Saturday, May 03, 2014

Round Up

Shawn Atleo was a different type of National Chief, and that’s what led to his ouster

This could be the beginning of the end of the Indian Industry, and not a moment too soon.

Police pile onto tractor as farmer helps track suspects through muddy field
"Four RCMP members hitched a ride on a farmer’s tractor Friday afternoon as they tracked down three suspects through a wet and muddy field near Briercrest, Sask."
"The suspects, without transportation to leave the town, were now somewhere in the area on foot, police said.

A canine unit and neighbouring police detachments were called to assist the tracking efforts. Word spread among residents to keep an eye out for the three suspects and to alert police of sightings.

Several residents assisted police by searching grid roads in their pickup trucks. Others canvassed wet and boggy areas with quads and one resident, a pilot, took to the air to search."
Lots of fun.

New views about Neanderthal Man:

Neanderthals not incompetent dimwits: study
"That is the message a pair of researchers have delivered after analyzing archaeological evidence detailing the capabilities of Neanderthals, our closest extinct human relatives, compared to the early modern humans who first crossed their path about 40,000 years ago."
Gap Between Neanderthals and Us Narrows, But Does Not Close



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