Saturday, May 09, 2015

I Thought The Pope Was Supposed To Be...


Environmental Statement by Vatican Does Not Meet Media Expectations

Vatican Paper: Ditch Capitalism To Stop Global Warming

UN, Vatican team up for climate change agenda

Climate Change Skeptics Write Open Letter Urging Pope Francis to Rethink Global Warming

Pope attacked by climate change sceptics

Vatican, U.N. join forces against climate change

Climate change skeptics press their case to the Vatican

Vatican Global-Warming Conference Displays Climate of Cooperation

Vatican calls for urgent action on climate change: Wealthiest have moral obligation to find solutions

Why Pope Francis is about to make a dramatic wave in the climate debate

Heartland Tells Ban Ki-Moon: ‘Climate Change Is Not as Bad as You Think’: A report from the papal climate conference, where skeptics are told to get lost.

If the Pope Wants to Have a Truly Moral Climate-Change Debate, Here Are a Few Ideas

Ahead of Vatican climate change summit, skeptics issues (sic) strong, blunt warnings to Francis

Conservative thinktank seeks to change Pope Francis's mind on climate change

Peter Foster: The Greening Of The Vatican

A Message For Pope Francis

Vatican Joins with U.N. to Make Moral Case for Climate Action

Climate Scientists Head to Rome on Urgent Mission to Save The Pope From Clutches of ManBearPig

Why God is Not a Warmist

Pope Francis Steps Up Campaign on Climate Change, to Conservatives’ Alarm

Global Warming? The Pope is Wrong

British climate change sceptics who travelled to the Vatican interrupted by 'papal heavies' half-way through making their point

Francis Is Out of His Element

Pope Francis and climate change: why Catholic skeptics are so alarmed

Heartland Replies (Again) to Media Matters

Wednesday Update from Rome: Heartland Echoes Behind Walls of Vatican

Heartland Daily Podcast – Rome: Heartland Attacked By Name at Vatican Climate Conference

Catholics Should Put Freedom Above Sustainability Fad

World’s Leading Scientific ‘Skeptics’ of Man-Caused Global Warming Invite Public and Press to Lunch Event April 28
Just Outside the Vatican

Monday Update on Heartland’s trip to Rome for Vatican Climate Summit

He sure can generate a lot of headlines, though.

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