Sunday, February 27, 2011

Iraq Takes a Giant Step Backwards

12 die in Iraq amid Arab world protests

More deaths and clashes follow Iraq protests

Iraq 'Day of Rage' protests followed by detentions, beatings

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani urges reform after protests
"Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani called on Iraq's government and parliament to take serious steps in improving electricity services, providing jobs and fighting corruption in the country, where progress remains slow eight years after the U.S. invasion."
"Sistani urged politicians to speed up reforms and warned them of consequences "which could result from a lack of speed in providing radical solutions to citizens' problems, who have been patient for so long."

Kurdish president Barzani condemns violent protests in Iraq
"We must respect the institutions and processes democracy provides us to negotiate our differences in a way that is peaceful and fair to all. The votes of our people determine the political faith of our country. These processes cannot be over- turned through violence or the irresponsible attempts of the few to impose their will by force. Doing so would fatally undermine the values we all hold so dear and jeopardize all of the other rights the practice of democracy grants us. Chaos or dictatorship is the alternative, where the desires of a few determine the fate of all. All people of Iraq know the outcome of such a system well and we will not return to it. In our pursuit of our common goals of progress and democracy, let us not trample the very ideals we aim to protect."
London shows solid support for Iraq protesters
"More than a 100 protesters descended on the US embassy in London today to show their solidarity for anti-government demonstrations across Iraq.

The noisy protest was organised by a coalition of British-based Kurdish and Iraqi groups to coincide with "a day of rage" in cities across Iraq and the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region against the US-backed dictatorship, corruption, unemployment and lack of basic services."
Just one problem. The US is not responsible for the corruption in Iraq. Go after your own people. They are the ones who are failing you.

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