Friday, September 21, 2012

Rumour Has It...

...that the first day of fall is happening tomorrow, but I already knew that. Yesterday afternoon, while sitting on my front steps, I saw a big flock of geese fly by in V formation, heading south-east. They were probably looking for some poor farmer's field to land in, where they could feast on swathed grain before making the next leg of their journey. Anyway, geese in V formation is as sure a sign of spring as the cackling of crows is of spring. The birds know.

Also sighted from my front steps are kids at school. I am amused when the recess bell rings and kids come streaming out of the school, running as fast as their little legs will carry them, to see who can get to the playground equipment first. The really funny thing is, when the bell rings to end recess they run just as fast to get back into school. You wouldn't catch me doing that when I was that age.

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