Friday, October 19, 2012

Some Little Secrets


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Is PMS a myth?

I think it is. The only thing I experienced in the last few days of my cycle was headaches, fatigue, cramps and general ukkiness, but no mood swings, bloating or anything like that.

And that little spike in amourousness that's supposed to occur mid-cycle? Nope. 'fraid not. For some strange reason, said spike occurred during my period.

All I can say, is thank God that's over.

PS: I think I can safely say, I have now covered everything in this blog.

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Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

No mood swings?

No surprise then. I have yet to meet a lady that will fess up to mood swings.

October 19, 2012 1:24 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

So it is a myth, then.

October 19, 2012 1:33 pm  
Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

My ex had a strange pattern. Every third month's period was a real humdinger, complete with very heavy flow, strong cramps and some depression. Three or four days, tops. Then the next two would be relatively light, no major side effects. Also three or four days tops. Without fail, like clockwork, or like the calendar.

As far as the "amorous spike", now that I think about it, she was more sexually receptive after the major period than at other times. Go figure. I guess every female body is unique in it's response to the profoundly complex cocktail of the female hormones, far more complex than those of us males.

October 19, 2012 10:04 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

Is it more complex than male hormones? Just asking. Seems to me there's some guys who are horny 24/7/365 while others have "issues" in the bedroom that can be pretty deadly as far as their relationships with their partners are concerned. In the old days, at least, Real Men Inc. didn't talk about those things. I think there was a lot of pressure on them from other guys to conform to the "stud" expectation. None of them would admit to having any problems.

October 20, 2012 9:21 am  

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