Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank You Paul and Terry

I know Canadians are tiring of the Afghan war and some simply want to cut and run. Others are frustrated that the reasons and necessity for the war are not being articulated by the government.

Well, earlier today blogger Paul at Celestial Junk wrote one of the best pieces I have ever read on his blog. He quoted Terry Glavin. Terry Glavin showed up in the comments and quoted David Aaronovitch, linking to Aaronovitch's article in the Timesonline. Together all three articles and statements do a powerful job of articulating why we (meaning the West) need to win in Afghanistan. Please, if you are tiring of the war and wondering why we are still in it, GO AND READ THOSE PIECES!!!

Paul, Mark at The Torch and, indeed, Terry Glavin, frequently address Afghanistan on their blogs. Before you advocate making a terrible mistake - essentially allowing Afghanistan to revert to the Taliban, or a Taliban like government - make yourself better informed. If neither our government or our main stream media will make that case, we owe it to ourselves and the future of Western society to win this one and every other one that comes along until we have this vile ideology defeated.


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