Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leader Debates and Arctic Ice

As is my customary habit when surfing the net I land on sites and see interesting things but have no idea how I got there, so sometimes I have a wild and wooly collection of disparate topics that might be fun to write about. So you might be wondering why leader debates and arctic ice are in the same headline.

Well, this time I do remember how I got there. I just happen to think these are two subjects that are begging me to write about them.

Let me deal with the Arctic Ice one first. As we all know, except for a few die-hards on the left and a handful of vested interests, such as researchers seeking funding and politicians who have swallowed this nonsense and are now too timid to climb down, global warming hysteria is dead. The earth is cooling down and the Arctic ice is returning. Got there via Jay Currie's blog.

The first part, I'm sure, came simply from It's about Lizzy May's failed bid to be taken seriously.

Why Elizabeth May doesn't belong in election debates
"The television consortium’s decision to exclude Green Party Leader Elizabeth May from the election campaign debates is an accurate reflection of her party’s diminishing contribution to the national conversation and the debatable relevance of her debut appearance at the same table in 2008.

It may also be the best thing that could have happened to her at this early stage in the campaign; the Green Party of Canada was otherwise at great risk of spending it completely on the sidelines.

Until the networks’ decision prompted a predictable social media firestorm, many voters might have been forgiven for having forgotten the existence of the Green party and its feisty leader.

Since the last election, the party has had more presence in the polls than in the daily life of the nation."
Bingo!! When the Greens start talking sense and get a leader who understands this, maybe things will change. Time to take up a post in some declining Anglican or United Church somewhere, Lizzy. You're not cut out for politics, and our formerly mainline churches have been backing stupid causes for a long time. You'd fit right in.

And while I'm at it, let me say I hate what passes as political debates on television these days. The Party representatives, whether it's leaders or otherwise, are rude, interrupt, shout and scream at each other, while the moderators do nothing. That's why I don't watch them. (And that's going back a way, since I put my TV in storage about six years ago.)

BTW, the article about Elizabeth May has some interesting points about the history of leadership debates in Canada. Worth a read.

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