Friday, November 30, 2012

Possum Lodge

Long time ago, my sister and her husband had a house with a workshop/garage in the yard at the back. It was filled with just enough of the fancy-dancy men's kind of equipment needed to make it look like there was actual work conducted in that workshop (table saw, for example). As a garage, though, it got very little use, since they had forgotten to provide access to it from the street, past the house to the back yard. No matter. Minor detail.

In addition to the actual machinery, the unmistakable mark of a workshop - a beer frig and a circle of lawn chairs completed the furnishings.

In any case, the garage soon acquired the name "Possum Lodge", after the men's meetin' house featured on the Red Green Show. It's where the men went when they wanted to act like real men - ie) sit around, drinking beer, smoking, burping and farting, telling tall tales. But sooner or later those damn women invaded the sanctuary (I know. Nothing is sacred, these days.) and before long we were all into the grove and the beer just came flying out of that frig.

By alas, they sold that house and bought another one across town, so we all lost access to Possum Lodge.

But Red Green lives on:

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