Friday, April 15, 2011

Elections Canada Caught...

...with its hand in the cookie jar?

See "lunacy" link from post below

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Blogger Zach Bell said...

K I'm not sure I understand. The CPC manages to raise a fuss over a special balloting poll set up on a University, likely because they don't like how the students are going to vote.

This is EC's fault how now? all this has demonstrated to me is that voter outreach has been made more difficult here and there...and will be also in the future even more so.

I'm curious to know if a CPC candidate has waltzed into a senior's facility recently and demanded that a special poll be shut down.

There should be more of these, not fewer.

April 15, 2011 4:39 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

You may not sure, but I'm very sure you don't understand. EC retroactively authorizes a polling station where scrutineers are not allowed to do their job, where Liberal Party literature was in plain view and none of this is on their hands? Nice try, Zach. Let us know when you get out of university and have to work in the real world.

PS: I wonder how many of those students will vote again at the advance polls or in their home town come May 2nd?

April 15, 2011 6:30 pm  
Blogger Dave in Pa. said...

Here you go, Zach:

1. "...The Conservative party on Thursday asked Elections Canada to void the approximately 700 votes cast during a one-day special ballot at the Ontario university earlier this week, saying the polling station was illegal and unauthorized.

They also claimed there was partisan material close to the ballot box and that their scrutineers were not granted permission to observe the voting. Both actions are in breach the Canada Elections Act."


2. "...While some details of what happened at the university are still murky, an NDP spokeswoman said the party wants to see an investigation launched. "These are serious allegations," said Kathleen Monk.

Both Monk and Tory staff pointed to an event in 2006, when the Liberals successfully quashed a special voting booth at the University of Toronto."

Either Canadian elections are conducted under the rule of law, or they are not. You'll note that under excerpt 2, the Liberals had no problem with going after, and getting quashed, a similar illegal voting station in Toronto just a few years ago.

So, Zach, which do you want? Canadian elections done under the rule of law, to which all parties must comply ... or to a very slippery slope on which parties and sympathetic public officials getting away with whatever illegalities they can get away with?

April 15, 2011 6:56 pm  
Blogger Zach Bell said...

Dang it! Hate it when my long, drawn out n' winded commentary gets deleted.

Alright, first off, let's take that massive assumption that twits like you are so good at forming and shove that right back up your...well let's just put it back where you got it from. Though I must admit that people like you make me think I might just be smart enough to pull it off, I think trying to attain a university education will conflict with my 14 hour per day work schedule. Granted I've been off work for a few months after fracturing my spine on the job so maybe I could have some how done it but you came up with that idea too late. I'm goin' off compo in just a couple of weeks. WHY DIDN'T YOU SUGGEST THIS EARLIER?! Cripes.

So...from the real world let's mention a few other things. I've seen NO evidence of Liberal Party literature at the polling station. The CPC have provided no evidence for this claim and Elections Canada doesn't seem to have found any authenticity to the claim either. What I do see evidence of however is the communications director of the Conservative Campaign in that riding having gone off his rocker, storm into a polling station to announce that it was illegal before making a grab for a box full of ballots. See, it's not that I sympathize because I want it to be true but rather because multiple students at the polling station told the same story and also, in large part, because the guy what done it has since been in meetings and unavailable for comment. One hell of an effective communications director hey?

Here's something else that strikes me as completely daft and casting doubt on the CPC's grip on reality. Of the polling station was illegal, why didn't the CPC call the cops? Hell, their uniforms are even the same colour as the CPC's gear! They could make some arrests and then comment on how snazzy they all looked. But no, instead of calling the police to deal with what he though was an illegal polling station, he took it upon himself to attempt the confiscation of ballots all on his own. I'm sorry, but what the hell is right with that and why shouldn't I see the hiding routine he did as anything but an admission of "OMG, I fuct up!"

Now yes, you're right. EC did indeed eventually authorize the polling station saying at the same time that it doesn't appear the rules were violated. Basically, they said that this is a special tool used to make voting accessible to people who may not be able to attend regular polling stations. Basically, that "this was a very liberal use of the tool and though we've done it for a few years now, we shouldn't do it again. No rules were really violated but the CPC messed their britches and frankly, we really don't want to have to deal with insane cry babies attempting to shut down a poll all on their own with a badge out of a toy box just because voters at the poll probably aren't voting hte way they want. SO listen up guys n gals, we aren't doing these special polls to make voting more accessible anymore. kthnxbai!"

Finally, as to students voting twice...well, that would indeed happen. I hope it doesn't but at least all the dead people that vote for whatever candidate only vote once.

You know, our system of elections may be a bit of a joke from time to time but partisan twits like you make it into an absolute farce. Get a flippin' grip on reality. If you need to discourage voting for your side to win, you're doing democracy wrong.

Gotta get back to preparing for my university education...which feels an awful lot like working in the oil fields. Weird hey?

April 15, 2011 7:03 pm  
Blogger Zach Bell said...

Dave, there is no evidence presented to back up the claim that there was any partisan material at the station. As for scrutineers not being allowed in, the CPC have not at all explained the circumstances of this. I'm curious to know more but as yet, the information on that is from a biased source with a vested interest in the narrative. That the polling station was illegal remains a very unsubsantiated claim from the CPC. Not previously authorized by the national EC office perhaps but illegal? Do you even have a police report so we can see come charges or anything? Nope, cause the crazy twit that tried to steal a ballot box didn't think to call in the law before trying to make it up all on his own.

By the way, attempting to steal a box of ballots is also against the law. Not sure why you didn't include that. Maybe you're partisan? Possible.

Know what I want? I want elections that make god damned sense and aren't dominated by egotistical, paranoid double talking twits! I know, I'm kind of a dreamer.

April 15, 2011 7:26 pm  

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