Monday, September 08, 2014

Tommy Mulcair Is Delusional

'The first three-way race in Canadian history’ is coming in 2015 federal election: Mulcair
"Tom Mulcair predicts the next federal election will be an historic first: a three-way battle for power among Conservatives, New Democrats and Liberals.

Despite opinion polls that suggest the NDP has been eclipsed by Justin Trudeau’s ascendant Liberals, Mulcair is confident his party will be back in the hunt once a campaign actually gets under way in the fall of 2015."
We, in the West, know enough about the Dippers to prevent that. You replaced the Bloc, Tom. Don't let it go to you're head. Although it would be good if you were to replace the Liberals, too, but only by pushing them into extinction, which shouldn't take much.

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