Monday, January 14, 2013

What Did I Tell Ya?

Okay. I've been ignoring my blog again. That's because I've been following this whole Idle No More/Attawapiskat nonsense over at Sun News Network. In fact, that may be where I told ya this before, but when news that Shawn Atleo had booked some time off, on doctor's orders, my first reaction was that the Prairie Chiefs (the FSIN, especially) had got to him and we may see the end of the Assembly of First Nations. This article seems to confirm my hunches:

Norovirus, exhaustion leave Atleo sidelined as schisms deepen within AFN

The prairie chiefs, especially Saskatchewan's FSIN, have been a$$holes for decades now. The FSIN is corrupt and filled with thugs.

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Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

Just finished reading and viewing the SDA thread "Days of Anarchy?" about these Indians-on-a-graft-corruption-warpath. I'm just amazed that the Canadian people let the Canadian government get away with letting these Indian thugs get away with this crap. Thugs need to be stomped on and government authorities, like that OPP Commissioner, who refuse to do their duty need to be removed from office.

A few decades ago, some Sioux thug-radicals started similar crap on their reservations in the Dakotas. It got to the point that a Sioux thug-terrorist murdered two FBI agents. At that point, the feds took off the gloves.

The murderer is now doing a life-without-parole sentence in a Supermax prison, others served lesser prison sentences for various thug acts and things are back to normal on the Sioux reservations. Also on other reservations where others saw the results of pushing the feds too far. "Back to normal" means there's still lots of poverty, alcoholism, family dysfunction but all that is a self-inflicted situation. The Sioux, for example, own tens of thousands of acres of fine land suitable for excellent farms, ranching, etc. That this isn't taken advantage off is not the govt's problem, or that of Americans at large. At some point people, regardless of race, need to get off their own asses and take responsibility for their own lives and families.

January 16, 2013 11:30 am  
Blogger Louise said...

Well, if the comments on the Sun News Network stories about this are any indication, the gloves have come off the Canadian people, at least. As for government(s), we'll have to see. Ontario seems pretty much gone, but you never know, Ontario conservatives may come roaring back.

These thugs blocking roads and railways, etc., may be too stupid to realize what they have unleashed.

January 16, 2013 11:56 am  

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