Tuesday, April 24, 2012


An old adversary of mine, Sean Shaw, has got himself into a bit of trouble.
"Ward 4 candidate Sean Shaw has apologized for buying the domain names associated with Troy Davies, his electoral opponent.

Shaw bought the domain names that could be associated with Davies, who announced he was running in Ward4 Thursday morning. Both troydavies.ca and troydavies.com were redirecting to Shaw’s campaign site Thursday afternoon."
Sean used to have a blog on which he and I occasionally argued over just about everything. He's a Dipper and a graduate of an Environmental Science program from some university in Ontario.

He's completely bonkers. He knows nothing about the history of his own party. In one of our disputes, he revealed that he was unaware of the fact that during Trudeau's second term, in which the Liberals achieved minority status, the Trudeau Liberals were able to govern only because they invited the Federal NDP to climb into bed with them. Shaw was adamant that the NDP had never been and could never be cozy with the Liberals.

He's as hardcore leftie as they can get. The really sad thing is he's the chair of the City of Saskatoon's Environment Committee. The fact that he is running in the civic election there suggests to me that he has some grand designs about building a portfolio and might someday take a stab at running for office with the big guys in Regina or even Ottawa.

If there's one place in Saskatchewan where Dippers reign supreme it is Saskatoon. Poor city hasn't yet seen the light and being a university town, I doubt it ever will. That university has been churning out indoctrinated fools for generations. I credit it with instilling my own misguided ideology all those years ago. The journey back to sanity took me a long time and a lot of pain, but I made it.

I doubt Sean Shaw will ever make that journey. Perhaps he will one day teach environut orthodoxy at the U of S. Maybe he already is. (He was a graduate student at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon when we used to spar.) I'm pretty sure this lowball tactic of purchasing a domain name to prevent his opponent from claiming it will not work against him either. It's just that kind of town.

PS: If you read his apology (also at the link) you'll see he's blaming his campaign staff. Real classy.

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