Thursday, January 09, 2014

Round-Up #239087 Or Something.

Canada and the Middle East: A reality check
"Critics have unfairly lambasted the government for a one-dimensional, Israel-centred policy. But as Benjamin Disraeli said of his own partisan detractors, “How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.”"
"Mr. Harper’s government has worked hard to strengthen its relations with the Arab world as a complement to its strong and principled position on unilateral Palestinian statehood and unabashed support for Israel, the region’s only genuine democracy. (Our previous United Nations record on issues affecting Israel had been one of persistent abstention.)"
"Canada has not shut out Iran by closing our embassy there. We launched a continuing dialogue with the people of Iran via the Internet by offering a much-needed platform for Iranian dissidents and human-rights advocates. We have been champions of the Iran human-rights resolution at the UN in New York. This approach is as innovative as it is principled. It is preferable to bland, passive recognition of terrorist-spawning regimes."
"Commander Chris Hadfield: Singing spaceman to promote Irish tourism"
Gee, Chris, nothing against he Irish, but why not Canada?

Skywatchers hoping for spectacular northern light display Thursday night

Guaranteed to be overcast. Besides, with all the lights on farms these days, it's darned hard to see anything in the sky at night even out in the country, except the sun and the moon, unless you can find some place sheltered from all that light, which is kinda hard to do and if you do, you can't see much of the sky.

Fidel Castro found alive at the opening of an art studio in Havana

Are you sure it wasn't Elvis?

Manitoba sitting on report into child's death until after byelections
"The Manitoba government is coming under fire for waiting until two byelections are held before releasing a final report into how social services failed a five-year-old girl who was murdered by her mother and stepfather.

For almost two years, a public inquiry examined the horrific death of Phoenix Sinclair, who bounced in and out of foster care before she was murdered in 2005. Commissioner Ted Hughes was tasked with determining why the little girl slipped through the cracks and how her death went undiscovered for months.

He delivered his final report to the NDP government Dec. 15."
"Phoenix was killed by her mother, Samantha Kematch, and the woman's boyfriend, Karl McKay, after repeated and horrific abuse. Both were convicted of first-degree murder in 2008.

The pair tortured and beat Phoenix over many months before she died of extensive injuries on a cold basement floor in the couple's home on the Fisher River reserve. She was buried in a shallow grave near the community dump and Kematch continued to collect child subsidy cheques.

The inquiry heard that authorities had been contacted with allegations that Phoenix was being abused shortly before her death. A social worker visited Kematch, but left without seeing Phoenix and closed the child's file.

The girl was murdered three months later."

Hmmmm. Does the report lambast the NDP? Don't want to loose any Aboriginal votes.

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