Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where Is That War Criminal When You Need Him?

One man's war criminal is another man's saviour.

While the entire entry from Winston's blog (at the second link) is worth a read, there are some cogent statements in the comments, namely:

"Also the moment there's a whiff of an attack you can guarantee that the sleeper cell of the mullahs, namely the anti-war coalition comprised of Islamist cut-throats and their mercenaries like that fat charlatan Galloway, hairy lesbians and tree-hugging layabouts, and farty liberal peaceniks, spring into action and organise 'peace' rallies all over the place, and present Iran as this plucky independent little country being attacked by blood-sucking and baby-killing Zionists and Big Oil. It works every time. A truly ghastly state of affairs all round.

My only hope is that Israel can and will do something, irrespective of what the mob and the disdainful liberal commentariat will say."
"I agree Winston, my cousin, a very intelligent and highly educated student born after 1979, called me after Saddam was invaded and told me people were dreaming of the day that the mullahs would see the same fate. Now it is written in stone that the Ayatollahs will use any sort of barbaric tool to insure their own survival. The only way is for a moral foreign entity to aid the people's aspirations of total removal of the religious establishment. But Obama will not see the light, he is just another Jimmy Carter."
"sag, I was there. I know it all well. I do remember one day in summer of 2004 when I was in front of Red Crescent drug store (daroo khaneye helal ahmar - that is in charge of selling government subsidized/expensive medicinee), one of the people, frustrated with the system was begging and yelling and shouting about why Pres Bush did not do to Mullahs what he had done to Saddam. I know full well that the Iranian people want mullahs punished and they know they can't do it themselves."
I agree that Bush made one big mistake, and that was that he should have turned East and taken out the Mad Mullahs while he was at it. It would have shortened the war in Iraq and brought about a much safer world. But, taking out one genocidal maniac bent on re-tooling his WDM program was pretty good in and of itself. Kind of like what my father was fighting for back in the 1940s.


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