Tuesday, December 04, 2012

No Surprise...


State TV presenter says cutting of broadcast part of "Brotherhoodization"
"After holding a burial shroud on-air on her Sunday evening show to protest the Muslim Brotherhood, state media presenter Hala Fahmy said state TV cut the transmission of her program.

Fahmy told Egypt Independent that the incident is a part of what she described as the “Brotherhoodization of the media.”

Fahmy pointed to the television coverage of Saturday’s demonstration in front of Cairo University as evidence, saying that both satellite and terrestrial channels spent hours covering the protests in support of President Mohamed Morsy’s recent constitutional declaration, in contrast to the amount of airtime these channels have given anti-Morsy protests in Tahrir Square over the last week."

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Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

Too late, I am afraid. The fox is already in the henhouse.

December 09, 2012 2:05 pm  

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