Sunday, April 10, 2011

They're Baaack


One Dead, Dozens Injured After Egyptian Military, Protesters Clash

More than 1,000 defy Egypt army order to quit square

Hundreds of Egyptians remain in Tahrir after army concessions
"Hundreds of demonstrators remained in central Cairo’s Tahrir square on Sunday, following protests against the army’s chief, despite efforts by the country’s military rulers to appease protesters."
"The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which had been running the country since former president Hosny Mubarak stepped down in February, said Saturday evening it will replace some provincial governors appointed by the ousted president.

The move is an overture to protesters who are demanding a speedy trial for Mubarak and his aides for allegedly pocketing the equivalent of billions of dollars of state money during decades of power.

Protesters returned to the square, which had been the focal point of an 18-day uprising earlier this year, after clashes with army forces left at least one dead and 71 injured in the early hours of Saturday.

Following the clashes, thousands demonstrated against Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, who is the minister of defence and also the head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces."
The revolution is far from over, folks. It's waaaay too soon to predict how it will end.
Massive Cairo Protest Calls for Mubarak's Prosecution

Hundreds Return to Cairo’s Tahrir Square After Bloody Clashes With Egyptian Military Police

May I remind you again to go read the Sandmonkey.

Come on folks. Revolutions take years to complete.

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