Thursday, November 15, 2012

From The...

..."Be Careful What You Ask For - You Might Get It" file, this one is looking pretty serious (Ed. Emphasis mine throughout, unless otherwise indicated.).

First there's the thinly veiled pro-Hamas article from the CBC:
"The fighting, which began Wednesday when Israel assassinated Hamas' military chief, ..."
Uh. No. It started at least three days earlier when Hamas began launching 130+ rockets ito Israel.
"Most Gazans remained in their homes, following developments on Hamas-run TV and local radio stations. Many also provided updates on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, providing news about airstrikes and rocket launches."
""My little 4-year-old boy keeps asking me to pray with him every 10 minutes, saying, 'Mama. Let's pray together to Allah in order to be safe," ' one woman, Ghadeer Ahmad, wrote on her Facebook account."
Oh. The poor impoverished Gazans. They have to cope, using Facebook and Twitter accounts, which of course don't require computers and internet access accounts. No. They are too poor and deprived for that.
"While streets were quiet, bakeries and groceries remained open. No food shortages were reported, and electricity, which suffers frequent outages even during normal times, remained sporadic.  Many families keep home generators to maintain power.  (And I'll bet you they are told it's Israel's fault, but if the Israelis were in charge of that. Problem solved.)

"I am trying to calm my children when they hear the sound of explosions," said Zainab Nimr, a 33-year-old mother of three. (Hmmmm. Israeli mothers are not doing the same thing, I suppose.) "We have enough food and water for four days, so I asked my husband to go out and get extra supplies. No one knows when this will end."" (She got that right. She might want to bring that up with Hamas.)
"We want to kill in the name of God," chanted mourners as angry gunmen fired automatic weapons into the air. Hundreds of people raised their index fingers in the air, chanting, "God is great." (By God, if that doesn't remind me of Iraq under Saddam Hussein. People saying what they expect the goons want to hear.)
"This crime will not weaken us. It will make us stronger and more determined to continue the path of jihad and resistance," Hamas lawmaker Mushir al-Masri said in a eulogy. 'The enemy opened the battle and shall bear the consequences.'" (Uh. huh.)
Of course, missing completely from the CBC's story is an Israeli viewpoint on the barrage of rockets that landed in Israel in the days preceding the Israeli initiative.

But, this does look like war:
"Israeli officials said Wednesday that a ground invasion was a strong possibility in the coming days if Hamas didn't rein in the rocket fire. Mid-morning Thursday, there was no sign such an invasion might be beginning. But the Israeli military was cleared to call up special reserve units — a sign the operation might broaden."
 But, I have to give CBC some credit. They do mention Iranian connections:
"The military said it destroyed dozens of the militants' most potent rockets -- the Iranian-made Fajr, which is capable of striking Israel's Tel Aviv heartland — as well as shorter-range rockets. In all, the military estimated Hamas had 10,000 rockets and mortars in its arsenal before the military operation began."
And they also cite Hamas' brutal history:
"Hamas, formed a quarter of a century ago as a resistance movement committed to Israel's destruction, has killed hundreds of Israelis over the years."
Meanwhile, Down Under, there's an editorial that states what CBC appears afraid to mention:
"HAMAS has only itself to blame for the latest Israeli military strikes in Gaza and the sooner the international community accepts this - rather than indulging in another round of knee-jerk condemnation of the Jewish state as an aggressor - the sooner an element of reality will return to Middle East peace efforts. (Emphasis in the original.)

While calls for caution and restraint are justified, Hamas's culpability is clear. Israel has an unequivocal duty to protect the lives of its citizens against deadly attacks by a terrorist organisation that steadfastly refuses to even acknowledge its right to exist. Since last weekend more than 120 lethal rockets - many supplied by Iran and Syria - have been fired from Gaza, indiscriminately targeting population centres in Israel. That's more than 800 fired by Hamas and associated terrorist groups such as Islamic Jihad this year, and 8000 since Israel withdrew from Gaza in a significant act of goodwill and in a gesture towards peace in 2005. At any time, a million Israelis are within range of the rockets and they have less than a minute to find shelter."

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