Friday, March 20, 2015

The NDP...

...still out of touch with Saskatchewanians:

Saskatchewan government fails to tackle climate change in provincial budget

"Environment critic Cathy Sproule said budget cuts in the last several years have shown the government's lack of action.

Climate-change deniers exist and ... that's something that is disappointing when we see that kind of attitude within our government," said Sproule.

The NDP will have "a lot more questions" if Eyre is elected in Saskatoon Stonebridge-Dakota in the next election, she said."
"We have the highest per-capita emissions in the country, which is embarrassing."
"Eyre noted in her column that there have been several extreme weather events in history — from extensive flooding in Saskatchewan in 1974 to tornadoes in the mid-western United States in the 1930s.

"Could it be the weather's always been a bit wacky and prone to periods of extremes?" she wrote. "Ontario may have roasted last summer and a 40 C day there last week inevitability made the evening news. But the province has always been prone to high heat."
Will it ever end??

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