Sunday, April 26, 2015

I Would Suggest...

...a merger of the Work Less Party and the Sex Party. After all, you've got to have something to do if you're not working.

Other parties of interest are:

The Pirate Party

The Marijuana Party

and The Rhinoceros Party.

I had no idea the Rhinos still existed. I remember once a member of the party, living in Saskatoon, tried to have his dog nominated for election, but for some reason Elections Canada wouldn't allow it. I think the dog would have fit right in.

Its platform was a hoot, and contained such gems as:

  • Repeal the law of gravity
  • Promote higher education by building taller schools
  • Count the Thousand Islands to make sure the Americans didn’t steal any
  • Reform the retail lottery scheme by replacing cash prizes with Senate appointments
  • Seat the Queen of Canada in Buckingham, Quebec.
And I didn't know this:

"On August 7, 2007, Brian Salmi, then-president of the Rhinoceros Party, announced a $50-million lawsuit contesting an election reform law that had stripped his party of its registered status in 1993.
Legally changing his name to Satan, he had planned to run under the Rhino banner in the September 2007 by-election. However, a previous law in 1993 stating registered parties must run candidates in at least 50 ridings, at a cost of $1,000 per riding, to keep their status. In protest of the new law, the party planned to abstain from the election. Canada's then-Chief Electoral Officer, Jean-Pierre Kingsley, rejected the abstention and ordered the party removed from the Registry of Canadian Political Parties. The lawsuit was filed as a result of the removal from the National Party Registry by Mr. Kingsley. Since Mr. Salmi had legally changed his name, the lawsuit was filed as Satan vs. Her Majesty The Queen. The lawsuit was dropped after the ruling of the Chief Electoral Officer was reversed in a new law passed in 2004 that said a party only had to run one candidate in a federal election or federal by-election to be considered registered"

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