Monday, March 23, 2015


...They're in trouble now:

According to press statements by religious authorities on Wednesday, Egypt has the highest number of atheists in the Arab World, amounting to 866.

"This contentious figure was cited by Ibrahim Negm, advisor to Egypt’s Grand Mufti, based on an international survey, conducted by independent polling and survey group "Red C" in 2014.

Negm added that the country has witnessed a marked increase in atheism over the past four years, with a number of Egypt-based groups appearing online, including, “Atheists Without Borders,” “The Atheist Brotherhood,” and “Atheists Against Religions.”

An Egyptian atheist, “X,” whose name is being withheld due to security concerns, commented: “I trust that the number of atheists in Egypt far exceeds 866; at least ten times, if not a hundred times this number, maybe even more … There are likely more than 866 atheists just in downtown Cairo right now … I don’t know how they arrived at this figure. I haven’t heard of such statistics, or a survey being conducted about atheism before today.”

“Given the religiosity and conservatism of Egyptian society, nearly all atheists keep a low profile and do not publicly announce their atheism. So, even if there were a survey or census conducted, many atheists would not disclose their non-belief in religion. It’s a matter of ensuring one’s physical and psychological security.”"

They are also the unhappiest.

Egypt ranks as one of unhappiest countries in the world, says poll

"Out of the 143 countries surveyed for levels of happiness and positive emotions, Egypt fell toward the bottom of the list at 123.

The poll showed that countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are among the lowest in the world when it comes to expressing positive emotions, with an average score of 59. Egypt scored 58 in that list, which was topped by Paraguay and many other Latin American countries that scored 89.

With the exception of Saudi Arabia, all MENA countries scored far below the global mean for happiness. However, the report noted that the data for many Gulf countries had not yet been finalized.

Some of the other saddest countries in the world included Sudan (47), Tunisia (52), Turkey (54) and Afghanistan (55).

“People in the MENA region not only report the lowest positive emotions in the world — they are also reporting the highest negative emotions in the world. In fact, last year, the MENA region represented four of the top five countries in the world for negative emotions — including Iran, which was, interestingly enough, in the news for jailing four young people for making a video about happiness,” the report said."

Contrast and compare:

Israelis ranked 11th-happiest people in the world

Can't have that now. Better find a way to make those Jooooos unhappy. /sarc

And Canada is #6!

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