Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Just Love It...

...when there are two seemingly contradictory stories in the news on the same day, especially when at least one touches on predictions of catastrophic global warming:

Caves Point to Thawing of Siberia: Thaw in Siberia's Permafrost May Accelerate Global Warming

Snow kills 170 domestic animals in Siberia in three days

Ironic, ain't it. Pravda, that old USSR propaganda paper, is finally living up to its name. Pravda means truth.

Meanwhile, also from Russia, a story about a real catastrophe from the past:

Fossil animal horn unearthed in Siberia
"A huge flood may have killed the prehistoric animal about 18,000 years ago when a large lake in the Chui Steppe overflowed its banks, experts said.

"That caused the most massive flood in history, with water moving at a speed of 160 kilometers (99 miles) an hour and covering earth with 490 meters (1,607 feet) of water," the republic's government said in a report on its website."
There was a similar catastrophe that happened in what is now Canada several millennium ago, according to the book, Heaven and Earth, by Ian Plimer.

It's amazing how many flood stories exist in tribal lore from all over the world. Strange that they all happened at the end of the last ice age.

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