Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Stuff You Just Can't Make Up

Sperm count of French men drops sharply by 32%, may signal larger decline: study
"When it comes to sperm counts, French men aren’t what they used to be, according to a new study.

Researchers found that between 1989 and 2005, the number of sperm in one millilitre of the average 35-year-old Frenchman’s semen fell from about 74 million to about 50 million — a decrease of roughly 32%."
"Geographical differences have been observed between countries, and between areas inside countries,” said Joëlle Le Moal from the Institut de Veille Sanitaire in France, who led the study.

Writing in the journal Human Reproduction, Le Moal’s team said global analyses have found decreases in sperm counts, as did recent studies in Israel, India, New Zealand and Tunisia."
Must be global warming.

In the meantime, it seems the most manly men live in Canada:

Canada raised more money than any other country for Movember

Must be the cold winters.

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Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

I suspect I don't dare to know how you define manliness. As for French sperm count: I spent two days in mourning after reading about that, but decided to recover, slowly and with dignity.

December 09, 2012 2:03 pm  
Blogger Louise said...


The ability to grow a honkin' big mustache in only 30 days and raise a whole bunch of money doing it.


December 09, 2012 2:37 pm  
Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

It's a scientific fact that the world's manliest men come from Pennsylvania, USA. It goes all the way back to Ben Franklin, America's original studly guy. :-)

December 11, 2012 2:13 am  
Blogger Louise said...

Oh yeah? Let me see your mustache.

December 11, 2012 10:10 am  

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