Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"We've Got Two Problems. Rats and the Government"

Africa's cheetahs versus hippos

This needs to happen with the aboriginal people in Canada. I'm not holding my breath, though.

After WWII, when African nations became independent of Great Britain and other colonial powers, First Nations people in Canada looked longingly at events in that continent and to a large extent to that process (decolonization), which gave rise to the modern Indian movement. Just as in Africa, things went horribly wrong. Brutal dictatorships prevailed. Governments changed hands at the barrel of a tank. In a sense, the same thing happened in Canada, sans the tanks. Brutality and politically correct rhetoric took over in both places.

As this video shows, Africans are rejecting the rhetoric and brutality of the post-colonial era and the dictators who embodied it. No longer are they blaming all their problems on the boogie-man - European colonialism - and are taking responsibility for their circumstances and for their failures and are charting a new future. Some day, hopefully, a version of that will happen here.

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