Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hah, hah!

Saskatchewan's best known ambulance chaser gets slapped down by the courts.

Regina lawyer Tony Merchant makes “patently bad decision”
"Tony Merchant “purposely” formulated and executed a plan intended to thwart a court order, says a decision finding the Regina lawyer guilty of professional misconduct.

“None of the member’s (Merchant) actions have done anything to inspire the public’s confidence in the administration of justice or the legal profession,” says a summary of the findings of the Law Society of Saskatchewan’s discipline hearing committee. It was released Tuesday by the law society, the governing body for the province’s lawyers.

Last month, the discipline committee released a decision finding Merchant guilty of two counts of conduct unbecoming a lawyer arising from his handling of a family law matter."
Merchant is notorious for exploiting aboriginal groups, undertaking class action suits, getting his hands on lots of cash from the feds. I'm glad to see he's had his knuckles rapped.  Too bad it wasn't for his exploitation of First Nations groups, though.  But it sounds like he was counseling a client not to pay support due to a divorcing wife. And it's not the first time he's been censured by the Law Society.

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