Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saints Preserve us!

Assorted UN officials and delegates are starting to sound like they do believe in the UN's original mission!!

UN rights chief: Probe Libya for possible crimes against humanity
"UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay implored the UN Human Rights Council to use all means possible to establish an independent panel to investigate the alleged abuses by Libyan security forces and hold those responsible to account."
"Gadhafi, who has ruled for 42 years, appears to have lost control of large parts of the country. Pillay reminded the council that Gadhafi had urged his supporters to battle protesters and "attack them in their lairs," which she called a possible crime against humanity.

She said "any official, at any level, ordering or carrying out atrocities and attacks can be held criminally accountable."

It is the first time that the 47-nation Human Rights Council has held a special session to scrutinize one of its members. Libya's ambassador did not attend."
"Nigeria's ambassador, Charles Nduka Onianwa, said for the African group of council members that it "is obvious ... that the indiscriminate use of force against peaceful protesters should be condemned."

Pakistan's ambassador, Zamir Akram, said the 57 members of the Organization of The Islamic Conference "strongly condemn the excessive use of force" in Libya.

"Muslims will no longer tolerate inequalities and injustice," he told the council. "A new dawn has come. The rules of the game have changed. Those who do not embrace it will be swept away
Now, excuse me while I lift my jaw off the floor. Who wants to bet that this den of dictators will now practice what they have preached? Not me.

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