Thursday, June 14, 2012

Politics is Soooo Entertaining

Bill C-38: Voting continues in Parliament's omnibus budget marathon
"Bleary-eyed members of Parliament are continuing their round-the-clock voting on proposed amendments to the government's 425-page sweeping budget bill, and are expected to be stuck in the House of Commons until the wee hours.

As many as 159 consecutive votes — which began Thursday around 1 a.m. and are likely to stretch through to early Friday — are expected on more than 800 proposed opposition amendments to the federal government's Bill C-38.

By 10 a.m. Thursday, MPs had completed about 60 votes on proposed amendments and had nearly 100 more to go.

New Democrat MPs were slowly rising for each and every vote in what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to slow the voting process, while government MPs were being handed 30-minute breaks every four or five hours to grab some breakfast, brush their teeth and prepare for a long day in the House.

Indeed, MPs were stocking up on coffee, dark chocolate and a healthy supply of political outrage as they headed into a potentially 24-hour marathon session of voting on the federal government's budget-implementation bill"
On vote after vote, Conservatives quash C-38 amendments
"Federal MPs came armed with snacks, blankets, even iPads for a marathon voting session on the government's omnibus budget implementation bill, which began at around 1 a.m. ET Thursday morning.

The opposition parties have introduced more than 800 amendments or deletions to Bill C-38, which includes major changes on everything from Employment Insurance to environmental approvals for major projects.

Andrew Scheer, speaker of the House of Commons, grouped some of those amendments together and ruled others out earlier this week. The end result is that as many as 159 votes are being undertaken by MPs -- a process expected to take about 24 hours."
"...most MPs are organized in shifts to ensure each party has enough members in Commons at any given time during the voting marathon. The Conservatives, for example, have split their MPs into 11 groups, with 10 of the groups required in Commons at all times. As a result, all MPs get a short break at regular intervals to use the bathroom, get a coffee or stretch their legs."
As long as they get potty breaks, we're gonna be alright.

Read the comment from Angus99. Weep, lefties. Weep.

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Anonymous MaxEd said...

There's always the Depends option, or the large empty vinegar jugs carefully hidden under male MPs' desks!

June 14, 2012 12:16 pm  
Anonymous MaxEd said...

Sales of adult diapers must be booming...

June 14, 2012 12:19 pm  

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