Monday, July 09, 2012

Morning Round Up

These two grievance industries have a lot in common.  A variation of the mantra from another grievance industry, south of the border, would be an appropriate mantra for both of them: "Keep hate alive."

Hah!! All it takes is some sneering, snot-nosed PETA types to bring 'em out:

Crowds swell, temperatures soar as Calgary Stampede sets daily attendance record

'Course, we all know the heat must be blamed on all that methane gas being emitted in downtown Calgary.

In your faces, assholes.

Ahhh. Those tolerant Muslims. Can't have science, now, can we?

Oh yes. The global warming scam artists are in retreat:

Climate change will mean new and larger tropical forests

That seems like a no-brainer to anyone but watermelons. More CO2=more plants.

And, finally, you just can't make this shit up:

Fisherman Catches Testicle-Eating Fish In Illinois Lake
"The pacu is native to the Amazon river basin, can grow to be three-feet long, weigh 50 pounds, has powerful jaws and teeth similar to a human, and feasts on a diet of nuts, snails and aquatic vegetation."
Okay. I must get to work now.

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