Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Horrible Thought

It just occurred to me as I was listening again to the speech given by Tarek Fatah, that he is this generation's Martin Luther King Jr.  The content of his speech and the spirit of its delivery is very similar. Look at the quote from MLK up in my masthead.

What if some kook takes it upon himself to assassinate Fatah?  I hope he is well protected, but somehow, given our complacency and our subservience to political correctness, I doubt whether he is.

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Blaming It On Human Produced CO2

...has become so passe, but there's still some scaremongering to be congered up.
"Warming ocean waters are causing the largest movement of marine species seen on Earth in more than two million years, according to scientists.

In the Arctic, melting sea ice during recent summers has allowed a passage to open up from the Pacific ocean into the North Atlantic, allowing plankton, fish and even whales to into the Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific.

Warming ocean waters are causing the largest movement of marine species seen on Earth in more than two million years, according to scientists.

In the Arctic, melting sea ice during recent summers has allowed a passage to open up from the Pacific ocean into the North Atlantic, allowing plankton, fish and even whales to into the Atlantic Ocean from the Pacific.

Rising ocean temperatures are also allowing species normally found in warmer sub-tropical regions to into the northeast Atlantic."
Apparently whatever extinctions may happen in our age are wholly unnatural and cause for alarm. It has to be us humans, right?
"A form of algae known as dinoflagellates has also been found to be moving eastwards across the Atlantic towards Scandinavia and the North Sea.

Huge blooms of these marine plants use up the oxygen in the water and can produce toxic compounds that make shellfish poisonous."
"“It seems for the first time in probably thousands of years a huge area of sea water opened up between Alaska and the west of Greenland, allowing a huge transfer of water and species between the two oceans.

“The opening of this passage allowed the wind to drive a current through this passage and the water warmed up making it favourable for species to get through.

“In 1999 we discovered a species in the north west Atlantic that we hadn’t seen before, but we know from surveys in the north Pacific that it is very abundant there.

"This species died out in the Atlantic around 800,000 years ago due to glaciation that changed the conditions it needed to survive. [emphasis mine]

“The implications are huge. The last time there was an incursion of species from the Pacific into the Atlantic was around two to three million years ago.

"Large numbers of species were introduced from the Pacific and made large numbers of local Atlantic species extinct.

“The impact on salmon and other fish resources could be very dramatic. The indications are that as the ice is continuing to melt in the summer months, climate change could lead to complete melting within 20 to 30 years, which would see huge numbers of species migrating."
Notice the author didn't seem to grasp that they contradict themselves (italicized part) and note also that commentors are givin' the author what fer.

And this Saskatchewan woman isn't having any more of the scaremongering either:

Hard evidence needed on climate change
"Look: If there's a clear pattern of global warming - sorry, "climate change" - that can be proven without skullduggery or obfuscation, most of us will be willing to do what it takes to rectify things. But increasingly, it seems, "experts" are claiming wacky weather simply to advance an agenda.

A few trees uprooted and hail storms in Ontario this week? Must be climate change. The same goes for the recent floods in Quebec and Manitoba and tornadoes in the U.S. Even the Japanese tsunami elicited a few "climate change" prognoses."
"The fact is, tornadoes in the U.S. Midwest were worse in the 1930s - not to mention the continentwide, Dirty Thirties drought. Some residents of northeast Japan are the third generation to have experienced tsunamis. And the recent flooding around Lumsden, for example, was as bad in 1974.

British weather forecasters recently predicted this summer could be as hot as the famously hot summer of 1976. This winter, December was the coldest and snowiest in Britain in 30 years. During the "little ice age," a period of cooling between 1150 and 1850, people skated on the Thames.

Could it be the weather's always been a bit wacky and prone to periods of extremes?

Ontario may have roasted last summer, and a 40 C day there last week inevitably made the evening news. But the province has always been prone to high heat. When I lived there in the early '80s, I remember high, muggy heat every day.

Of course, it used to boil here, too. But nowadays, local TV weather reporters emblazon forecasts for 22 C with bright sun labels reading "Hot." Some hot. When the sun goes behind a cloud when it's 22 C, you have to find a jacket.

Canadian climatologist Gordon McBean may say, "We'll have more hot summers as the climate warms. Over the past 25 years, average temperatures have been steadily rising across the country."

But last spring, Saskatchewan experienced one of the wettest, coolest springs "on record." The summer continued much the same, as it did across most of the country.

In 2009, Environment Canada reported that in Saskatchewan, July was "more than two degrees colder than normal." Ditto for most of the spring, summer and winter. Temperatures in 2009 across Western Canada were "much cooler than normal."
"We know scientists rely on temperature readings because in the infamous "climategate" emails, they fretted that freedom of information regulations might force them to reveal temperatures were actually falling.

Either way, they've gotta do better than a few polar bears and show us the unadulterated, empirical evidence.

Until we have such evidence, let there be a moratorium on laments by the likes of fired parliamentary page Brigitte De Pape that we're "destroying the planet," or by Green MP Elizabeth May that climate change is the "single largest threat."

There are many threats in this world. But climate change doesn't appear to be one of them.

As for me, I remain cautiously optimistic that "global warming" may someday return to the Prairies. I miss it."
I hear ya' sister. I remember sweltering in +100F temperatures during the summer when I as a kid in the '50s and early '60s. We survived.

And I lived in Southwestern Ontario through two summers about 20 years ago, and yes, it is hot and muggy but their winters are positively balmy compared to ours here in Saskatchewan. Didn't stop them from complaining about the cold, though.  Wimps.

Every time I hear more about the devastating floods taking place right now along the Souris River, I remember the dire predictions about sweltering, parched land turning the prairies into an uninhabitable desert, and not withstanding the suffering of the folks down in that area, I have to laugh. But it seems some so-called scientists still don't get it. The real weather is proving their predictions totally false.

The earth is always in a state of flux, folks. The earth is a natural integrated system and that's how nature behaves. Nothing new here.  Still, if you get a grant, I guess you gotta produce the "evidence".

Yawn. Aren't you surprised we're still hearing and reading these things in the media? Must be all that money from Big Green.

PS: Don't  ya love the little swipe at our dear Brigette?

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As Seen On BCF...

...a barnburner of a speech by Tarek Fatah.  Thank God for him and for us that he lives in a Western country!

Watch live streaming video from ideacity at

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I'm Baaaaack (Updates aka tinkering, added)

I've been offline for over a month but not much has changed in the world.

While I was offline, two things happened which I could have exploited to the hilt, so I will:

First, is our little Brigitte Depape (or is it Brigette. The press can't make up their minds, even if they do call the incident for what it is.) and her stand for, for.....for.....what exactly, we don't know.

Oh well, she got a job for her trouble. I wonder what one does exactly when one works for Michael Moore? She better be a good cook and have lots of recipes for cooking in large quantities. And she can supply him with a steady stream of lies about Canada for any upcoming films he may want to make.

The other was the NDP's (so far failed) move to drop the word "socialist" from their constitution. They're fixing to replace the Liberal Party.  I say, why the hell not. It would be good to have a showdown between two ideologically opposed parties in the country and watch the old socialist buffoons go down the tube.  After all, if the Liberal Party of Canada, as "socialist lite", is down the tube, we might as well wrap up the rest of them, the hard core socialists, and send them packing into the annals of history's failed ideas. Faster, please!

Anyway, looking forward to a resumption of blogging about all the craziness in the world, but I may not be as prolific as in the past. Sorry all you folks who kept checking in hoping to find an update. It was Sasktel's fault.

Oh. And the entry below was done using my sister's computer.  The Canucks still suck, though. So does their city. See what you get for being so "nice".

And you wonder why Canada is moving to the right (You go, Rob Ford!!) and the NDP is left huffing and panting, in a state of confusion, as they try to catch up.

I wonder if Rob Ford would consider moving to Vancouver.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bah! Humbug!!

Vancouver sucks!!

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