Friday, June 21, 2013

As If On Cue...

...last night, being the first day of summer and all, in the middle of the night (of course), we had our first big thunder storm, right over head. It actually scared me a bit as I was afraid lightning would strike my house.

Anywho, it's a good thing I'm a grown-up, otherwise I would have been running to find mommy and daddy and crawl into bed with them. Of course the power went off momentarily, but that's all it took to make all the electric clocks go off for a second and then start blinking interminably.

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

I'll never forget the time when I was married and we owned a little house out in the country. We had frequent t-storms, which would often strike very closely. I suspect this was due to high iron content in the soil and rocks nearby but whatever. Anyhow, one time a bolt struck in our backyard, while my wife was sitting on the downstairs toilet. The incredible house-shaking boom actually knocked her off the throne! :-)))

June 21, 2013 8:12 am  

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