Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Okay. So They Think...

...they're closing in on the "God Particle", but as usual, that raises other questions, such as "Who or what created the God Particle"?

Seriously, every advance in science merely increases the mystery of how, and under who's direction, it all began.

My idea of God, and whether or not He/She/It exists is just that. The Great Mystery that we may get closer and closer to seeing/understanding/knowing, but, like the speed of light, we will never quite reach a conclusion.

All the religious interpretations that have been written down and preserved in sacred texts, whether Judeao-Christian, or otherwise, merely reflect humankind's attempt to explain the unexplainable, and as such they are products of the human imagination, which itself is a mighty wondrous thing.

But to declare you are an atheist just because you reject these bits of human imaginings, which include the great strides made by modern science, is to suggest that everything that can be known is now known, or will be, some day.

We will never arrive at the ultimate end of the human endeavour to understand creation and prove or disproved the existence of a Creator. Merely rejecting the products of the human imagination is not the same thing as rejecting the notion that there is a Creator. No. It is rejection of the capacity of the human imagination to arrive at the ultimate answer to the biggest question, which all of science endeavors to explore.

Ain't gonna happen. But, the human imagination, being what it is, we're gonna try anyway.

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