Friday, August 03, 2012

Olympics and Other Stuff

I haven't been fixated on the games, but I have read a few interesting things - on blogs, of course. For example:

Italians hold moment of silence for Israeli athletes murdered in Munich

Good for the Italians. I've been hoping Canadian Olympians would do something along those lines, but nothing yet - unless, of course, the media hasn't reported it.

Yesterday, on the radio station that I listen to all day long they had an interesting discussion about whether or not Olympic swimmers pee in the pool, but that's about it. (This discussion on the radio reminded me of an old friend from years ago who used to use the phrase "silent, like the "P" in swimming." One of the participants in this discussion on the radio said something similar - they (the swimmers) are swimming in the 'ool. There's no "P" in it. Har. Har.)

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