Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dear Yanks

I'd be the last to say that here in Canuckistan our health care system is perfect, but please, lets put some myths to rest, shall we?

I have lived in four Canadian provinces and I have never been told which doctor I must visit. I have switched doctors twice due to my dissatisfaction with the one I had. I have never had trouble finding a doctor, although it's true some doctors refuse to take new patients because they already have a full load.

Although there are some horror stories out there which are undoubtedly true, and it's true that many Canadians go south to avoid long wait times, with the exception of the two doctors who I dumped, my experience with the care I have received has never been anything but exemplary.

I know that your system has many redeeming qualities, but I'd like to know why American doctors have to spend so much money on malpractice insurance. Doesn't that imply that doctors and hospitals can also screw up on your side of the 49th too? Up here in the attic we have a tendency focus on the worst parts of your system, or at least what we are led to believe are the worst. We never seem to think about all the great medical advancements that you Yanks have given to the world. But couldn't we we just stop believing the worst of each others systems and start dealing with ALL the facts, not just the ones that happen reinforce our prejudices?


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