Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's Happening Everywhere!!!


Cities scrambling to deal with water main breaks
"Saskatchewan's three largest cities are hoping this year's unprecedented amount of water main breaks doesn't become the norm.

Since Jan. 1, City of Regina crews had repaired a record-setting 180 line breaks. The previous record was 163, set at the end of March 1979.

"We have no control over the weather," said John Ullrich, Regina's manager of water and sewer construction.

"A lot of times weather goes in cycles. If you look at 35 years ago, we went through a similar situation."

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were 55 running leaks throughout Regina."
"As of Tuesday, Saskatoon had 170 water main breaks since Jan. 1 with a wait time of three to six days for repairs.

Saskatoon's water lines range from brand new to nearly 100 years old."
"Workers in Prince Albert have been working 16-hour days to repair the 34 water line breaks and 70 frozen service connection lines.

Colin Innes, director of public works, said the city usually sees 15 frozen service connection lines. They're the lines that connect the building to the street water main.

"For the people who have a frozen service connection, because there are just so many of them, it's taking us a lot longer to be able to get to them," Innes said.

Some P.A. residents are waiting up to a week to have their water restored."
And, of course, it's snowing out.

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