Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday Morning

UPPERDATE: North Vancouver woman packs bags for Cairo in midst of political upheaval
"While state television has been accused of exaggerating accounts of looting and chaos, her family told her the protests are peaceful, Ramses noted.

“Whenever I speak to family and friends there, [it seems] the morale is pretty high,” she said. “My dad went to the Tahrir Square protest the other day and he said there are so many girls, so many women, and they’re treating it like a picnic. They’re sitting around in groups and singing.”"
By the way, that woman is almost the spittin' image of my daughter. And doesn't she also evoke an image of Queen Hapshetsup? Once again, Godspeed to the land of the pharaohs.
UPDATE: Okay, so I lied. I'm still up. I just wanted to say, three cheers for the former British Empire: Aussies escape Egypt on Canadian planes

Note that the opposition party in Australia is using the occasion to score brownie points by blasting the ruling party. Politics is the same everywhere.
It's 5:15 AM on February 1st in Cairo. Today is the day the protesters were promising a massive gathering.

Damn time zones!! I will be hitting the sack soon, so once again, I'll have to wait until the day is almost over in Cairo to see what actually happens. Any North American night owls who may want to keep tabs over night, I would suggest following either (or both) of these two Twitter accounts:

Sandmonkey and #Jan25

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