Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Has Become So Commonplace...

...we hardly hear about it any more:

Six Cubans Perish at Sea

Poor bloody Cubans. Nobody cares. Except bloggers.

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Is EurAbia Waking Up?

What Will They Think Of Next

'Missy' Becomes The First Sex Doll To Be Launched Into Space
"...I regret to inform you that Missy is no longer of this Earth. At the height of 102,000 feet, she popped and began to rapidly fall until she was ripped apart, not by a well hung gentleman, but the force of reentering the atmosphere. Missy, a doll who was quite literally up for anything, withstood temperatures of -70 degrees Fahrenheit, cosmic ray radiation, and high-energy particles from other solar systems. Which means, given higher modifications, future Missys could possibly withstand grunting astronauts climbing on top of her as they relieve their lust amongst the stars."
Oh my.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Good Stuff From James Delingpole

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Just Because..

There are some advantages to being female.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013


DNA from a 50,000 year old toe shows Neanderthals were highly inbred
"The DNA studies have now proved that Neanderthals and modern humans interbred, a question that scientists have disagreed over for years. In fact, it is currently estimated that between 1.5 per cent and 2.1 per cent of the genomes of modern non-African people can be traced to Neanderthals."
I've known people who were Neanderthal-like. This could explain some of my observations.

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Waiting For The Big One...

...never mind global warming, climate change, the really big earth quake on the left coast, try dealing with this one:

Yellowstone supervolcano larger than previously known, study shows
"...beneath the famous caldera and the steaming pools, there is a supervolcano that could erupt with 2,000 times the force of the 1980 Mount St. Helens blast." beneath the famous caldera and the steaming pools, there is a supervolcano that could erupt with 2,000 times the force of the 1980 Mount St. Helens blast.
"The massive chamber contains enough volcanic material to match the supervolcano's last three eruptions."
"If the next eruption is anything like its last, which happened 640,000 years ago, it will spew large amounts of volcanic ash and material into the atmosphere, Farrell said. The volcanic material will circle around the Earth."

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


...Is this a trumped up charge or is it true:

"Egypt state media is reporting that the top prosecutor has referred Morsi to trial for conspiring with foreign groups with the intention of carrying out terrorist operations in the country.
"Egypt state media is reporting that the country's top prosecutor has referred ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi to trial for conspiring with foreign groups with the intention of carrying out terrorist operations in the country.

The state news agency reported Wednesday that Morsi and 35 others, including the Muslim Brotherhood's top three leaders, are charged with revealing state secrets to a foreign country, sponsoring terrorism and carrying out military training and other acts that undermined Egypt's stability and independence.

Morsi is already under investigation over allegations he and the Brotherhood worked with the Palestinian militant group Hamas on a prison break that freed him and other members of the group during Egypt's 2011 uprising."
I can believe it

More here:
"Prosecutors claim that while president, Morsi and his aides revealed state secrets to the militant groups and to Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Morsi and 35 others, including the Muslim Brotherhood's top three leaders, are also accused of sponsoring terrorism and carrying out combat training and other acts to undermine Egypt's stability.

The charges, which refer to incidents as far back as 2005, carry the death penalty.

Mohammed el-Damaty, a defense lawyer for Muslim Brotherhood members, said the lawyers have not attended any of their clients' interrogations and have no idea about the details of the charges."
That last little bit is interesting, isn't it? Don't know quite what to think about i, but that stench has a familiar quality. Sleaze, I think it is. Or maybe fear. If I was legal counsel for the Muslim Brotherhood, I'd be looking over my shoulder. And it looks like they are:
"At least 17 of the 35 people charged Wednesday with Morsi are on the run, prosecutors said."
I think I'll quit complaining about the snow.

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Good Grief!!

What's obama up to now.?!

Gotta help those Muzzies I guess.

Arrest, detention of Indian diplomat in New York triggers uproar

She was strip searched. Real classy. The only thing missing was rape.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

You Think You've Got It Bad?

Imagine dealing with this:

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Got Too Much Time On Your Hands?

Try this:

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Christmas Roundup

Thank you, Madam:

Sikh MP wishes ‘Merry Christmas’, slams political correctness

First snow in Egypt in 112 years. Well, they said it was "climate change", not global warming, ya know.

Funny, they just had the annual gathering of the warmanistas nearby, too. Pretty soon there won't be any place they'll be able to hold it. Perhaps somewhere along the equator. Maybe Zaire.

I guess it's too late to hold it in Rome:

Study: Earth was warmer in Roman, Medieval times
"A Swedish study found that the planet was warmer in ancient Roman times and the Middle Ages than today, challenging the mainstream idea that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are the main drivers of global warming.

The study, by scientist Leif Kullman, analyzed 455 “radiocarbon-dated mega-fossils” in the Scandes mountains and found that tree lines for different species of trees were higher during the Roman and Medieval times than they are today. Not only that, but the temperatures were higher as well."

Nasty, brutish and short, as well as twisted, sick and inbred.

PS: Looks like there was snow all over the Middle East.

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Was It Ahmadinejad?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


"Michelle Obama's campaign against obesity thwarted when the president reached for the Danish."

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

They Obviously Don't Live In Canada


And then there's this Irish lad:

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Monday, December 09, 2013

Way Cool!!

HO! HO! HO!!

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There They Go Again!

Holding the annual Global Warming conference in a hot country:

Clock is ticking fast, UN climate talks told
"The EU, Australia and some small Kyoto parties, representing about 15 percent of total global emissions, have said they would take on commitments in a second period, but New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Russia will not. "In Doha, governments must agree to the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol and close the loopholes that could give countries a free pass to pollute for years," urged Greenpeace's Martin Kaiser."
Do you smell a conspiracy? I sure do.

And for God's sake. Why do they call it pollution?

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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Canada, Tears And Music

No matter how many times I listen to him, I get all teary-eyed. This man put Canada on the musical map. Even though he was from Nova Scotia, his lexicon covered the entire country - the prairies, the north, and of course, the east coast. And his tragic and horrifying end was a good, if macabre, lesson for we spoiled brats of the '60s. I miss you terribly, Stan.

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Friday, December 06, 2013


from Facebook:
"The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene on Parliament Hill this Christmas season.
This isn't for any religious reason. They simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in the Nation's Capitol.
A search for a Virgin continues.

There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable."

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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Yet Another One Bites The Dust

Of course, it was the Joooooos (or maybe Harper) that did it:

Hezbollah commander gunned down in Beirut

Give us more please

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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Oh Dear

It's getting harder and harder for "the creator put us here" crowd to stand their ground. Not only that, but they're related to the evil Whiteman:

Surprise’ DNA profile linking 24,000-year-old Siberian skeleton to modern Native Americans could rewrite First Nations’ story, experts say
"The surprise discovery of traces of European ancestry in the 24,000-year-old bones of a boy unearthed in the heart of Siberia has caught the attention of Canadian experts, who say the find could rewrite the story of the people who first populated ancient Canada and the rest of the Americas."
"The ancient boy’s DNA profile may help explain why a “European” strain of genetic material can be found among today’s New World indigenous communities, a mystery that many scientists had assumed was the result of contact in recent centuries with successive waves of colonizers from Europe."

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Almost all of the above.

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Good One From El Steyn

Ice Everywhere, But No Hockey Sticks
"Antarctic ice is now at a 35-year high. But scientists are “baffled” by the planet’s stubborn refusal to submit to their climate models. Maybe the problem with Nobel fantasist Michael Mann’s increasingly discredited hockey stick is that he’s holding it upside down."

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Oh My!!!

Islamists are getting beat up everywhere:

Rojava – Kurdish forces expell Islamist rebels
"On the third day YPG forces from Hasakah who had surrounded Tiwene (Al-Tuwinah) moved in and liberated the town. Tiwene was important since the town and the Poultry farm outside Tiwene was used as a base from where Al-Qaeda and the jihadists groups coordinated and exerted power in the surrounding areas. 11 civilians, mostly truck drivers kidnapped by Al Qaeda were freed in Tiwene."
"According to the official YPG statement 34 jihadists were killed, whereas two YPG fighters, both commanders, had been martyred in the clashes. Furthermore, 2 tons of explosives, a couple of vehicles and many weapons were seized from Al Qaeda. 29 villages and some Al Qaeda positions were now under YPG control."
"Female YPJ forces taking part in YPG operations is not something new, but as far as I know, it is the first time YPG officially acknowledges that YPJ special forces took part in a major YPG operation. Its probably an indication that we will hear more from female YPJ special forces in future operations."
Alright, girls. That itself, must just kill the Islamists. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Long live Kurdistan!!

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The Once Great City of Havana
"Almost every picture I’ve ever seen of Cuba’s capital shows the city in ruins. Una Noche, the 2012 gut punch of a film directed by Lucy Mulloy, captures in nearly every shot the savage decay of what was once the Western Hemisphere’s most beautiful city."
"Perhaps the wrecked part of the city—which is to say, most of it—strikes more people as photogenic. But I don’t think that’s it. The reason restored Old Havana is ignored by photographers, I believe, is because it looks and feels fake."
Yup. Way back when my oldest was about 20 months old (and I was pregnant with the second), we went to Cuba, and Havana was old and crumbling even then. Paint was pealing off of nearly every building. We noticed that the tourists got the best food, while the locals went without.

The only good thing about Cuba was the deserted beaches. Beautiful long white sand beaches and hardly anyone on them, although the one we were at was across a bay from a sulphur plant and the wind carried the stench over the bay toward the resort. Believe me, when you are in the early months of a pregnancy, you don't want to be smelling something the very nearly induces vomiting all by itself. And this was in a tourist resort!

About the only thing good I remember was my son (at less than two, I should point out) seemed to learn the alphabet while we were there. I remember him scratching the letters into the sand on the beech by the hotel. He was a real hit with all the other tourists. I remember standing outside a building (I think it was a restaurant) waiting to be let in. There was a lantern on the exterior wall, with a small flame inside it. A whole bunch of tourists that we had met earlier were standing with us (must have been some kind of organized tour event or maybe it was in the resort village where we were staying) and I remember in particular one Portuguese woman who had really taken a shine to our little gaffer.

Anywho, the flame was shaped like a W and our kid, carrying on the theme, pointed at it and said "Hot blubbleyou". Everybody laughed, especially the Portuguese lady.

Well, hopefully, some day soon, Cuba will shake off it's communist government and Havana will be reborn. The country certainly has the potential to be a thriving tourist destination.

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Hum! Dust Lying Every Where...

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Seven Websites On Indian Control Of Indian Education...

...every one of which says absolutely nothing. Just a bunch of empty politically correct platitudes:

Inspiring Success:Building Towards Student Achievement

I especially like this, from the table of contents: "First Nations And Metis Ways Of Knowing" Huh?

Nourishing the Learning Spirit: Coming To Know and Validating Knowledge: Foundational Insights on Indian Control of Indian Education in Canada

Ensuring No American Indian and Alaska Native Child Is Left Behind

Indigenous Education in the 21st Century - Participatory Approaches

Indian control over Indian education remains the focus

First Nations Control of First Nations Educations

Indian Control Of Indian Education: A Brief History

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