Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Do These Reserves...

...realize how stupid it is to call themselves "nations"?

Chiefs call for aboriginal community to defend against transparency law

Most reserves have populations of only a few hundred. A handful might have a few thousand. Even the smallest nations of the world have much, much more than that, with the only notable exception being Vatican City, and it has 839 people, which is larger than many so-called First Nations, and it can hardly be considered a typical "nation" being simply a religious institution with no families among its population.

This list shows the smallest country to be Pitcairn Islands, but it's shown as a "dependent" of the United Kingdom. This is another list that shows Kiribati as the smallest nation on the planet, with a population of 100,835.

Another list showing area (sq. miles) as well as population and another showing area in terms of sq. kilometres.

If a group of reserves sharing an identical culture, language and history were to collectively call themselves a nation, it would make much more sense. The territory of Plains Cree, for example, who were signatories to Treaty Six stretches all to way from the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border to the Rocky mountains could be called a "nation" with the individual reserves being communities within that "nation".

Oh well. Who am I to complain if they want to make fools of themselves?

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