Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cuteness in Yahooville

UPDATE: This morning the little bird is gone. There are a lot of cats in the neighbourhood. I often see them crouching on my sidewalk or driveway watching a bird. I was thinking last night that this poor little creature would be an easy catch for some hungry cat. I suspect it became some cat's evening meal.

Plus, having dropped out of a tree onto the pavement, it may have had some broken bones, making it very easy prey.


I'm such a sop.
I was just sitting outside on my front steps when I saw two little girls riding by on their bikes. They saw a little bird flopping around on the pavement on the street, close to my driveway. They stopped and picked it up and put it on the grass covered boulevard, right below a big tree from whence it had likely fallen. Shortly after, a woman in a van (perhaps a mother of one of them) stopped and moved the little bird further in, away from the street. A few moments later a bigger bird came up to it with a worm and gave it to the baby. I think it's gonna be alright.

It reminded me of an occasion when I was living in Saskatoon. My ex and I were driving home from downtown and we saw a little clutch of baby ducklings huddled against the concrete boulevard in the middle of the street, unable to climb up and make it the rest of the way. We stopped and rescued them and took them down to the riverside. I have no idea whether or not they survived, but at least we gave them a chance.

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