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Robocalls - What Conservative Bloggers...

...are saying:

BC Blue:--

Liberal MP caught playing dirty tricks in Guelph with robocalls
"Looks like a big plate of crow is being served to the sanctimonious Liberal MP Frank Valeriotte as a recording of a phone call has surfaced in which the female caller ‘worries’ about losing “a woman having the right to choose” if the Conservative candidate is elected. Valeriotte admits that it came from his campaign although there was no mention of who it was during the recording."
Green Party campaign manager apologizes for smearing robocall company
"The apologies stemming from the opposition parties and media libelling and slandering during the robocall saga are getting hard to keep track of."
Lots of stuff there about the Vikileaks scandal, too.

Blazing Cat Fur

Michael Coren & Kris Sims: Glenn Beck RoboCalls A Warning To Canada

Some good videos from Sun TV.

Blue Like You

Let's all take a breath
"For now let’s allow Elections Canada to do their work, but let us also keep an eye on those who would most benefit from this type of smear campaign"

About those 'American Style Dirty Tricks'
"Certainly some of the allegations (especially in Guelph) needed to be thoroughly investigated, but the massive pile-on from the left to push for a public inquiry seems rather suspect.

JR has a novel approach – He is using Leadnow’s own form to fight back!

Since the previous post has passed the 300 comment mark, perhaps we can continue the discussion here."

No one is smelling like roses
"Granted there does not appear to be anything criminal here – unethical or mean-spirited perhaps considering the nature of the call.  But it does allow some perspective on a story that most media prefer to skew against the Conservatives –  instead of waiting for Elections Canada to finish the investigation."
Bold Colors:---

Lust for scandal
"Good Lord, it’s the most repugnant and shocking political scandal since Louis-Napoleon carried out his coup in 1851, and President Nixon made a vicarious visit to Watergate.

"Yes, a few low-ranking Tories totally unknown to anybody around the prime minister may or may not have made some phone calls to potential Liberal voters giving them false directions for polling booths. And presumably those voters were so stupid, old or physically handicapped that they could not find the real place to vote, and just span around in sad confusion for hours on end."

Seriously, it defies belief. Not that it may have happened, but that the consensus media is pretending this is particularly important. Politics is a dirty business and nobody knows this better than politicians and journalists, yet these are the very two groups being most dishonest about the whole thing."
Deborah Gyapong:---

Concerned about those robocalls

Dr. Roy's Thoughts:---

Robo complaints

Includes video clip from Sun TV.

Tory base is solid
"Most Tories realize this is another grit dipper pseudo scandal. The opposition sees this as a fundraising opportunity. They have no ideas and most Tories understand this. HM Government needs to continue things that resonate with the base. They should cut the budget, especially of the cbc, get rid of section 13 a and continue with free trade negotiations. The Tory base wants that and will stay loyal. This pseudo scandal should also raise more money for the Tories without even asking. Chantal Hebert understands this as well."
The Iceman:---

Liberal Illegal Robocalls Not As Big Of A Story
"Interesting that the Liberals have been caught making illegal robocalls in the controversial riding of Guelph, but the story is noticeably absent from the CBC Politics page. The big headline is a request to investigate Julian Fantino's election finances. It would appear that confessed Liberal "dirty tricks" just isn't as interesting a news story as allegations of Tory "dirty tricks". Then again, the Liberals are in 3rd place and not promising to cut the CBC's budget by 10%, so I can see where they might get bumped down the priority list."

Is The Media Slowly Uncovering Elections Canada Incompetence?
"Over this past week the opposition and the media have been hammering the Tories with allegations and speculation of large scale election fraud, and their relentless "digging for the truth" may be about to uncover large scale election incompetence by Elections Canada's army of temporary low wage workers. For example, CBC's Terry Milewski reported today on several hundred incomplete or bogus registration forms in the riding office of Eglington Lawrence, where Joe Oliver defeated Joe Volpe (of course you might remember Joe Volpe, who formerly registered dead people to support his Liberal leadership campaign). The accusations that the Conservative candidate was responsible for sloppy paper work in the EC office started flying before anyone thought to point out that Elections Canada is responsible for ensuring that registration forms are properly completed with proof of ID provided before they add that voter to the list of electors. This is not Joe Oliver's fault, but that inconvenient truth is absent from Milewski's investigative report."
Teflon. All teflon, folks.

That's it for now. But I have a lot more to go through, so stay tuned.

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