Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ever Wonder Why...

...oil quantity is measured in "barrels". Wonder no more. Here's an excellent overview of how oil is transported each part of the way from taking it out of the ground to delivering it to your car, home, factory and other places such as jets, etc..

Oh, and the barrel thing? Right here.

Personal memory time: When I as a kid, a cross Canada pipeline was built (think Diefenbaker era) to transport natural gas. The pipeline went through my Dad's farm not far from our house. After it was finished and it was up and operational, every once in a while, technicians would open up a valve close by to let some pressure off. What a noise!! But other than that, if you hadn't been there when the pipeline was laid, you'd never know.

PS: It crossed a river, too. Underneath.

Video here.

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