Thursday, June 06, 2013

You Can't Make...

...this shit up!

Vancouver police asked to explain huge disparity in ticketing between wealthy, impoverished neighbourhoods
"The VPD handed out 2,050 jaywalking tickets in the Downtown Eastside over the last four years, according to statistics obtained through a Freedom of Information request and released Thursday by two advocacy groups.

But no tickets were issued over the same period in the more tony neighbourhoods of Dunbar/Southlands or Kerrisdale.

The two groups that filed the FOI — Pivot Legal Society and the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users — are demanding police explain the reason for the disparity."
I can think of several reasons, the most significant being that the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver is probably crawling with cops, given the activity that normally goes on there, whereas the other areas mentioned would not be crawling with cops, given the lack of such activity in those regions. And "The Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users"????? (Shakes head.)

In any case, there's plenty of leftie logic on display here:
"“We believe these statistics confirm our fears that city bylaws are not being enforced for reasons of public safety, but to circumvent the constitutional protections in this country against profiling and arbitrary detention,” said Pivot lawyer Douglas King, in a statement.

The people of this neighbourhood have continually asked for greater pedestrian safety, not increased police enforcement. Giving out 2,000 tickets to people who cannot pay fines in an effort to find the occasional outstanding warrant while ignoring enforcement entirely in richer neighbourhoods is simply unacceptable.”"

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