well have also been one of the prime reasons Chretien cast our lot with all the other nations which came to America’s defense, although in Chretien’s own words, Canada’s motivation was security and economics. In other words, we are there for our own protection. Our participation on the ground in Afghanistan was most certainly due to our membership in the United Nations, regardless of who happens to be the occupant of the Oval Office. In short, Canada went to Afghanistan for reasons that go well beyond just the fact that Canadians were killed on 9/11.

To review the history of the current international intervention in Afghanistan, perhaps the Catty Catnip should read up a bit on the Bonn Conference held in December of 2001, the outcome of which was an agreement known as the Agreement on Provisional Arrangements in Afghanistan Pending the Re-establishment of Permanent Government Institutions. The Conference was hosted by the German government, sponsored by the United Nations and its participants were Afghans. Item 3 of Annex I of this Agreement reads as follows:

“Conscious that some time may be required for the new Afghan security and armed forces to be fully constituted and functioning, the participants in the UN Talks on Afghanistan request the United Nations Security Council to consider authorizing the early deployment to Afghanistan of a United Nations mandated force. This force will assist in the maintenance of security for Kabul and its surrounding areas. Such a force could, as appropriate, be progressively expanded to other urban centres and other areas.” (Emphasis mine.)

In response to that request the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was organized. Our participation in Afghanistan is solidly within our longstanding tradition of supporting justice and humanitarian relief overseas. Shall we presume Catty Catnip has a problem with that tradition? Moreover, should she dare to read this link, she will see that rotations of command have been integral to the mission from the very beginning.

For her overdue enlightenment, then, I present the essence of NATO’s purpose, taken from the organization’s website (click on the “What is NATO?” button):

“NATO is committed to defending its member states against aggression or the threat of aggression and the principle that an attack against one or several members would be considered as an attack against all.”

It’s an alliance, Catty Catnip. Several European countries, Canada and the United States are committed to protecting each other, which, in case you can’t connect the dots, includes even your sorry ass. Awwwwe. President Bush loves you. Isn’t that sweet.

Not only does the Catty Catnip get the NATO angle completely wrong, her delusional rant about the American pullout from the south totally mischaracterizes what is actually happening. The expanded role now being implement by NATO was planned at a meeting back in early December, 2005 and NATO, along with Russia, are handling the narcotics issue, a partnership also decided at that meeting. Not only that, but it is merely another of the six month rotational patterns which were put in place right at the beginning.

Apparently the Catty Catnip believes we should all sit back and whine, while we let the United States handle everything. After all, we have to keep a low profile so that all the evil in the world can be pinned on the hated Americans, don’t we, Catnip. I, for one, am proud that Canada has once again found its place in the world and is now pulling its own weight.

Not only that, but the fact is, the US had already “hiked its troop levels in Afghanistan in recent months from 18,000 to 23,000.” Allied nations of Britain, Canada and the Netherlands collectively will be increasing their troops by about 8,000, at which time US forces will be reduced. To summarize what actually happened, NATO simply took over administration of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in 2003, and the supposed "abandonment" about which the Catty Catnip blathers is simply another instance of rotation. This was far from a sharp departure from what was already in place.

This is hardly cause for such mind boggling BS, Catnip, but I’ve come to expect that from you, so ……. yawn.

But that’s not enough. Catty Catnip, in her bizarre rebuke of Arabian Knight, declares the following:

"Peace-building? Let's call it what it is: nation-building. And that is right out of the neocon playbook."

Yes, Catty Catnip, it is nation building, and if you dare to read the link about the Bonn Conference, that is exactly what the Afghans assembled there requested of the international community: Nation Building. Who would have guessed that Afghans and the United Nations were neocons? What a surprise!!!

The Catty one continues to display her incapacity in her little spat with Arabian Knight when she says this:

"And if Ignatieff is so concerned with massacres and peacekeeping, perhaps he'd like to explain to Canadians how our troops, who are now so stretched, will be able to respond to Darfur - where people are being eliminated on a broad scale."

Well, dingbat, it was the Liberals who decimated our armed forces. The Conservatives are now committed to rebuilding them and you are philosophically opposed to all things Conservative (both upper and lower case "c"). Remember?

When finally backed into a corner by the Knight in Shining Armor, the Catty Catnip then angrily retorts with the tired old peacenik response used by everyone of her ilk, once having run out of steam:

”I'm antiwar. Period. And if Canadian troops are going to be used, they should be used for peacekeeping. Period. Clear enough for you?”

Yes, Catty Catnip. That’s very clear. That’s exactly what they were sent to do in Rwanda, but look what happened there. Peacekeeping requires that there first be peace to keep. In the absence of peace, other measures must be taken to create peace and that frequently means war. A bunch of blue bereted Canadians flashing peace signs is not enough to stop atrocities, whether it’s in Rwanda, Afghanistan or Darfur. Romeo Dallaire’s pleas to the United Nations were for the kind of support that can only be considered armed intervention, which is another way of saying war, Catty Catnip. Michael Ignatieff is right on the mark, and you are still an idiot. Period! Clear enough for you?

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