Monday, November 14, 2011

Gotta Love My Grand Daughter

Her mother relates to me on Facebook an interaction with said little girl (3 years, 9 months old):

Jasmine (mommy): "is so madly in love with her baby girl. the things that comes out of her mouth!"

Me:  Like what?

Jasmine (mommy):"Oh like saying " you can say that again" in perfect context. I never say that. And she was being real squirmy on the couch one night, so I asked her "what do you need, sydney?", and she came over to me and said "love" then cuddled up to me and fell asleep. Or we were leaving the mall the other evening and it was already dark, so she says "it's already dark. That sucks!""

Me: "Wait tell she start rattling off a string of cuss words that you never say in front of her!"

Jasmine (mommy): " Oh she's already mentioned the "s" word a couple of times. We had the "grown ups say bad words sometimes" talk. Now she's saying all sorts of words asking if they're bad words. She's something'."

LOL!!! Nothing like planning ahead! Smart girl.

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