Wednesday, September 02, 2009

CTV: Bottom Feeders

UPDATE: CBC is in on it, too. And many of their commenters are levying the same criticism at them. Gossip mongers.
Yesterday we were treated to a media frenzy about Michael Bryant, the former Attorney General of Ontario, dragging a cyclists to his death in a bizarre "accident" that seemed more deliberate than accidental. Okay. Fair game, especially since he was the province's top lawyer. The irony is all the more salacious, which certainly counts for CTV. But now this:

Police had contact with cyclist before fatal crash
"Police arrived at a home where the former girlfriend of Darcy Allan Sheppard lived on George Street, just after 9 p.m. on Monday. Officers were reportedly there to deal with a disturbance of some type.

Toronto police Const. Tony Vella said officers escorted Sheppard away from the scene and there were no allegations of criminal activity.

Vella also said there were no indications that Sheppard was intoxicated, though neighbours have suggested he may have been drinking that night." (Emphasis mine)
WTF does this have to do with the cyclist's tragic death? I don't like CBC because of their consistent leftwing bias, which is inappropriate for a taxpayer funded institution. Just as much, though, I have always thought CTV was guilty of choosing to sensationalize every bit of news or, more to the point, selecting only those news items with a gossipy angle that could be sensationalized. But don't you think this poor cyclist deserves better than that?

Thank God I don't have to pay CTV's anchors and reporters to give me this pap.


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